Lawn Care Software: Help Your Business Grow With Lawn Care Service Software

VIIZR software gives lawn care companies the boost they need to grow. When you implement trade-specific management software, you can automate paperwork, help your employees be more productive and create a clear line of communication with all of your customers.

With this easy-to-use lawn care software, you can keep track of the information you need on a single platform. That means you can look up customer records, scheduled visits, work orders, invoices past and present, estimates and so much more. And best of all, you and your crew can see everything you need to do outstanding work — right on your mobile phone.

VIIZR kicks things off with a Job Dashboard that gives you all of the important information that you need, right at your fingertips. Whether it’s a stubborn patch of bare ground or a freshly sodded lawn that needs extra care, you can send the right lawn care techs to the right sites, right from your phone, tablet or computer. VIIZR helps you reduce miscommunications and confusion to increase your company’s efficiency.

VIIZR is reliable lawn care business software because it is built on the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the world's best CRM, Salesforce. VIIZR is directly geared toward small trade businesses, so you get features designed to overcome the unique challenges that come with running your business. With VIIZR, you can make your business more productive and efficient, so you can help more people without sacrificing quality.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is lawn care service software?

Lawn care service software should include a specific set of features that are designed to streamline running your service. Key features like these help you simplify the way you work:


One of the most important parts of lawn care service software is being able to give clear, concise estimates to potential customers. With VIIZR’s estimates feature, you can create estimates with just a few clicks. You can produce professional-looking, customized PDF estimates that promote your unique branding. Estimates made using VIIZR give your reputation a boost and help you make a positive first impression. No more estimates scribbled on the back of an old flyer! Estimate time is also a good time to upsell customers on additional services. Our Pricebooks feature makes it simple for your team to upsell and cross-sell additional services. Add a hedge trimming or irrigation trench to your estimate with ease!

Because estimates are often the first interaction you have with a new customer, it’s important to make a good impression. VIIZR not only lets you provide your customers with a clean, clear estimate upon request, but you can even include reference photos, making sure that everyone is on the same page.


VIIZR helps you make your invoicing process as efficient as possible. Just like when you use VIIZR to create an estimate, you’ll generate a professional-looking PDF that ends your interaction on a good note. And in addition to helping you create great invoices, we help you keep track of past due invoices. That can make a real difference: On average, a small business has invoices out on over $80,000 in jobs completed but not yet paid for.

Customer Relationship Management

One of the things that makes your lawn care business shine is the personal service you provide. With VIIZR, you get Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that’s built on the most popular CRM software in the world. Keep track of your customers’ preferences and ensure everyone on your team knows them, too. A great CRM makes every interaction run smoothly no matter who comes out to do that edging job.

Maps & Routing

VIIZR really shines when it comes to setting up your employees for success, and another prime example of this is our Maps & Routing feature. Nothing shows your customers and your employees that you value their time more than, well, valuing their time. Great lawn care scheduling means nailing down the right route with the right employees (and the right equipment) to get to the right place on time, every time. Get more done, and get the most out of every route.

VIIZR is made specifically for the trades, which means that your small lawn care business can get more out of it than with other lawn care management software. It’s a lower-cost alternative to some of the bigger, less personal options out there. Instead of paying for a variety of apps that don’t necessarily work together, you can streamline your operation significantly with VIIZR.

How does lawn care software work?

Landscaping and lawn care software provides you with one convenient place to store all of the information you need about your clients. It’s all stored securely in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere you have access to the web. This also means that you can select who within your organization gets to see what, too — think providing your crew leaders with the account info while sharing just location, customer info and other basic job details with your crew

 Using lawn care service software also helps you stay connected with your clients while you grow your business. Keeping track of leads helps to expand your lawn care operation. You can evaluate both current customers and potential clients to improve your outreach efforts, drum up new sales and maximize revenue from add ons and maintenance.

Can I run my lawn care operations with a mobile app?

Having access to everything you need from any Internet-connected screen makes operating your business easier, whether in the office or on site. VIIZR is a secure, web-based service that gives you straightforward info (and none of the clutter) on the go. When you’re busy dealing with manual paperwork, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. We help you grow your business faster and handle operations more easily.

A central hub of lawn care info that stays accurate and up-to-date for everyone is an immense help to your whole organization. No more confusion — your whole crew knows it’s the Jones’s front lawn that needs irrigation, not the James’s. VIIZR keeps everyone on your crew in the know.

On-the-go customer management

The ability to access your customer data while you’re out on the job makes a big difference in the level of customer support you can provide to your customer. VIIZR’s lawn business software lets you access your customer records from anywhere, meaning that you can eliminate problems before they even happen. It helps your crew operate as if they’ve known your clients for years, even if this is their first season on your crew.

Manage your team from the field

Not only can you give your lawn crews vital details they’ll need, but with VIIZR, you can also check on the business side of things without running back to the office. Plus, VIIZR gives you the ability to manage your crew on the go. Which employees have which lawn skills? Is one employee particularly good at edging tricky sidewalks? Are certain employees especially talented at interacting with customers? Who has the leadership chops to move up in pay grade? VIIZR has all the data you need to make solid decisions.

What can VIIZR do for my lawn care business?

Are there ways that your lawn service can improve? There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when you’re considering implementing software. The answers will help to guide you as you make a decision.

Are your spreadsheets out of control?

As many lawn care services launch, the number of customers probably isn’t unmanageable — and truth be told, a spreadsheet is probably just fine when it comes to keeping track of customer information.

But as your lawn service continues to grow, your spreadsheet is going to begin showing its limitations. As more and more customer data comes in, your spreadsheet is going to grow…and grow…and grow. Soon, you may find that it’s too much to handle — and double that trouble if there’s more than one employee sharing the document. Suddenly, you don’t know whether you need to do a simple weed-whacking cleanup job or the whole shebang.

While you still might be able to decipher the info you need to do your job, it’s not efficient. And the risk of errors is too high — it’s your business’s reputation at risk. If your spreadsheet is beginning to look like a logic puzzle, this might be a signal that lawn service management software is your solution.

Are you missing out on valuable leads?

If you want to expand your lawn care business, it’s critical for you to follow up on every lead that comes your way. However, you could be missing out on these potential customers if your lawn service is still stuck in the push-mower era. A prospective customer might reach out hoping for help with a low area on their lawn that just won’t stop flooding, but they have to wait until you call into the office or check your business voicemail.

That’s just not good enough for a potential customer who’s trying to get quotes now. If you can’t respond quickly, chances are that your leads are going to pick the first service that manages to get back to them with a reasonable quote. Even if they’ve heard great things about your service, an overgrown lawn can’t be ignored.

Are other companies adopting lawn care field service management software?

The fact that other lawn care companies are already using service software solutions may be the most important reason for your business to do the same. VIIZR helps you rise to the challenge by providing you with time-saving tools that are already helping lawn care companies around the nation to grow and thrive. When you choose VIIZR, you get the added advantage of a straightforward and simple solution that suits your growing business.

How can I take care of existing customers and expand my lawn care service?

Maybe you’re worried about losing your most loyal customers if you change the way you do business. After all, they're used to your outstanding customer service, the high-quality work you do and the excellent results you deliver.

So what happens to your current customers if you decide to expand your lawn care business? What will happen if they start interacting with fresh faces instead of a familiar crew? Expanding too quickly can rob you of the stellar reputation that helped you become well-known in the first place. This is why it's important to give each customer the same high-quality service, so that your work makes the right impression.

Lawn service software is an excellent way to reach this goal. When you state clear processes and protocols in a digital format, your entire company can easily access them so that everyone is on the same track. With VIIZR, it’s easy to include pictures and details within estimates of locations in a client’s lawn where specific work needs to happen. We help you run and grow your business more effectively — without losing your edge.


Try VIIZR today and see what we can do for you

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Try VIIZR today and see what we can do for you

If you’re ready to learn more about VIIZR today, kick things off with a free demo. There’s no obligation — not even a credit card number. We’re sure you’ll see the value in ditching the paperwork for a clean, streamlined and professional software solution for lawn care service business owners.