Take Your Pool Business to New Heights with Pool Service Software

Operating a pool service can be challenging, particularly if your back office and field service teams are small. You might have a handful of people who are in charge of creating customer estimates, tracking invoices and managing field service schedules. These tasks can be very time-consuming, particularly if you’re still relying on outdated technology. Fortunately, you can reduce the time it takes to complete these and other tasks with VIIZR software.

VIIZR pool service software can enhance your business by helping you manage your pool service jobs on one platform. Whether you want to schedule your techs to test a customer’s pool pressure or find out if your workers have completed a pool renovation, you can see these and other job details in one convenient location.

When you sign into our secure service software, you’re taken to our Job Dashboards. These dashboards centralize your pool service projects, allowing you to manage several tasks simultaneously. You can find out if your field crew has replaced a customer’s pool heater and also see if you’ve received new quote requests. Our software is mobile-friendly, letting you and your team access job information from any location via your smartphone. Your techs can see their work schedules and even make work order updates while out in the field.

VIIZR software lets you free yourself of sticky notes, spreadsheets and other old methods and technologies that slow your operations. We make it easy for your staff to manage in-office and onsite tasks more effectively and efficiently. With our software, you can garner a reputation as one of the most expedient and reliable pool services in your community. According to our research, VIIZR software can also help you:

• Experience nearly 50% in productivity gains
• Secure as many as 14 new jobs each week
• Save about 10 hours each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR offers fantastic features you can use to strengthen your pool service. Whether you want to streamline specific tasks or grow your client base, our business management software can help take your pool service to the next level.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Top features of pool service software

1. Professional documents enhance your brand

Our service software can help your team quickly draft estimates, work orders and invoices that can be converted into professional-looking PDFs. Customization features let you add your header, logo and other branding and help your business stand out from the pack. Create polished, accurate documents in a fraction of the time. VIIZR helps you:

• Draft estimates, work orders and invoices with a few clicks
• Convert drafts into attractive PDF documents in minutes
• Add your logo and header for a professional touch

2. Speedy response times strengthen customer relations

VIIZR software helps you stay on top of customer messages so you’re able to provide speedy responses whether to a spa opening quote request or vinyl liner invoice question. Your ability to respond quickly can help your customers feel confident that your business always prioritizes their needs. This is a fantastic way to build trust among your client base. Using VIIZR enables you to:

• Access customer messages in one convenient location
• Provide fast responses to questions and concerns
• Build client trust and grow your customer base

3. Greater accessibility improves team collaboration and communication

In order to operate a successful pool service, it’s crucial that your back office and field service teams are always on the same page. If you’re having trouble getting your teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, VIIZR is your answer. Our software centralizes various aspects of your business, including service history, scheduling and work orders, which can ensure your entire staff is always in the loop. Let VIIZR help you:

• Keep your field service and management teams in the know
• Enhance communication across your entire staff
• Create a more collaborative work environment

Pool service software offers the business solutions you need

VIIZR’s service software is designed to help your pool service operate more effectively. We offer a variety of features that can simplify billing, scheduling, routing and much more. Save your team valuable time and ensure your business upholds its stellar reputation of quality service by taking advantage of the following software features:

Job Dashboards

The Job Dashboards give you and your team the opportunity to view your pool service jobs in one convenient location. There’s no need to search through monotonous spreadsheets for pricing details when providing a customer quote for pool cleaning and storage. You can also skip the time-consuming task of digging through stacks of papers to find out a returning customer’s pool chlorinator preferences.

Job and customer information is digitally stored on our platform and easily accessible via the Job Dashboards. Whether you want to draft customer quotes, send invoices, manage work orders or schedule field workers, you can handle these tasks in this central space.


One of the most important impressions you can make as a pool service business is providing a timely estimate. Whether you are approached about a simple pool maintenance job or a more extensive public pool opening, it’s important to provide a quick and accurate quote every time. While it might be tempting to share a quick phone quote, send an informal email or even jot down figures on a quote template, using VIIZR software for pool businesses lets you deliver estimates quickly and in a package that mirrors the professionalism your brand represents.

You can draft customizable estimates that outline products, services and labor costs while also including relevant photos and incorporating your branding details. When ready, you can convert your estimates into polished PDFs and email them to your clients with a few clicks.

Work orders and change orders

A customer’s estimate approval is just the beginning of your team’s hard work – and VIIZR is here to support you every step of the way. You can use our Pricebooks feature to quickly and effectively create a comprehensive work order that outlines the services your pool techs will provide, whether this includes testing pH levels or cleaning pool debris.

If your techs are out in the field and need to create a change order to account for a cross-sell or upsell, they can make these adjustments right from their smartphones. Similar to estimates, work orders can be converted into attractive PDFs and delivered to customers in a few seconds.

Scheduling and routing

VIIZR understands the value of your customers’ time, which is why our software provides tools to simplify both your scheduling and routing processes. Using our platform, you never have to worry about scheduling mishaps or routing confusion that could result in late arrivals or missed appointments.

Our drag-and-drop tool makes assigning jobs to available pool techs simple. You can see all of your field service workers’ schedules in one location making it easy to check their availability and assign them to open jobs. Once scheduled, your field service techs can check their schedules via their smartphones, ensuring they always know their appointment dates and times.

If you’ve lost gas money and valuable time on unnecessary truck rolls, our Maps & Routing functionality can make a huge difference. This feature lets you find job sites on a map and quickly identify the fastest routes, improving your techs’ ability to reach job locations on time.


VIIZR takes pride in offering a software solution that simplifies the invoice creation process. There’s no need to manually dig through your estimates and work orders to find out which services your pool techs provided and how much your business is owed. With our pool and spa service software, you can instantly convert estimates and work orders into detailed invoices with a few clicks.

Delivering invoices to your customers is just as simple. You can convert your invoice drafts into professional-looking PDFs and email them to your clients right from our software. Our tracking feature helps you keep up with outstanding invoices and even send out follow-ups so you can avoid becoming one of many small businesses that spend more than 25 hours each week tracking down unpaid invoices.

Customer history

A major component of providing quality customer service is knowing as much about your clients as possible. Do you have a commercial client that undergoes a complete pool opening process every spring? Is one of your clients interested in a weekly chemical test? Keeping track of these details can help your business stay on top of your customers’ needs.

Our software helps you keep track of all of your clients’ job histories and preferences. Even better? Your entire team can access this information, enabling them to engage customers in a personal manner that helps your business stand out from the pack.

Why does my business need pool service software?

Operating a pool service business requires a tremendous amount of organization. To stay on top of your game, it’s good to streamline as many areas of your business as possible. There’s no better time to eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and handwritten templates. You can keep your business organized and save your team valuable time by using VIIZR pool service management software.

Are you still not sure that our software for pool businesses is right for you? Here are some FAQs you can use to better understand the perks of VIIZR software:



Are you creating professional, accurate documents?

Whether a customer has requested a pool plumbing quote or you want to send your client an invoice for a spa closing job, it’s important to deliver documents in a timely fashion. But does the speedy delivery of invoices, estimates or work orders require a compromise in quality? Absolutely not! With VIIZR, you can create impressive PDF documents that include business brandings and accurate pricing and service details in minutes.

Are communication issues plaguing your business?

Any business can experience communication challenges when some staff members work in the office and others work in the field. While your back office and field service teams might frequently handle different tasks within your business, they often rely on one another to manage their jobs, which is why quality communication is crucial.

VIIZR pool software centralizes your job service details, enabling your entire team to stay on the same page at all times. Something as simple as identifying available pool techs for a leak detection job without having to reach out to workers individually can help reduce communication challenges and help your business operate smoother.

Are you losing money on upsells and cross-sells?

While many pool service businesses grow their client base through pool repairs, maintenance and renovations, some also sell pool-related products like heaters, tile, filters, pumps and decor. If your pool business is product- and service-driven, your techs might be able to get customers to upgrade pool services or purchase products that can make their pool experience more enjoyable.

Each time a field service member makes an upsell or cross-sell, your business can enjoy greater profits – that is, if the sales are accounted for on the client’s invoice. If your field service techs keep track of upsells and cross-sells by jotting them down on a notepad, they might forget to share this important information when they reach the office.

With VIIZR service software, you can avoid losing money on upsells and cross-sells by letting your field team update work orders and create change orders onsite. This easy process enables your back office to quickly make adjustments to customer invoices.


If you’re ready to take your service to new heights, there’s no better time to switch to VIIZR pool and spa service software. You can experience greater efficiency and productivity, helping your business garner new customers and enjoy increased profits. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of our no-obligation trial. Get started with a free demo today.