Make Maintenance Scheduling a Breeze With VIIZR’s Maintenance Software

Make maintenance scheduling more efficient than ever with VIIZR. Keep a close eye on progress with this streamlined maintenance scheduling software and coordinate your teams with just a few swipes. As long as you can access the internet, our mobile app lets you run your business anywhere – whether you’re in your home office, the job site, or somewhere in between. Convenient notifications tell you when workers finish tasks, allowing you to quickly provide new instructions and minimize downtime. Save time while completing more maintenance work per day.

VIIZR gives you much more than just optimized scheduling. This feature-rich business management tool streamlines CRM, payments, estimates, and even cybersecurity. Secure your data on a web-based platform and make life more convenient for you, your employees, and your customers. Built with technology from big tech titans like Ford Pro™ and Salesforce, VIIZR boasts a software engine that can handle real issues you face every day in the industry – whether it’s scheduling new jobs or making sure you get paid for past work. Designed with help from real small business owners, VIIZR gives you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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The end result of using VIIZR’s maintenance software

What is the end result of upgrading your business with VIIZR? Small businesses can expect the following benefits:

• A near 50% rise in productivity
• As many as 10 saved hours per week
• The ability to schedule dozens of new maintenance jobs each month

Saving time on back-office work gives you more than just convenience – it also boosts your profit margins.

What kind of maintenance scheduling features do I get with VIIZR?

VIIZR offers a range of features that streamline your maintenance business and optimize the scheduling process. Here’s a brief overview: 

Tech scheduling: Our tech scheduling tool makes organizing your workforce a total breeze. Use our simple drag-and-drop tool to build schedules with a few swipes. Let your workers check their schedules at any time with VIIZR’s mobile app.

Work orders:
Achieve clear communication and increase productivity with our user-friendly work orders. Keep the ball rolling with a constant supply of new maintenance tasks for your workers – and write work orders in just a few taps.

Maps & Routing:
Schedule your maintenance work like a pro and plan out the most fuel-efficient routes with our Maps & Routing software. Save money and time while completing more maintenance jobs per day. 

Job Dashboards: Keep a close eye on your progress with our Job Dashboards. In seconds, find out the status of your work orders, how much customers owe you for past work, and how many new job requests you have. Respond quickly to changes and stay on top of your business throughout the day – from anywhere.

Customer history:
Make your maintenance schedules more accurate and personalized with our customer history feature. Ace customer service by saving customer preferences and delivering top-quality results every time. Let your workers check Customer History and ensure consistency with scheduling maintenance.

Secure user permissions:
VIIZR keeps sensitive data secure with professional-grade cybersecurity features. Store your business information confidently on our web-based platform. Set user permissions to control who sees what.

Invoices: Make sure you get paid for your maintenance work. Our invoice reminders keep customers accountable and improve your cash flow. Each invoice is clean, clear, and professional.

Respond quickly to new leads and send out PDF estimates to ensure more greenlit maintenance projects. Add upsells to your quotes and raise your profit margins with just a few swipes. Customize your estimates with plenty of added info.

How does VIIZR’s maintenance scheduling tool save me time and money?

Still relying on outdated methods like spreadsheets and handwritten schedules? You might be wasting more time – and money – than you realize. By streamlining admin work, you can shift your focus to more important tasks that boost profit margins. Use your new free time to schedule more maintenance work and earn more each year. Take advantage of your extra time to research new opportunities or improve maintenance equipment, or boost your customer service system and hire more workers. Not interested in expanding? Spend that free time with family and friends instead. Whether you want to improve your business or your work/life balance, VIIZR’s maintenance tool has you covered.

Many of VIIZR’s features are partially or completely automated, requiring very little work on your part. An obvious example is our automated invoice reminder system, which keeps tabs on your unpaid bills without you having to lift a finger. VIIZR’s maintenance solution also lets you plan your days ahead of time with optimized routes and organized schedules – meaning you spend fewer hours coordinating your teams on the day. These are just a few examples of VIIZR’s “set-it-and-forget-it” features that save you time and money while making each day more convenient.

A closer look at each of VIIZR’s maintenance features

Want to learn more about each of VIIZR’s maintenance schedule software features? Here’s a more in-depth analysis:

Use scheduling to keep everyone on the same page

An organized, structured schedule system can make your entire workforce more efficient. VIIZR’s tech scheduling software lets you build schedules with just a few swipes. Using our handy drag-and-drop feature, you can select individual workers for specific maintenance tasks. Whether you have a small or medium-sized team, this helps you achieve more accuracy and better overall results. For example, you can send out a maintenance worker who has experience working with a particular type of boiler or ventilation system. Reduce truck rolls and make sure you’re sending out the right worker for the job at hand.

The best part? Your workers can check their schedules and review the coming days and weeks without any time-consuming phone calls to confirm timetables. Each worker can download VIIZR’s scheduling app on their own device, giving them a sense of structure and confidence about the future – right at their fingertips. A recent study shows that unpredictable work hours can be highly detrimental to your workers – and your maintenance company may suffer as a result. Raise morale with better schedules, reduce employee turnover and keep hold of your best talent.

Create work orders to streamline your maintenance jobs

Scheduling your maintenance work is easier than ever with our streamlined work order system. With a few taps, you can assign jobs to specific workers, keep your teams productive, and provide them with a constant stream of new tasks. Better yet, you can add clear instructions to each work order – minimizing the miscommunication that is common when orders are delivered by phone. Your workers will immediately receive notifications of new work orders on their own devices, reducing the time wasted waiting for new instructions.

Once your workers receive a new work order, they can add notes if they encounter certain issues. For example, they might discover that they don’t have the appropriate parts to fix a piece of machinery. You can then review the work order, quickly order the missing parts, and ensure positive finished results – all without time-consuming phone calls. You’ll also receive a notification as soon as a work order is finished, allowing you to quickly provide employees with new tasks.

Use Maps & Routing to make maintenance quicker and more efficient

In just a few minutes, you can plan out your work days before they even begin – ensuring an easy pathway from one job to the next. Spend less time coordinating your teams on the day. Sit back and let your trucks travel predetermined routes without time-consuming phone calls. Our Maps & Routing software lets you plot out fast, fuel-efficient routes with a few clicks. Everyone knows exactly where they’re headed next with VIIZR’s scheduling solution.

With better routes, you can complete more maintenance jobs per day. Not only that, but shorter routes also guarantee less time at the gas pump. Lower your fuel bill, and you’ll be saving money on one of the costliest operating expenses for trade businesses today. NPR reports that trade businesses were especially hard-hit by recent increases in gas prices. This feature alone ensures that VIIZR’s maintenance software pays for itself many times over.

Check Job Dashboards to keep an eye on your maintenance work

Schedules have a habit of changing due to factors outside of your control – but VIIZR’s Job Dashboards allow you to react to the unexpected with lightning-fast speed. A quick glance at this user-friendly dashboard provides you with a constant stream of vital business data. Find out how many new job requests you’ve received and capture leads before they walk away. Review your active jobs and figure out what still needs to be done. Check your completed jobs and determine how much you’re owed for finished work.

You’ll also find a rundown of your work orders on our Job Dashboards software. Check on specific tasks to find out whether your teams are ready for new assignments. In addition, our dashboard displays payment data, helping you keep track of unpaid bills, draft estimates, sent invoices, and much more. Finally, you’ll see a handy map feature that allows you to keep tabs on your work trucks and job site locations.

Use customer history to personalize your maintenance jobs

Exercise close attention to detail and give your customers personalized services with our CRM feature. With this easy-to-use database, you can store customer preferences for later reference. Reviewing each client’s unique needs requires just a few swipes, and the information necessary to deliver top-quality results is always at your fingertips.

This feature also helps workers share lessons with each other in seconds. If one of your maintenance workers discovers the best way to fix a piece of machinery, they can jot that information down in that customer’s history. From that point onward, each worker has access to this information – ensuring consistent results no matter who you send to the job site. Your rookies can carry out maintenance like experienced pros, even at unfamiliar job sites.

Customize user permissions to keep data secure

VIIZR’s maintenance solution protects your business from data breaches with a number of reliable cybersecurity features. Make no mistake – this is one of the most serious issues facing small businesses today. The U.S. Chamber of Commons has been warning American businesses about the dangers of data breaches for years. Unfortunately, many small maintenance companies have discovered that vulnerable data can cause serious losses or even bankruptcy.

VIIZR helps you avoid these issues with a secure, web-based data storage solution. More reliable than on-premise computing, this approach ensures professional-grade cybersecurity at all times. VIIZR’s maintenance solution also puts you in control of user permissions, allowing you to grant access to a trusted supervisor while keeping sensitive data out of the hands of newer hires. Protect customer credit card numbers, tax documents, employee Social Security numbers, and much more.

Ensure prompt payment for your maintenance work with VIIZR’s invoicing software

VIIZR’s maintenance solution continues to streamline your business even when your maintenance jobs are complete. Our invoice software helps you make a lasting, professional impression on customers while ensuring prompt payment. Deliver each invoice conveniently in PDF form and ditch the handwritten bills. Include price breakdowns, your company’s branding, and contact information. Give your customers everything they need to feel confident about payments and minimize disputes. Do it quickly by converting your existing estimates into invoices in seconds.

If your customers are late on payments, they’ll receive automatic, regular reminders from VIIZR’s maintenance solution – without you having to lift a finger. With VIIZR, there’s no need to keep tabs on your unpaid bills. Our invoice software does this for you – allowing you to shift your focus to your next maintenance job without worrying about the past. According to Forbes, cash flow issues represent one of the top causes of small business failures. Keep the payments rolling and maintain financial security.

Capture more maintenance leads with VIIZR’s estimating software

VIIZR’s maintenance solution helps you secure more maintenance bookings with a streamlined, quick, and easy estimating system. As soon as you receive a new job request, you can create estimates with a few taps and send them out before leads walk away. Customize each estimate with clear price breakdowns and photos of your past work. You can even integrate upsells into your estimates with our Pricebooks feature – giving your customers options to spend more on each service. Boost your profit margins and capture more leads with our reliable estimating system.


Upgrade your maintenance company today with VIIZR

How do my employees benefit from VIIZR’s maintenance schedule software?

Your workers can download VIIZR’s mobile app on their own devices. A number of features make their lives easier, including constant access to clear schedules, customer history data, work orders, and much more. By giving your workers access to VIIZR’s maintenance solution, you’ll make it easier to coordinate them with straightforward communication and quick updates.

How do I use VIIZR?

VIIZR is very easy to use – even if technology isn’t your thing. Built specifically for the trades, VIIZR’s maintenance solution works with a range of devices – including smartphones, laptops, and home computers. Because VIIZR is a web-based platform, the most important system requirement is simply a reliable internet connection. Turn your work truck into a mobile office, handle scheduling tasks during coffee breaks, and plan out your next few weeks from your home office. Seamlessly switch between devices and find the same data waiting for you.

Are other maintenance companies using software?

A recent study confirms that small businesses that take full advantage of technological innovations “grow faster, profit more, and hire more workers.” Most small businesses optimized numerous tasks – including scheduling – during the pandemic. After experiencing notable benefits, these small businesses are not looking back. There’s a good chance your local competitors are already using software solutions. VIIZR offers a unique advantage – providing a rare example of a software tool specifically designed for small trade businesses. By contrast, most small trade businesses are using software designed for much larger operations.

What are some signs I need VIIZR?

If you’re wondering whether you really need VIIZR’s maintenance solution, ask yourself if your workforce seems motivated and enthusiastic. Organized, efficient schedules could boost morale and make a real difference. You might also need VIIZR’s maintenance scheduling solution if your leads are walking away before you have a chance to respond with estimates. VIIZR streamlines this process and makes it faster than ever. Finally, VIIZR helps you achieve work/life balance – a strong priority for many small business owners.

Is VIIZR affordable enough for my maintenance company?

Even if you have just one maintenance truck to keep track of, VIIZR is affordable enough to meet your budgeting requirements. If you’re not using software to optimize business management, you’re either doing it all yourself or hiring additional office staff. Both of these alternatives are not cost or time-effective, while VIIZR achieves it all with no added payroll costs or oversight requirements. VIIZR also pays for itself by lowering fuel costs, boosting productivity, and improving your profit margins in many other ways.

Upgrade your maintenance company today with VIIZR

Upgrading your business with VIIZR’s scheduling tool takes only a few moments, and our risk-free, no-obligation free trial is waiting for you right now. Try it out today without spending a dime and make your final decision in 14 days. During these two weeks, you’ll notice a number of improvements – including higher profit margins, more scheduled maintenance jobs, and higher productivity levels. But perhaps the most important benefit you’ll experience is also the simplest: More free time. By cutting down on time-consuming back-office tasks, you can take back hours each week. Take your business to the next level today and upgrade with VIIZR.