What’s the Best Towing Software? VIIZR Offers the Best Software Features for Your Towing Business

VIIZR injects your towing business with the organization and professionalism you need to compete. Easy to use and mobile-friendly, VIIZR puts serious processing power and functionality right at your fingertips. Whether you’re sitting in your parked tow truck or in front of your home computer, you’ll have access to a range of features that improve CRM, scheduling, tracking, routing and much more. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and tedious, time-consuming admin jobs. VIIZR gives you back your free time by cutting down on this back-office work. Spend those saved hours on your business or simply head home earlier each day – it’s up to you.

Powered by big tech titans like Ford Pro™ and Salesforce, VIIZR was designed from the ground up specifically for locally-based trade operations. Small businesses are quickly starting to realize how transformative software can be for their operations –  but few are using digital tools that truly meet their unique needs. Instead of using a tech tool built for office companies in Silicon Valley, upgrade with VIIZR and enjoy features designed for real towing companies. We worked with legitimate tradespeople like you when building this software solution, giving you a tech tool that covers all the bases. Transform your tow truck into a mobile office and carry out admin tasks with just a few swipes.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What kind of improvements can I expect with VIIZR’s towing software?

VIIZR is all about providing real, measurable results for your towing operation. Curious about what kind of improvements you might experience within a few weeks of upgrading with our software? Check this out:

• VIIZR can improve your productivity levels by almost 50%
• VIIZR provides you with up to 10 free hours per week with time-saving features
• VIIZR helps you use that saved time to schedule dozens of new towing jobs per month

In other words, VIIZR helps you achieve more in less time – increasing your profit margins and helping you serve more towing customers without working longer hours.

What kind of software features does VIIZR’s towing management tool offer?

VIIZR is a feature-rich software solution that optimizes many aspects of your business, including scheduling, payments, quotes, routing, tracking, CRM and much more. Here’s a basic rundown of our main software features:

Job Dashboards: Even if you only have a few spare minutes, you can take a quick glance at our Job Dashboards page on your phone to track almost every aspect of your business – including outstanding payments, scheduled tow truck locations, job requests and much more. Our Job Dashboard software displays all of this information in an easy-to-read, user-friendly manner.

User permissions:
Protecting your most sensitive business data is easy with VIIZR. Security features like customizable user permissions and secure web-based storage help prevent data breaches and hacks. You get to control who sees your data and who accesses certain features. 

Respond with lightning-quick efficiency to new job requests and capture leads with a sense of professionalism. Our PDF estimates offer clean lines and clear price breakdowns – increasing the chances of greenlit towing contracts. You can even add upsells to your estimates to push profit margins even higher.

Invoices: Getting paid should be simple – but this is one area many small trades businesses struggle with. VIIZR makes it effortless with a digital, professional PDF invoicing system. Create a positive, lasting impression and increase the chances of repeat business with new clients. Use automatic invoice reminders to make sure you get paid for your hard work.

Work orders:
Send out towing workers to new jobs with a few clicks. Create your instructions, assign tow trucks to specific jobs and wait for a “job complete” notification. Why waste time explaining yourself on the phone when you can streamline your operation with digital work orders? Give your workers more independence and ditch the micromanagement.

Tech scheduling:
Create clear, organized schedules for the coming weeks, months and days with our scheduling feature. Improve talent retention by keeping everyone in the loop and provide schedule stability to your valued workers. Build schedules in mere moments with our simple yet effective drag-and-drop feature.

Customer history: CRM doesn’t have to be complicated. Upgrade with VIIZR and improve customer experience with a database of unique preferences and needs. Cater to each customer and never make the same mistake twice. Streamline the training process and let your workers check customer details before heading to their next job.

Maps & Routing:
Track your teams with the precision of a four-star general using our Maps & Routing feature. Determine how you’re going to reach each of your towing jobs ahead of time to minimize confusion on the day. With optimized routes, you can save time and gas while earning more with more completed towing jobs per day.

How much time can I really save with VIIZR’s fleet management tool?

Saving time is easy with VIIZR. The real question is what you’ll choose to accomplish with all of those free hours. You could schedule more towing jobs and improve your earnings. You might choose to research new services or equipment to make your towing operation even more lucrative. Perhaps you’ll improve your marketing strategy or your customer support features. Or maybe you’ll simply choose to finish work earlier each day, spending more time with loved ones and achieving that all-important work/life balance. VIIZR provides you with dozens of free hours per month – what you choose to do with them is completely up to you.

But how exactly does VIIZR accomplish this? Back-office tasks like estimating, scheduling and invoicing can be more time-consuming than you realize when you’re working without an optimized software solution. Even if you’re wasting just a few minutes with each of these admin jobs, this time adds up at the end of each month. VIIZR lets you handle even the most complex paperwork with just a few swipes, making the average work day easier, quicker and more efficient.

Many of VIIZR’s software features are completely automated, requiring little to no work on your part. For example, VIIZR sends out automatic invoice reminders without you having to do a thing, ensuring prompt payment without time-consuming, awkward collection calls. This software solution also helps you set up schedules and routes ahead of time, letting you sit back on the big day while VIIZR coordinates your teams and keeps everyone on the same page. These are just a few examples of how our software solution saves you dozens of hours per month.

Take a closer look at VIIZR’s software features

Wondering how each of our software features helps you save time and money? It’s easy to understand how VIIZR works when you take a closer look at each of these features:

Maps & Routing: Spend less while completing more tows

Towing involves more driving than many other trade businesses. The average distance for a single tow in the United States is about 7.5 miles. Optimizing your routes is absolutely critical if you want to save money and complete more tows per day. It doesn’t make sense to take needless trips up and down the highway, and it’s difficult to plan out your routes without the help of optimized software.

Fortunately, VIIZR makes this process a total breeze with our Maps & Routing software. With this easy-to-use feature, you can plot the most fuel and time-efficient routes ahead of time – before you even get behind the wheel. From there, you can hit each tow job in quick succession, eliminating needless back-and-forth. When your entire business revolves around driving, using this simple yet effective software solution can seriously cut down on your operating costs. In fact, recent studies suggest that effective route optimization software like VIIZR can save towing businesses up to 20% in total operating costs each year.

Job Dashboards: Get the information you need at a glance

A single glance at our Job Dashboards page is all it takes to track your operation with unparalleled accuracy. Use this user-friendly tracking tool to keep tabs on all kinds of important business data, including:

Job requests: Get notified as soon as you receive a request for a new towing job. Respond quickly and capture leads before they walk away.

Invoice data: Our Job Dashboards page makes invoice management a total breeze. Check this dashboard to determine how much you’ve been paid by customers – and how much you’re still owed. In just a few moments, you can review draft invoices and find out whether you actually remembered to send completed invoices. 

Estimate data: VIIZR’s Job Dashboards software also makes estimate management much easier. Review draft estimates and check which quotes have been sent out to customers. 

Work orders: With a quick glance, you can check on your work orders and find out whether specific towing jobs have been completed. Quick notifications of completed work orders let you keep your towing teams as productive as possible.

Locations: Our Job Dashboards page has a user-friendly map feature that lets you track your tow trucks’ locations in moments. Give yourself a birds-eye view of your local area and make tracking your trucks a total breeze.

Work orders: Give your workers the structure they need

Use VIIZR’s work orders to spend less time coordinating your teams on the phone with time-consuming calls. Reduce miscommunications and confusion by upgrading to a digital task management system instead. Write out instructions for each towing job and assign tow trucks to specific jobs in just a few swipes. The best part? You’ll get a notification when each work order is complete – allowing you to review your workers’ jobs and assign new tasks with lightning-quick efficiency.

Take a closer look at a completed work order, and you’ll find notes from your workers waiting for you. These notes might contain vital information about the job, such as safety concerns, repair requirements, or suggestions for improvements. You can get all of this feedback without spending time on the phone, making it easy to continuously optimize your towing operation while providing your workers with exactly what they need.

This system gives your workers more freedom to act independently without constant communication and micromanagement. Most drivers appreciate this feeling of independence – boosting morale and ensuring an enthusiastic, motivated workforce.

Customer history: Show off your attention to detail and improve customer happiness

Our CRM software helps you ace customer service and provide a more personalized, effective towing service. Here’s how it works:

1. You serve a customer for the first time and discover their unique preferences. For example, they might want vehicles towed to a specific location – such as a dispatch center or a particular auto shop.

2. You log this information in VIIZR’s CRM software. All it takes is a few seconds to jot down this customer data on your phone or at your home office.

3. You refer back to this information the next time you serve the same customer. This lets you provide the most personalized, effective service possible. You can also avoid making the same mistakes twice.

4. You can give your towing workers access to this database for quick, easy training. Instead of verbally explaining each customer’s unique needs, you can simply direct new hires to VIIZR’s customer history feature. Your workers can download VIIZR on their own devices and check customer details whenever they head to a new towing job.

You can maintain consistent results across your entire workforce with VIIZR’s customer history software. This ensures positive reviews, great feedback and plenty of follow-up services from satisfied customers.

User permissions: Secure your company’s private data

Cybersecurity is more important than many small towing businesses realize. Regardless of how much money you’re earning per year, your operation might be targeted by hackers in the future. In fact, recent statistics show that up to 50% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. Cybersecurity isn’t just for major corporations – and it could save your business from bankruptcy.

Fortunately, VIIZR gives you the ultimate peace of mind with reliable security features – starting with our user permissions. This easy-to-use feature makes data management a total breeze because you get to control who sees sensitive information. This might include customer credit card numbers, tax documents, workers’ Social Security numbers and much more. You can give trusted workers more access while dialing back permissions for newer hires, ensuring that no one ever accesses something they’re not supposed to see.

VIIZR also secures your data on a reliable web-based platform instead of vulnerable hard drives or physical filing cabinets. Your hard drive could be lost or corrupted, and documents in a filing cabinet can be lost, destroyed, damaged, or stolen. VIIZR gives all data on our platform a layer of professional-grade cybersecurity – letting you save sensitive data with unparalleled confidence.

Cloud-based solutions like VIIZR make accessing your info a total breeze. With a few swipes, you can find past invoices, estimates and other documents from years ago. In seconds, you can review these documents for powerful financial insights – identifying your most lucrative opportunities and highlighting jobs that just aren’t worth the time. Better yet, you can access past invoice data in a few clicks to respond quickly to IRS requests, making tax season easier than ever.

Tech scheduling: Organize your teams in just a few swipes

The most recent data shows that the average towing business in the United States has only a handful of employees. Most scheduling software is designed for much larger operations – including corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees. We built VIIZR’s management tool specifically for smaller trade businesses, giving you the ability to handpick specific workers for certain tasks using a handy drag-and-drop tool. Choose experienced towing professionals for trickier jobs while assigning your rookies to easier tows.

Various studies show that schedule stability is incredibly important to workers in the United States – and many talented tradespeople quit their jobs because of this issue. VIIZR’s management tool helps you improve talent retention, allowing you to keep hold of your best tow truck drivers while also improving morale. Your workers can download this schedule management software on their own smartphones, giving them the ability to review the upcoming weeks, months and days with just a few swipes. VIIZR keeps everyone on the same page with minimal admin requirements.

Invoicing: Improve cash flow and make payments more professional

VIIZR makes invoicing quicker and easier than ever before. You don’t need to waste hours each week writing out your invoices by hand. VIIZR’s payment management tool lets you create invoices with the quick conversion of estimates and work orders. Save yourself the trouble of writing out the same information twice and make invoicing a total breeze. VIIZR’s invoices aren’t just quick – they’re also clean, clear and professional. You can customize your invoices with your towing company’s unique branding, contact information and easy-to-read price breakdowns. Give your customers as much information as possible to reduce confusion and payment disputes.

One of VIIZR’s most time-efficient features is our automatic invoice reminder system. This software sends out automated invoice reminders to customers who still haven’t paid their bills. These simple yet effective reminders reduce unpaid bills and improve your cash flow – without time-consuming phone calls. When you know that your unpaid bills are being tracked and monitored by VIIZR, it’s easier to move on to your next towing job with a sense of confidence. Unpaid invoices are often referred to as the “silent killers” of small businesses – and optimizing your payment system can save your towing company from bankruptcy.

Estimating: Respond quickly to new job opportunities and improve profit margins

Estimating is quick, easy and efficient with VIIZR. As soon as you get a notification for a new towing request, you can respond quickly and capture your new leads with VIIZR’s streamlined estimating management system. Create detailed, informative quotes with just a few clicks. Include your branding and contact information. Add photos for a personalized touch. Do it all in a few moments and respond to new towing requests before leads walk away. Despite this speedy process, VIIZR’s estimate management system maintains high levels of professionalism with clear, clear PDFs delivered conveniently to your customers’ inboxes.

One of the easiest ways to improve your profit margins with VIIZR is with our Pricebooks feature. This handy tool integrates with your estimates to add upsells right into each quote. With a quick scan, your customers will see options for upgraded service – giving them the option to spend more. This process takes seconds, and you don’t need to waste your time with sales pitches on the phone. Earn more per towing job and take your profit margins to new heights.


Take advantage of our free trial and upgrade your business today

Do I need to spend a lot of money to get the best towing software?

There’s no need to spend a fortune on towing software. VIIZR is geared towards the needs of small businesses, and our software solution is affordable enough for all types of towing operations – including solo tow truck operators. We know that keeping operating costs low is an important priority, and our software won’t break the bank. In fact, VIIZR saves you money with lower gas bills and better upsells, leaving you with higher profit margins at the end of the day.

The alternatives to software are usually more costly. Hiring additional office staff might help you complete admin work, but you should know that labor represents the highest expense for most businesses – often draining as much as 70% of your budget. Trying to do these back-office tasks by yourself can be just as detrimental – leaving you with no time at the end of the day for your personal life. VIIZR’s automated solution doesn’t affect your payroll costs, and it can handle admin work with no time-consuming oversight.

How does VIIZR benefit my entire team?

VIIZR’s management tool improves your workforce in a number of ways. Your tow truckers can download VIIZR on their phones, putting a range of time-saving tools right at their fingertips. With a few swipes, they can check their schedules, review work orders, send messages and check out customer history details. Not only does this make life easier for everyone, but it also provides each worker with a sense of independence, structure and freedom. The best part? Your workers can access VIIZR’s mobile-friendly features on the fly from their parked tow trucks.

What are the signs that I need to upgrade to VIIZR?

If you’re wondering whether you need to upgrade with VIIZR, you might want to keep an eye out for the following signs:

Issues with lead capturing: If new customers are walking away before you have a chance to respond to their job requests, consider upgrading using VIIZR’s Job Dashboards and estimating management software. This helps you respond faster, converting more leads and beginning every job with the right foot forward. 

Issues with talent retention: Are your best workers quitting? You can improve their experiences with VIIZR’s employee management features, providing your talent with organized schedules, streamlined communication and precise routing. Minimize confusion, cut down on needless micromanagement, and improve worker morale across the board.

Issues with work/life balance:
Do you feel like you never have enough time at the end of the day? VIIZR cuts down on some of the most time-consuming aspects of your towing business, allowing you to spend more time with the family and achieve that all-important work/life balance.

Is a management app essential for a small towing company?

If you’re running a small towing operation with just a few employees, you might be wondering whether you really need to upgrade to VIIZR’s management app. Aren’t these software solutions only beneficial for major corporations?

To understand how beneficial software can be for the average small business, just consider findings from a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce report:

“Ninety-three percent of today’s small business owners report using at least one type of technology platform to help run their business.

The report goes on to say that “85% report that technology platforms helped to get their business up and running, and 94% report that technology helps them run their business more efficiently.”

The truth is that many towing companies in your local area have probably upgraded their operations with some kind of software. But these companies typically choose software solutions built for much larger corporations, and you can gain the advantage by choosing VIIZR’s trade-focused management tool designed specifically for small businesses.

How do I use VIIZR?

VIIZR is a web-based app with minimal system requirements. It works on most devices. All you need is a reliable internet connection. We keep your data secure at all times while providing easy access on multiple devices. Stop worrying about getting back to the office to record info. Did you lose your device? Is your hard drive corrupted?

Did you accidentally drop your phone into a bucket of cleaning solution? No problem. Log into VIIZR on a different device, and you’ll find all of your saved data waiting for you – including your customer history information, past invoices and schedules.

VIIZR’s cloud computing software makes it easy to access important documents. Don’t waste time rummaging through your filing cabinets for that lost invoice. Save documents in PDF form and use VIIZR to find what you need. Play it safe and keep data in the cloud (and accessible anywhere) with VIIZR.

Take advantage of our free trial and upgrade your business today

If you’re thinking about upgrading to VIIZR, you can use our free version today with absolutely no obligations or credit card requirements. Compare price options while you use our features to optimize your business and make your final decision after you experience VIIZR’s benefits for yourself. Our towing management tool puts a wealth of practical, easy-to-use features right at your fingertips – so start your free trial today.