Searching for Moving Company Software? Choose VIIZR’s Moving Software

With VIIZR, moving companies can operate like well-oiled machines. Overwhelmed by admin work? Let VIIZR handle back-office tasks and shift your attention to more important – and profitable – endeavors. Finish up paperwork with a few simple swipes and get back to leading your moving company to greater heights. Streamline tedious tasks and you’ll have dozens of free hours on your hands at the end of each month. Use those hours to book more moving jobs, improve your company, or simply take more time for yourself.

We worked with small business owners in the trades when creating VIIZR, resulting in a targeted software solution for real hurdles tradespeople face every day. With an engine provided by Ford Pro™ and Salesforce, VIIZR’s software also boasts solid processing power and sophistication. Easy to use and mobile-friendly, VIIZR’s app lets you take your office with you on the move – whether you’re sitting in your van, your favorite cafe, or anywhere else with an internet connection. VIIZR is a feature-rich solution that helps with CRM, tracking, scheduling, invoicing, estimating and much more.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Why VIIZR’s moving company software gives you an advantage

Why upgrade with VIIZR’s software? Within a few weeks, your moving and storage business can experience the following advantages:

• Up to 50% higher productivity levels
• Up to 10 saved hours each week
• Dozens of new moving jobs booked per month

What kind of features do I get with VIIZR’s moving software?

VIIZR’s software streamlines many different aspects of your business. Take a look:

Job Dashboards: Check on your business in seconds with our user-friendly, easy-to-read Job Dashboards. This displays job requests, unpaid invoices, work orders, tracking data and much more. 

User permissions:
Keep customer info safe with trustworthy cybersecurity and control over access levels for each user. Store your data securely and protect sensitive business data. 

Customer history:
Save customer preferences to provide more personalized services. Give your team access to this database to ensure consistent results across the board.

Maps & Routing: Schedule your moving vans with ease and select the most fuel-efficient routes ahead of time. With careful planning, you can lower your gas bill and serve more customers per day.

Work orders:
Deliver work orders with clear instructions and avoid explaining yourself on the phone over and over. Get notifications of completed jobs and keep your teams productive by providing new tasks.

Ace the payment process with VIIZR’s automatic bill reminders. Finish each job in a professional manner and ensure you get paid for your hard work. 

Estimates: Make your quotes effortless and lightning-quick with VIIZR’s estimating software. Use built-in upsells to earn more on each moving job. 

Tech scheduling:
Give your movers a sense of confidence and structure with organized schedules. Building timetables takes seconds with our drag-and-drop scheduling feature.

How much time can my moving company save with VIIZR?

VIIZR’s features save you dozens of hours each month. Without help from optimized software, you might be wasting more time than you realize on back-office tasks like estimating, invoicing, scheduling and CRM. VIIZR’s software even offers “set-it-and-forget-it” features like automatic payment reminders – requiring absolutely no oversight on your part. With so much saved time, you can book more moving jobs, research new services, improve your business, or simply clock out earlier each day.

A rundown of VIIZR’s software features

Still curious about how VIIZR’s features work? Here’s a more detailed rundown:

Ace fleet management with our Job Dashboards feature

Fleet management is a total breeze with our Job Dashboards feature at your fingertips. Accessible from any location with an internet connection, this feature displays a wide range of business data – helping you track progress with complete accuracy. Take a quick look, and you’ll find a rundown of your completed, active and requested moving jobs. Take stock of what you’ve accomplished, what still needs to be finished and what lies ahead. Respond quickly to new job requests to capture more leads. Take a closer look at your active jobs and determine next steps easily.

Our Job Dashboards also display invoice data – including amounts owed. This lets you get a sense of your moving company’s financial performance – and you can take the necessary steps to address delinquent payments before they get out of hand. You’ll also find your work orders on our Job Dashboards, allowing you to take a closer look at individual tasks with unparalleled precision. Do it all in a few moments from your phone and get back to the task at hand – without heading back to your home office.

Organize your movers with simple tech scheduling

New research shows that schedule stability is incredibly important for your workers – both in terms of their health and economic outcomes. VIIZR’s software makes it easier to motivate your workforce with clear, organized schedules. Our tech scheduling feature makes creating schedules easy with a drag-and-drop feature. Choose your workers, assign them to different moving jobs and organize your schedules by month, week or day.

Our scheduling feature also gives your workers a sense of control and independence, allowing them to access their schedules on their devices at any time. They can review the days and weeks ahead to plan out their next vacation or day off – without having to call you for confirmation. Make life easier for everyone with our tech scheduling feature.

Guarantee cybersecurity with customized user permissions

Cybersecurity is more important than many small business owners realize – with more than 80% of American companies admitting they’ve been successfully “hacked” at some point. VIIZR’s software shields your business from cybercriminals with a number of solid features, including web-based data storage and customized user permissions. When you store data on our platform, you get professional-grade protection that is more secure than on-premise computing.

User permissions also let you control who gets access to sensitive business data such as customer credit card info or employee Social Security numbers. Dial back permissions for new hires, and gradually provide more access as they become trusted members of your workforce.

Earn more per job with Maps & Routing

Recent statistics show that almost 25% of people who move travel between 1,000 and 2,000 miles to their new homes. Almost 30% traveled between 1-100 miles, and over 15% traveled between 500 and 1,000 miles. Driving is a big part of the moving industry, and VIIZR’s Maps & Routing feature helps you lower your fuel costs. Using this easy software feature, you can plan out your moving routes ahead of time and take fewer trips to the gas pump. Even better, you can optimize your routes to be faster than ever. This gives you more time to schedule moving jobs or simply clock out earlier. Our mapping software also lets you keep tabs on where your moving trucks should be – allowing you to mobilize the nearest team to the next job.

Keep your estimates quick and professional with VIIZR

VIIZR’s estimates are clean, quick and professional. Deliver PDF quotes to your new clients and make a positive first impression. Include upsells in each estimate with our Pricebooks feature. Educate your customers about your optional upgrades, earn more per service and experience higher profit margins across the board. Customize your estimates with photos that help to clarify the quote. Provide contact information, clear price breakdowns and branding to give customers a sense of confidence about your professionalism. Capture leads quicker and experience more greenlit jobs with our estimating software.

Ensure prompt payment with VIIZR

Our invoicing software helps you make a lasting impression on your customers while ensuring prompt payment. Creating invoices is fast and easy – just convert your estimates into bills with just a few swipes. There’s no need to write out the same information twice with VIIZR. Even better, our automatic payment reminders ensure you’ll never have to pick up the phone and call a customer who hasn’t paid their bill. Let VIIZR handle reminders and shift your focus to your next job without worrying about the past. 61% of all small businesses struggle with cash flow – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Upgrade with VIIZR and get paid on time for your hard work – every time.

Provide personalized service with detailed customer history

Save vital customer data with our customer history software. Refer back to your best clients’ needs and preferences to both improve your services and provide more personalized results the next time around. Does your customer want their items boxed up in a particular way? Does a client want your entire team to wear masks? Save this information for next time, keep your customers satisfied and encourage positive reviews. Our CRM software also makes training easier, as your newest hires instantly have access to a wealth of customer data. With this information at their fingertips, they can interact with customers just like your seasoned pros.

Use our management software to create streamlined work orders

Create new work orders with a few taps to deliver clear instructions and track progress. Assign specific workers to certain jobs and wait for them to update their work order to “complete.” They can do this on their own devices while adding useful notes – perhaps informing you of safety concerns or traffic jams. The best part? Your workers can receive, update and edit work orders without ever calling you on the phone. Save yourself from these time-consuming conversations and upgrade to VIIZR’s software instead. As soon as one work order is finished, you can provide your movers with a new task in seconds – allowing you to maximize productivity for your moving business.


Upgrade with VIIZR today

Is software common in the moving industry?

Yes, many moving companies currently use software to optimize their operations. The problem is that the moving industry tends to use management software that is geared towards office work and big tech companies – not trade-related work out in the field. VIIZR fills this niche.

Do small moving companies still need VIIZR?

Even if your entire operation consists of a single truck, you can benefit from VIIZR’s software solution. VIIZR is specifically geared towards smaller businesses, and saving time is even more important if you’re trying to do everything alone.

Is VIIZR’s moving system easy to use?

Yes, VIIZR’s moving system is incredibly user-friendly. You download the app on your smartphone, laptop, or home computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use this software to optimize your company’s operations.

How do my employees use VIIZR?

Your employees can download VIIZR’s moving app on their own devices to check their schedules, update work orders, send messages, review customer details and much more.

Can I afford VIIZR’s moving solution?

VIIZR’s moving solution has a price that is affordable enough for any company. Much cheaper than hiring office staff, it handles a range of business tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Upgrade with VIIZR today

If you’re ready to upgrade, you can transform your company today without spending a dime. Take advantage of VIIZR’s free trial period with absolutely no obligation. You won’t even need to hand over your credit card number. Take your moving company to the next level today and experience the benefits of VIIZR for yourself.