What’s the Best Tree Service Software for Small Businesses?

VIIZR streamlines your tree care operation, giving you the software tools you need to track, optimize, and organize for greater success. Use our invoicing and estimating tools to make payments and quotes a total breeze. Create work orders and use our scheduling tools to turn your tree care team into a well-oiled machine. Raise profit margins and start firing on all cylinders with our Maps & Routing feature. Watch client satisfaction levels soar with our Customer History tool. Keep a close eye on everything with our Job Dashboards feature and protect all of your most private data with our cybersecurity functionality. 

Higher profit margins are just around the corner when you upgrade with VIIZR. Better yet, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important. Make admin work quicker and easier with our software solution and say goodbye to tedious paperwork. Do it all on the move with our mobile-friendly features and turn your work van into a fully-functional command center. VIIZR is easy to use and affordable… So what are you waiting for?

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Here’s what you’ll see after a few weeks with VIIZR’s tree service software

One of the first things you’ll notice after upgrading to VIIZR is the amount of free time you suddenly have on your hands. But that’s not all. Check out these statistics:

• Save up to ten hours per week with VIIZR 
• Schedule dozens of new tree care jobs per month 
• Improve productivity by almost 50%

All of these statistics come from real studies conducted with small trade business owners like you. VIIZR is one of the few examples of a trades-focused software solution, with the majority of other solutions built instead for much larger office corporations.

VIIZR’s software offers a range of tree service features

VIIZR is a feature-rich tree care tool – and there’s a lot happening under the hood. Take a look at the features you’ll enjoy after upgrading to VIIZR’s software solution:

  • Job Dashboards: Our Job Dashboards feature is your go-to solution for tracking and organizing your business. One look is all it takes to find out how many jobs have been requested or completed. Take a closer look at each active job to find out whether individual tasks have been completed. You can even keep track of invoicing from this user-friendly “home screen.”
  • User permissions: When it comes to cybersecurity and data protection, VIIZR has you covered. Our user permissions feature ensures that only people you choose have access to private information. Your data is also secured behind a layer of professional-grade, web-based protection.
  • Work orders: Create work orders with a few taps and make sure your workers always have something to do. Reduce downtime and send productivity soaring. Quarterback your tree care team without the tedious and time-consuming phone calls. 
  • Scheduling: Make your workers feel more secure and organized with our solid scheduling software. Each worker can view their schedules on their own devices with a few clicks, allowing them to plan for the future with confidence. 
  • Customer History: Our customer history ensures you never forget another important detail when dealing with customers. Wow your best clients and show them you care about even the smallest preferences. Access these preferences with just a few swipes using VIIZR’s software. 

  • Maps & Routing: VIIZR’s mapping software doesn’t just help you keep track of your work trucks – it also helps you plot out the most fuel-efficient routes to save money and time. Cut down operating expenses and enjoy fewer trips to the gas pump with VIIZR’s streamlined software. 
  • Invoicing: Invoicing is easy with VIIZR’s service software. Just convert your existing estimates into new invoices with a few taps. Next, track the status of your invoices in seconds and send out automatic bill payment reminders without even lifting a finger. 
  • Estimating: Every positive customer interaction starts with an excellent first impression. Make yours count with VIIZR’s easy, professional, and lightning-quick estimates. Include vital information with a few taps and enjoy more greenlit tree care projects.

Why does VIIZR’s service management software save me so much time?

How exactly does VIIZR save you so much time? Simple: It makes a number of admin tasks quicker and easier. In fact, many admin tasks become completely automated – such as our invoice reminder system. Instead of spending time on the phone with customers who haven’t paid their bills, you can rely on VIIZR to keep track of missing payments for you. 

VIIZR lets you set up your schedules, routes, and work orders before the word day even begins – allowing you to sit back and watch your plans in action rather than scrambling to coordinate on the day of the service. These are just a few examples of how VIIZR saves you time and money. Spend that additional time with the family or invest it back into the business. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

Take a closer look a VIIZR’s tree care software features:

Want to learn more about how VIIZR works? Check out each of our features in more detail:

Our Job Dashboards feature gives you a quick run down

For tree care specialists who are always on the move, every second is vital. Spend those valuable seconds glancing at our Job Dashboards page, and you’ll find all of the business data you need to feel confident about your progress. Pull out your phone, and you’ll see this data displayed in a user-friendly manner within seconds:

  • Active jobs
  • Requested jobs
  • Completed jobs
  • Invoices sent
  • Draft invoices
  • Estimates sent
  • Draft estimates
  • Work orders
  • Tracking

You can even find out how much you’re still owed for a tree service if a customer has offered partial payment.

Cybersecurity features keep your data private 

Cybersecurity is more important than many entrepreneurs realize – even for smaller trade businesses. In fact, recent trends seem to suggest that small businesses are being targeted more than ever. Why? Because most small businesses are vulnerable. With VIIZR’s service management solution, you can give your tree business the protection it needs. User Permissions ensure that you get to choose who accesses private information like credit card data or worker social insurance numbers. And because VIIZR is a web-based solution, all of your data is stored safely on the web behind a layer of professional-grade security.

Work orders improve productivity for tree care companies

VIIZR’s work order system helps bring productivity back up to appropriate levels. Create work orders with a few taps and send them out in seconds. Your workers can view these orders on their own devices, follow instructions carefully, and change the status to “complete” when they’re finished. You’ll get an instant notification when they’re done, allowing you to keep the ball rolling with new work orders. This dramatically reduces downtime and ensures that your workers always have something to do. Your workers can even add their own notes to work orders, notifying you of safety concerns, new tree damage, diseases, pests, and much more. Why waste your time explaining jobs on the phone when you can send work orders in a fraction of the time?

Make scheduling a breeze with our mobile app

The most recent data suggests that workers benefit tremendously from clear, organized schedules. Keep your top talent happy and provide your workers with VIIZR’s streamlined, easy-to-access schedules. With a few taps on their own devices, tree specialists can view their schedules by week, day or month. This gives them the confidence and structure they need to plan for the future. Better yet, it saves you time – as you can create schedules quicker than ever. Ditch the complicated spreadsheets and upgrade to VIIZR’s mobile, user-friendly scheduling system.

Keep customers satisfied with our customer history tool

Working with trees isn’t like working with concrete or lumber. A tree is a living thing – and it’s constantly changing. This is why keeping careful notes is always important. Fortunately, VIIZR makes this process easier than ever with our CRM tool. Work with a new tree for the first time and get all the information you need from the customer. Next, jot that information down with a few taps using our customer history tool. Suddenly, your entire team has access to this vital information. 

You don’t need to be present to explain things anymore, and you don’t even need to give workers instructions on the phone. Instead, they can simply open the customer history feature on their own devices and learn everything important about the tree before they arrive at the job site. What is the specific type of tree? What kind of problems has it encountered in the past? What pest solutions seem to work? How old is the tree? Questions like these can be answered with a few clicks thanks to VIIZR. Over time, you’ll build a detailed database that helps your workers, boosts customer service, and makes your business more profitable.

Complete jobs faster with our Maps & Routing feature

When you’re running a tree service business, mobility is key. Our Maps & Routing feature allows you to plan the most efficient routes before the work day even begins – giving you more time to complete jobs and lowering your gas bill. Tree removal puts a lot of strain on your vehicles, and all of that added weight can lead to a hefty gas bill. Saving gas is important in this scenario, and VIIZR makes this a total breeze. Less time on the road also means more completed jobs per day – leading to lower operating costs and higher profit margins.

Use our service software to make invoicing a breeze

You won’t get very far as an arborist if you never get paid. It might seem like an obvious statement, but unpaid invoices are something that many small businesses really struggle with. If you’re trying to do everything yourself with no office staff, keeping track of missed payments can be difficult. Upgrade to VIIZR, and you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all. With our automatic invoice reminders, you can move on to your next tree service with confidence – knowing that VIIZR has your back when it comes to payments. 

VIIZR’s invoicing system also lets you create streamlined, professional invoices that contain all the information your customers need. Reduce payment disputes with clear price breakdowns. Ditch the handwritten bills and send out digital invoices with a few clicks. VIIZR even lets you create invoices in seconds by simply converting estimates into bills. Why do the same work twice when VIIZR makes this so easy? Send out your invoices effortlessly and clock out early after a service.

Make excellent first impressions with our estimating tool

With VIIZR’s business management tool, you’ll know as soon as you get a new job request. From there, you can respond with lightning-fast precision and send out clean, professional estimates. With a few taps, you can create estimates that contain all the info your customer needs to greenlight a new tree service. Better yet, you can implement upsells to raise your profit margins even further. Give your customers the option to spend more by showing off the full range of your services. Digital estimates sent straight to your customers’ inboxes send a clear message: You mean business. Enjoy more captured leads and more completed tree service jobs with VIIZR’s estimating software.


Check out VIIZR’s free trial today

How do my workers benefit from VIIZR?

Workers can use VIIZR’s tree care software in a number of ways: They can run the software on their own devices to check their schedules, view work orders, write notes, and communicate with other team members.

How does VIIZR work?

VIIZR is easy to figure out, and you don’t need any technical skills to get it up and running. In fact, the only major requirement for this user-friendly mobile app is a reliable internet connection.

Is VIIZR affordable?

VIIZR is extremely affordable – especially when you consider the cost of hiring office staff to handle jobs like invoicing and scheduling. VIIZR won’t affect your payroll cost (one of the biggest expenses for businesses today), and it will barely put a dent in your monthly budget.

Check out VIIZR’s free trial today

If you’re ready to try VIIZR, you don’t even need to spend a dime to get started. Our free trial gives you 14 days to make up your mind, and this trial period is completely risk-free. You won’t even have to hand over your credit card info! Check it out now and start optimizing your business today.