The Pressure Washing App Your Business Needs

VIIZR takes your pressure washing business to the next level with powerful tracking, customer service, invoicing and scheduling tools. It’s easy to save time when you let VIIZR handle back-office tasks. Boost your profit margins by cutting down on time-consuming tasks like writing out estimates or creating schedules. Optimize your small business’s operations with VIIZR and find more hours at the end of each month. Use those free hours to expand your business, book more pressure washing services or simply enjoy a little time to yourself.

Designed specifically for trade-related work, VIIZR puts a range of features at your fingertips at all times. Do you spend all day running around town? Not to worry – VIIZR’s mobile-friendly features keep up with even the busiest schedules. A quick glance at your phone is all it takes to keep track of your pressure washing business – and you can handle most back-office tasks on the move with just a few swipes. Powered by Ford Pro™ and global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR gives small trade businesses something they’ve been requesting for decades: Management software designed specifically for their unique needs.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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How VIIZR boosts your pressure washing business

A few weeks with VIIZR’s free trial is all it takes to start noticing real results. The average washing business can experience the following benefits after upgrading to VIIZR:

• Increased productivity levels (almost 50%)
• An entire day’s worth of labor each week
• More booked pressure washing jobs (10+ new bookings per week)

How does management software like VIIZR help to save time?

Even if you shave just a few minutes off a task like invoicing or scheduling, it all adds up at the end of each month. By optimizing these tasks, you can find more time in your day. Use this time to book more pressure washing jobs, invest in new marketing opportunities or simply spend more time with the family. One example is our invoice reminder system, which sends billing reminders to your customers automatically. This “set-it-and-forget-it” app saves you from having to call each customer and remind them about unpaid bills.

Another example is our scheduling and routing features, which allow you to pre-plan your routes, jobs, individual tasks and each employee’s schedule ahead of time. When you put these schedules and routes into place before the work day even begins, you can spend more time focusing on the job at hand rather than logistics. These are just a few examples of how VIIZR can save you time, and each feature optimizes a different aspect of your business.

How VIIZR’s features work

Job Dashboards: A few seconds is all you need to check on your power washing teams. Our Job Dashboards display your jobs, teams, locations and much more. 

Invoicing: VIIZR makes sure you get paid for your hard work. Send clean, professional PDF invoices with your branding information. 

Tech scheduling: Building an organized schedule has never been easier. Keep everyone on the same page with our tech scheduling feature. 

Work orders: Give your workers clear instructions with VIIZR’s work orders. Provide them with detailed info on the tasks at hand and boost productivity levels.

Customer history: Record each customer’s preferences in detail. Provide better, more personalized service and keep your best clients happy. 

Estimates: Boost conversion rates by providing quick, clear PDF estimates as soon as you get a new job request. Easily integrate upsells with our built-in Pricebooks feature. 

Maps & Routing: Spend less time driving and more time working with our Maps & Routing feature. Make your days more fuel-efficient and productive. 

User permissions: Protect sensitive data like customer credit card info, tax documents, passwords and much more with secure user permissions.

VIIZR’s field service benefits explained

Take a closer look at each of VIIZR’s software features:

Make tracking easy with Job Dashboards

Sometimes, you only have a brief moment to check on your workers during busy days. VIIZR gives you all the information you need in seconds with our Job Dashboards feature. Take a quick look, and you’ll find a wealth of information waiting for you in an easy-to-read layout. Instantly determine which jobs have been completed, which jobs are still active and which jobs have been newly requested. Check your work orders to find out whether your team has finished pressure washing a deck. Using your Job Dashboards, you can even find out how much you’re owed for each job and how much you’ve been paid so far.

Streamline your invoicing process with VIIZR

Getting paid for your hard work is important, and VIIZR makes this process easier than ever. Convert existing estimates and work orders to invoices in seconds without writing out the same information twice. With a few more swipes, you can set up automatic invoice reminders to ensure prompt payment – without the time-consuming phone calls. Each invoice is clean, professional and delivered straight to your customer in PDF form. Customize each invoice with your unique branding and contact information. Finish each pressure washing job on a high note, make payment convenient and keep your customers coming back for more.

Create efficient schedules with our tech scheduling feature

Give your employees a sense of structure with clear schedules. Use our drag-and-drop tool to build schedules and assign individual workers to certain tasks. Organize your schedules weekly, monthly, or daily. Ensure positive results by sending experienced workers to difficult pressure washing services and keep your newest hires on easier job sites. Do it all in seconds with VIIZR’s streamlined scheduling app.

Send your team clear work orders

Provide your employees with more clarity and use VIIZR’s work orders to keep them supplied with the details they need to move on to new tasks. Jot down concise instructions with a few taps and save yourself the effort of time-consuming phone calls with your workers. Once each task is finished, your employees can update the status to “complete” – signaling that they’re ready to tackle a new task. They can even add their own notes to inform you of any issues, such as a hard-to-reach area. This lets you continuously improve results while minimizing downtime.

Improve customer service with our customer history feature

Save important details about your clients with our customer history feature. Give your workers access to a database of client notes and instructions, allowing them to provide personalized results. Even your newest hires can interact with loyal customers in the same way as your most experienced workers – ensuring high-quality, consistent customer service.

Does one customer want you to plug your pressure washer into a specific outdoor power outlet? Do you need to punch in a combination to enter a client’s backyard? Will a customer be upset if you park in their driveway? Find out in seconds by accessing VIIZR’s customer history feature and give each client the special treatment they deserve.

Make estimating easier with VIIZR

Creating estimates is both quick and professional with VIIZR. As soon as you get a request for a new pressure washing job, use VIIZR to create professional PDF estimates in just a few moments. Capture leads before they have a chance to walk away and send estimates directly to their inboxes. Use our built-in Pricebooks feature to provide upsells and cross-sells. Integrated directly into your estimates, these upsells boost your profit margins without time-consuming sales calls.

Boost efficiency with our Maps & Routing feature

Save money on gas and serve more customers per day with our Maps & Routing feature. Plan out your routes ahead of time to save yourself from logistical headaches on the day. Boost productivity and your profit margins by spending less time filling up at the gas station – and more time finishing jobs.

Protect your privacy with VIIZR’s secure user permissions

VIIZR helps you protect your and your clients’ privacy with user permissions. Set permissions to give trusted workers more freedom to use certain features while limiting access for new hires. Rely on VIIZR’s professional-grade secure digital storage to prevent cyber intrusions.


Optimize your pressure washing business today with VIIZR

Does the average power washing business rely on an app like VIIZR?

The statistics don’t lie: 90% of small businesses used some kind of software application to improve at least one aspect of their operations in 2020 alone. Of these businesses, 50% reported better productivity, sales and customer engagement. Another study released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that 94% of all small businesses experience higher efficiency after upgrading their operations with software. Pressure washing businesses aren’t just using washing apps – they’re also benefiting from them.

Is VIIZR affordable enough for my pressure washing business?

Yes – VIIZR is much more affordable than hiring additional staff – and it’s specifically designed to accommodate the budget of a typical small business.

What kind of device do I need to use VIIZR?

VIIZR works on a wide range of different devices, including mobile phones, laptops and home computers. The most important requirement for this field service app is simply a solid internet connection.

Optimize your pressure washing business today with VIIZR

VIIZR’s field service solution is the obvious option if you want to upgrade your pressure washing business, save time and boost productivity. Try it today for free with our no-obligation, 14-day trial