Software for painting contractors: How VIIZR helps you boost efficiency

Upgrade your painting company and gain an edge over the competition with VIIZR. This powerful software solution streamlines almost every aspect of your business, from invoicing and estimates to customer relationships and employee management. Unlike most business management software, VIIZR is designed specifically for the trades. The best part? VIIZR keeps everything in one convenient platform, so you’ll never forget where something is stored again. Powered by Ford Pro™ and built on Salesforce, VIIZR is the trustworthy business management app for painting contractors.

Unlock your phone and scan important data on VIIZR’s Job Dashboard. See the status of all your projects and your various employees. Save valuable time by optimizing tedious back-office work and focus on providing excellent results for your customers. The statistics don’t lie: VIIZR can boost productivity by almost 50% while saving you dozens of hours each week. This leads to more completed jobs, higher profit margins and more time for yourself. VIIZR gives you the work rate of an entire team of office assistants – without the payroll expenses.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is painting contractor software?

Painting company software is a collection of digital tools that optimize various business tasks, including:

Painting estimating software

VIIZR helps you make excellent first impressions with clean, professional estimates delivered in PDF format. Create estimates with just a few clicks and add your logo, branding and contact information to maintain a personal touch. Our Pricebooks feature lets you upsell and cross-sell additional services to maximize profit potential. VIIZR’s painting estimating software gives you more conversions, higher profit margins and extremely satisfied customers.


Did you know that 25% of all bankruptcies are caused by unpaid invoices? Most painting company contractors are undoubtedly aware that it’s all too easy to let unpaid invoices slip past – especially when you’re extremely busy. With VIIZR, you can create, track and manage invoices confidently. Finish the job on a positive note with clear, organized price breakdowns and set reminders to make sure you always get paid for your hard work.

Customer management

VIIZR’s reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality makes satisfying your best clients a total breeze. Record every little detail using VIIZR, including info like phone numbers, lock combinations for on-site storage cupboards and other unique preferences for each customer. Does one customer hate the smell of drying paint? Make sure your workers use extra ventilation to keep them happy. The best part is that you can give all of your workers access to VIIZR’s database, so even your rookies will provide excellent customer service at all times.

There’s much more to discover with VIIZR, and the only way to experience its true range of benefits is to try it for free. Upgrade your painting business with VIIZR’s trade-focused software, and get rid of needless apps designed for big tech corporations.

How can VIIZR help my business?

Not only does VIIZR help your painting business by optimizing almost every task imaginable, but it also frees up dozens of hours each month. This gives you the freedom to take your life back, whether you want to spend more time with the family or focus more on growing your business.

The possibilities are endless when you stop wasting time on back-office tasks. Use that free time to create new marketing campaigns to expand your business. Or why not let a senior team member handle day-to-day operations using VIIZR’s customer database? Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor for once. Even if you have just a handful of employees, taking time for yourself is important. VIIZR lets you handle the most time-consuming back-office tasks with just a few clicks.

Even though these tasks become easier and quicker, customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high with VIIZR. Stay organized and professional, and your clients will notice the difference. Clear communication cuts down on confusion, and professional invoices boost your reputation. Better yet, VIIZR lets your workers reach for their full potential in a positive, streamlined environment – helping you retain your most talented team members.

Give your customers more consistent results

With VIIZR’s secure database of customer info, the best results are always at your fingertips. More importantly, your team members will all have access to each customer’s unique preferences – giving them the resources they need to complete jobs confidently and consistently. Whether you send rookies or experienced pros, VIIZR ensures that every customer experiences the same high standards.

Give your workers more resources

Get the most out of your workforce with VIIZR. With our Maps & Routing feature, you can transfer workers from one site to the other with just a few clicks. Send experienced pros to deal with tricky situations while keeping less-experienced workers at easier job sites. Cut down on wasted hours, needless back-and-forth and high gas bills. The best part? With your business operating like a well-oiled machine, you might be able to clock out early for a change.

Why might I need VIIZR for painting business management?

But do you really need contractor software? Running a small business isn’t rocket science, and you might have just a few dozen loyal customers you need to keep track of. Maybe you have no plans to expand, and you’re fine with being a local small business. Here’s the thing: The cost of not upgrading your business with field service management software could be more than you realize. Here’s why:

Are you missing out on opportunities?

Potential customers might be walking away due to disorganization and poor first impressions. You might not even realize this is happening. For example, a hand-scrawled estimate might exude a sense of rushed untidiness – not exactly ideal qualities for those offering to paint clean, beautiful lines on a house. Even if you manage to convert leads, retaining loyal customers is another thing altogether. Record preferences with VIIZR and make each customer feel important. VIIZR gives you the tools to communicate clearly and quickly respond to any concerns your customers might have.

Are you losing talent?

Recent studies show that employees are 400% more likely to quit if they experience poor management skills. In the era of The Great Resignation, talent retention is more important than ever for your business. Give your workers efficiency and organization, and you can keep them around without having to constantly search for new hires. Content workers create excellent finished products, and those with experience can operate efficiently without excessive guidance. VIIZR helps everyone reach high levels of performance – even new hires. More importantly, VIIZR helps paint contractors cut down on time-consuming hiring and training processes by keeping existing workers from walking away.

Are other painting companies leaving you in the dust?

Most painting contractors keep a close eye on their competitors, and it’s easy to tell when leads choose your rivals over you. If you feel like an underdog in your local painting market, it might be time to boost your operation with VIIZR’s software solution. When you upgrade your painting company, you can expect almost 50% more productivity and more jobs per week. Don’t let the big painting companies in your neighborhood steal your customers. Use VIIZR to level the playing field.

The truth is that most of your rival contractors are probably using some form of software. According to a recent report, more than half of all construction-related businesses upgraded their operation with a digital management tool in 2021 alone. Another report shows that almost 50% of trade companies use software for labor management.


Try VIIZR today with our free, no-obligation trial.

1. Organized estimates

The VIIZR process begins with a clean, professional estimate that increases the chances of conversion. Your potential customer will see clear price breakdowns alongside additional upsells. With branding, logos and contact information, the customer knows exactly who you are and how to contact you for questions.

2. Planning the job ahead of time

Once the job is greenlit, you can plan the entire process ahead of time with VIIZR’s routing and scheduling features. Map out the most efficient routes to save money on gas and send the employees who have the right skills to get the job done. With everything planned out beforehand, you can minimize confusion and mistakes day-of.

3. Tracking progress

VIIZR gives you the tools to continuously track the job until it’s complete. Our Job Dashboards work from your mobile device, providing you with a constant stream of data even if you’re preoccupied with another job on the other side of town. Create work orders and find out when each task is complete – whether your team is painting the interior, exterior, or both.

4. Reacting to issues

React quickly to issues using VIIZR’s tech scheduling feature. Did your rookies make a mistake? Does something need to be cleaned up quickly? Use VIIZR to send out experienced technicians to resolve issues before they spiral out of control. Remain flexible and responsive throughout the day with VIIZR.

5. Recording customer preferences

After finishing the job, record or update your customer’s preferences on VIIZR’s cloud-based platform. When you return to this customer for touch-ups or new work, you can refer back to your database to provide top-class, personalized service. Even if you send a new set of workers, they’ll have access to the same lessons learned by the initial team.

6. Securing data

Even though VIIZR lets you share important customer preferences with team members, you can limit access to sensitive data with user permissions. This helps keep customer information secure and confidential. You always get to decide who sees what.

7. Finishing on a positive note

When you’re ready to wrap up the project and send over your invoice, VIIZR helps you finish the experience on a positive note. Just like your estimates, invoices are always clean and professional with VIIZR. You can also add photos to show off the customer’s beautiful, freshly-painted house. Make no mistake: Excellent invoices increase customer loyalty. According to one study, 82% of executives believe their business has lost future work due to miscommunication in the payment process.

Try VIIZR today with our free, no-obligation trial.

Take this software solution for a test drive without ever handing over your credit card information. Spend a week using VIIZR’s features and experience the benefits for yourself. With the right digital resources, success is within reach. Get started with VIIZR today.