How to Grow Your Business with Software for Pest Control

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your pest control service, VIIZR is a great place to start. We offer top-notch pest control software you can use to help your business excel in more ways than one.

You might be interested in improving the communication between your back office and field service crew, or you could aim to streamline the process of creating and tracking invoices. Whether you're just getting started as a pest control service or you have been operating for years and want to see your business grow, VIIZR software can start you on the right foot.

VIIZR software enables you to view and manage all of your pest control jobs in one convenient location via our Job Dashboards. Whether you want to check on the status of a bed bug treatment or make sure that you’ve received payment for a termite job, you can do so with ease. Our software’s features simplify tasks like scheduling your field service team and creating customer quotes. You can also produce work orders with just a few clicks.

VIIZR software helps you strengthen communication among your team members by ensuring everyone is always in the loop. Your management team and field service crew can visit our platform anytime to view projects and manage tasks like creating customer invoices or traveling to client locations more efficiently.

These are just a few benefits of utilizing VIIZR pest control software for your business. According to our research, our platform can also help you:
• Complete more than a dozen new jobs weekly
• Improve business productivity by nearly 50%
• Save an average of 10 hours each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR software offers features that can have a tremendous impact on your business’s overall performance. Keep reading to learn more about the many ways our software makes a difference for your pest control service.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is software for pest control companies?

If you’re looking for a software solution that can help streamline your business operations, VIIZR has what you need. Our pest control software enables you and your team to spend less time on daily tasks so you can dedicate more effort to building and growing your pest control service. Some features you can enjoy with our software include:

Job Dashboards

The Job Dashboards let you see all of your pest control jobs at a glance. Using this “control center” enables you to manage tasks like drafting estimates, generating invoices, checking your customers’ job histories and creating work orders from a central location. 

Suppose that you want to see if you’ve received new quote requests but also want to check on a squirrel removal invoice. You can do both using the software. You can also add a note to a work order for a bed bug inspection and schedule several of your techs for a commercial rodent fumigation job. 

The ability to manage these tasks in one place can save you and your team tremendous time and effort. VIIZR pest control software takes multi-tasking to a new level.


Each time a customer reaches out to you for a quote, it’s good to respond to their inquiry as quickly as possible while avoiding the temptation to share a price over the phone or send an informal email with only a few details.

With VIIZR pest control software, you can draft polished quotes in minutes. Our platform lets you quickly confirm prices for requested pest control services and create an itemized list of services and prices. You can include important tax information and even provide relevant photos to clarify your services. 

If you want to customize your estimates by adding your logo, header, online presence and other branding information, you can do so with ease. When finished, quickly convert your estimate into a professional PDF and email it to your client in seconds.

Work orders and change orders

Once your customer approves your estimate, you can use our software to create a work order that outlines the services you plan to provide. You don’t have to print work orders for your field service techs. Our software is mobile-friendly, allowing them to access work order information from their smartphones.

With VIIZR pest control software, you can easily make adjustments to work orders whether in the office or in the field. If your field service worker who is dusting pipe chases for a customer is able to cross-sell an attic insulation job to prevent wildlife damage, they can use our Pricebooks feature to create a change order on the spot. 

If you want to create polished copies of your work orders, there’s no need to use a document editor. Our software lets you save and send professional-looking PDFs in minutes.

Scheduling and routing

Scheduling your field service team can be time-consuming if you use spreadsheets to check worker availability and then reach out to techs individually to let them know the dates and times of their jobs. It can take even longer if you use a map program to find the job location and determine the best route to reach your customer.

VIIZR pest control software reduces the time it takes to schedule and route your field service team. Our drag-and-drop feature lets you assign jobs to available workers in seconds. Your techs can view their schedules right on our platform so they’re always aware of when to arrive at a site. You can even pull up the fastest routes to job sites to help with punctuality.


VIIZR pest control software ensures you never have to spend a lot of time using a spreadsheet and document editor to create quality invoices. With our software, you can instantly convert your estimates and work orders into invoices with detailed service and pricing information. You can also convert your invoices into attractive PDFs with a few clicks.

When you’re ready to send your invoices to customers, use our software to email them in seconds. Also, track outstanding invoices and send your customers automated follow-ups when needed. These great features can help you avoid becoming one of the small businesses that spend more than 25 hours each week tracking down unpaid invoices.

Customer history

Our software is designed to help you record various aspects of pest control jobs and customer information in one location. This can ensure your entire team is always on the same page when it comes to job histories, customer preferences, special requests and more. 

Suppose that you have a customer who always prefers a bird slope as their bird control solution. You can make sure your field team is aware of this preference so your client always receives the customer service they desire.

Your field techs can also add notes regarding jobs and customer preferences while at work sites via their smartphones. This helps you personalize each client’s experience and boost your reputation as a pest control service that cares.

What is CRM software for pest control businesses?

VIIZR’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software gives you the unique opportunity to use valuable information about your customers to determine how to best serve their needs. CRM software lets you store and access important details regarding your clients’ histories, preferences and special requests in a centralized location. Being able to view this information can help you notice trends in customer needs and create new ideas to enhance your service.

CRM software also makes it easy for your team to keep track of customer information. If one of your techs gathers information while in the field that can help you better serve a client, our software lets them immediately record notes for everyone to see.

The more you learn about your clients, the easier it will be to provide quality customer service. Your happy customers can spread the word about their great experience and help expand your client base – and boost your profits.

Why does my business need pest control software?

Running a successful pest control business means that your operations must flow smoothly every day. If one of your team members falls behind on an important task – whether failing to send out a timely estimate or get to a job site on time – you could find yourself playing catch-up the rest of the day. 

With VIIZR software, you and your team can manage daily tasks with greater ease. For instance, if you receive a quote request for an opossum removal job, your back office team can generate and send a professional-looking PDF estimate in minutes. Once the estimate is approved, you can draft a work order and quickly schedule your chosen techs for the job. You can also convert the work order into a polished invoice that can be delivered on site. 

Whether you want to note a customer’s preference for a specific fumigation solution, add a mosquito removal upsell to a client’s invoice or respond to a request to install insect light traps at a commercial building, you can do it all with our pest control software.

When should I switch to pest control software?

It can be challenging to decide the best time to switch the methods you use to run your business. But if you’re looking for ways to streamline your operations, there’s no better time than now to make our pest control software your new solution. If you’re still not sold on the benefits our software’s features, consider asking yourself the following questions:

Are your customer quotes attractive and professional?

Oftentimes, your first chance to make a great first impression on a client is through your customer estimate. By shooting them a quick email or throwing out a quote over the phone, you might unintentionally offer an impression that is less-than-professional.

Using our software gives you the opportunity to send out fast quotes that can help you beat out your competition without sacrificing quality. Whether you need to send your customer a quote for a mouse extermination job or share a more complex estimate with a company that needs a series of disinfection treatments, you can quickly and easily email a professional-looking PDF that includes detailed service and pricing information.

Are employees dissatisfied with business operations?

Your employees can quickly grow tired of the challenges they face in the workplace due to disorganized business operations. You might rely on spreadsheets that frequently lead to double bookings or other scheduling mishaps for your field service crew. Or you might require your back office team to use multiple time-consuming programs that force them to spend more time than necessary on a simple task like providing a quote for a raccoon removal inspection.

No matter the problem, your workers can become frustrated and feel uninspired to do their best work – or worse, feel inspired to find new employment. Streamlining your business operations using VIIZR software can help you avoid these dilemmas. You can create a better work environment and, as a result, give your customers the quality service they deserve.

Are unnecessary truck rolls losing your business money?

While truck rolls are required for businesses like yours to reach your customers, it is possible to lose money on unnecessary trips. Suppose that you write down a job site address on a slip of paper and hand it to one of your pest management workers but they misread your handwriting and head to the wrong location across town.

Each time your company vehicles hit the road, you have to pay for gas. If a worker travels to the wrong location, you will lose money, time and possibility even your customer if your tech arrives late to the correct address. Our pest control software features Maps & Routing functionality that lets you see customer locations and route your team to job sites with ease. Using this feature can help reduce your likelihood of losing money, time and your valued customers.

How can I improve customer service and expand my client base?

One of the toughest challenges you can face when operating a business is determining how to provide your customers with the best possible service. It seems like a simple concept, but it’s not always easy to pinpoint the true wants and needs of your entire client base. 

You might feel reluctant to make major changes like adding new services or eliminating ones that customers don’t seem to utilize. You might even second-guess bringing in new faces that are not familiar to your returning customers. No business likes the idea of losing customers due to change.

A great way to maintain your client base as you make changes to your pest control service is to remain consistent in providing great service. Ensure your team is able to spend less time on daily tasks like creating estimates and invoices so that they can have more time to address customer concerns and implement client suggestions that make sense for your company.

The more time and effort you dedicate to operating your business effectively, the easier it will be to provide the quality service your customers know and love. This way, you can make adjustments to your service while maintaining or even improving your stellar reputation.

How can pest control software enhance my invoicing process?

Tracking down an invoice is a part of the job many businesses dread. There’s nothing exciting about constantly asking a customer to pay their bill, but failing to pay your team because clients have not held up their end of the bargain can be even more difficult.

VIIZR software’s invoice generator gives you an opportunity to simplify many aspects of the invoicing process so you don’t have to work as hard to receive your payments. In addition to increasing the speed at which you and your back office team can draft thorough, accurate, professional invoices, you can use our platform to improve your ability to be paid on time.

Our management software lets you keep track of outstanding invoices in one convenient location. Whether you want to check the status of an invoice for a bat removal job or you need to send a follow-up for a mole extermination, our software helps you get the job done. You can even schedule invoices ahead of time, giving you more time complete other tasks like customer quotes, tech schedules and work order updates.

How can I make scheduling my field service crew easier?

Our drag-and-drop feature speeds up your process of finding available techs for unassigned jobs. You can also use it to quickly identify field crew members who are best suited for specific projects.

Let’s say that some workers on your field team are highly skilled at snake removals while others have a knack for getting rid of cockroaches. Doesn’t it make sense to assign the best techs for the job every time? It might not be so easy to pinpoint your most skilled workers if you’re using a spreadsheet to determine availability and skill level at the same time.

With VIIZR software, you can easily schedule your field workers based on their level of expertise. Getting it right every time can give your customers a top-notch experience that translates into more clients and greater profits.


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