HVAC Service Software: How VIIZR is Helping HVAC Service Businesses Grow

VIIZR’s HVAC service software takes your business to the next level. Bring your company into the digital era with optimized features for invoicing, employee management, client relationships and much more. Built from the ground up specifically for tradespeople, this simplified piece of software lets you take care of your whole business using one easy-to-manage platform. Keep in touch with your clients, oversee work orders, schedule new projects, write invoices, and provide estimates – all from your new VIIZR command center. Better yet, you can do many of these things from your mobile phone while you’re heading to your next job.

The star of VIIZR’s show is our Job Dashboard – a user-friendly hub that provides you with vital information at a glance. Whether you need to fix an air conditioning unit during a warm front or install a new heat pump before winter, our Job Dashboard helps you keep track of your most important projects. This command center also lets you send out the right technicians for each job to reduce miscommunication and optimize efficient work.

VIIZR is an advanced digital tool powered by Ford Pro™ and built on Salesforce that gives you an edge over your competition. Instead of trying to use HVAC software options built for office workers and programmers, you get HVAC business software that is tailor-made for the trades from the ground up.

HVAC veterans know that this business is all about numbers. We know how important time, efficiency and profit margins are – and that’s why we’ve designed a tool that can boost productivity by almost 50%. The average HVAC company can expect to save dozens of hours and get an average of 14 new jobs with VIIZR each week. And time is the most important resource on the planet – whether you’re using it to spend important moments with the family or grow your business to new heights.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is HVAC service software?

HVAC service software provides you with the digital resources you need to optimize your operation in a number of important ways, including:


Providing an estimate is one of the first interactions you’ll have with a new customer. Getting it right is essential. With just a few clicks from start to finish, VIIZR makes this process easier for both you and your customers.

Instead of scrawling out your estimates on scraps of paper, use VIIZR to create professional, clean invoices for an excellent first impression. The possibilities are almost endless when you use HVAC field service software like VIIZR. Customize your invoices to match your company’s branding. Include photos of the job site for clearer communication. You can even use our Pricebooks feature to upsell and cross-sell additional services without a potentially awkward sales pitch. Again, you can handle this entire process with a few clicks, making VIIZR’s Estimates feature a must-have for anyone who wants to boost conversions, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


You won’t earn much money if you forget about unpaid invoices. And when you’re juggling dozens of time-consuming jobs, missing invoices might be easier than you think. In fact, you might have missed invoices this year without even realizing it. According to a recent study, a staggering 60% of invoices are paid late, with the average invoice being paid about six days past due. This means that if you don’t have a reliable reminder system, you could miss out on half of your income. 

The obvious solution is VIIZR’s organized, streamlined Invoices feature that never misses a beat. Digitally deliver every invoice in a professional PDF format and provide your customers with a lasting reminder of your company’s efficiency. VIIZR reminds you of unpaid invoices automatically, letting you confidently move on to your next job.

Customer management

Excellent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of VIIZR’s main pillars. With the trusted technology of the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR ensures that important customer information is always at your fingertips. Stop rummaging through your office to find forgotten phone numbers or combinations for job site storage locks. Instead, bring up VIIZR’s Customer History system and find all the information you need within seconds. Better yet, even your newest hires will have access to this database of guidance, giving them the confidence of seasoned professionals. Our system also includes a Maps & Routing feature that lets you keep tabs on all your jobs simultaneously – even when your teams are on opposite ends of town. Plan out the best routes to save money on gas while squeezing in more jobs per day. Don’t send your technicians back and forth on the highway unless you actually need to. VIIZR brings important features together under one cost-effective tool. Why pay for a handful of mismatched software solutions when VIIZR gives you everything you need to succeed?

What VIIZR’s HVAC service software can do for your company

When you’re trying to promote your business, it’s important to have easy access to customer information. With VIIZR, you can easily leverage a database of customers who already want your services. This makes it easier to generate new sales and keep existing customers coming back for more. But this isn’t just a list of customer contact information. VIIZR allows you to take things one step further by tracking customer interactions and adding new notes about their preferences. The best part is that everyone on your team has access to this data, whether they’re sending out new marketing materials or heading to a job site to deal with a customer who has very specific requirements.

Every time you get a new customer, you can add their information to VIIZR’s CRM system for seamless expansion. With VIIZR, you stay organized no matter how many active customers you have. Even if you know each of your customers personally, you never know how big your company could become in the future. In addition, VIIZR’s CRM system gives you the reassurance you need to step away from your business and let someone else take the reins when the time comes. Whether you’re passing the baton to a family member or a business partner, they’ll have all the information they need to keep your business firing on all cylinders.

But VIIZR’s software solution isn’t just for rapidly expanding businesses. Maybe you’re perfectly happy with the customers you have on the books but you’re struggling to keep everything organized. If this sounds familiar, VIIZR optimizes your HVAC operations and stops your work from taking over your life. Whether you’re experiencing issues with communications, delays or record-keeping, VIIZR gives you back time you can spend doing something you love.

Even if you’re running a new HVAC business with just one customer, VIIZR’s functionality helps you put your best foot forward. Simple miscommunications can destroy your business’ reputation before it even has a chance to shine. With VIIZR, all of your team members can access the same customer information – ensuring that everyone knows exactly what the customer wants. The last thing you need is to find out your employees installed a new swamp cooler because someone misunderstood your customer complaining about their living room getting “a lot cooler.”

Know your customers

You may be a walking encyclopedia that knows every little detail about your customers – but what about that new employee you hired fresh out of trade school? Instead of letting them make mistakes, let VIIZR provide them with a guidebook filled with tips and tricks about your customer’s preferences and needs. Your customers get the exact same experience whether they’re dealing with the rookie or the 20-year veteran.

Know your team

The best leaders know how to delegate tasks effectively. But it’s difficult to leverage everyone’s unique skills to their best advantage, even if you’re running a relatively small HVAC company. With software solutions from VIIZR, you can check your team in seconds to send the right people to the right jobs. Don’t waste time assigning workers jobs they’re not qualified to do – use VIIZR to get the most out of your employees.

With VIIZR’s powerful software running in the background, every aspect of your company remains consistent. This gives you the freedom – and the confidence – to step away from the wheel every once in a while to take time for yourself. VIIZR gives your HVAC team everything they need to succeed, boosting morale and helping you retain your best talent.

Why do I need field service software for my HVAC company?

If you’re running a relatively small HVAC company, you might be wondering whether you really need new software. HVAC service is pretty straightforward. Aren’t these software solutions only useful for big corporations? Do you really need VIIZR if you have just a few loyal customers and a handful of employees? Ask yourself these questions to figure out whether your HVAC company needs a software upgrade:

Are your current solutions working?

If you’re using a simple spreadsheet or even a handwritten logbook to keep track of customer information, you’ll eventually encounter frustrating, time-consuming issues. Why not upgrade to a field service management solution now? Remember, your business could expand more rapidly than you expect. Soon enough, your spreadsheet might be completely overwhelmed by the sudden influx of data.

While you might be able to read your own handwriting and make sense of your spreadsheet, what happens when your employees have to extract information from your notes? Sure, switching to a new software solution like VIIZR might take some time to adjust. But you stand to save much more time in the long run when you optimize your business and say goodbye to ineffective service software solutions.

Are your customers complaining?

Customers aren’t shy about sharing their opinions – and that’s a good thing. You can use this feedback to improve your business. If your customers tell you that they’d rather have more detailed invoices or that they’re having trouble understanding your estimates, you probably need a more advanced service software solution. Fortunately, VIIZR can improve many aspects of your business that might be causing complaints.

Are your employees complaining?

Retaining talent is more important than ever before, and the last thing you need is employees walking away out of sheer frustration. Thanks to VIIZR’s clear, streamlined communication systems, you can reduce stress in your workplace and make everyone feel like they’re part of a well-oiled machine.

Are customers and leads walking away?

If you keep close tabs on your HVAC company, you probably know when customers are leaving you for your competition. The good news is that VIIZR’s CRM system helps you make each customer feel valued as you quickly respond to any issues they might be having. Even better, VIIZR helps you build a database of unique customer preferences and other notes that makes them feel like they’re getting special treatment.

The same goes for leads. If you can’t respond quickly to someone’s request for an estimate, they’re going to turn to a different HVAC company. This is especially true in emergency situations. If you’re finding that leads are slipping through your fingers before you can react, you might need VIIZR’s software solutions.

Are other companies adopting field service management software?

One of the most important reasons to adopt service software solutions for your HVAC company is the fact that other companies are already doing it. According to recent statistics, 68% of all construction companies use software for their finances. A further 58% use software for general project management, while 47% use software for labor management.

In 2021, a report stated that 53% of construction businesses have implemented a new construction-specific project management tool within the past year. This not only shows that most construction companies are now using software solutions, but they’re also using solutions specifically designed for certain trades – such as HVAC.

VIIZR helps you rise to the challenge by leveling the playing field and allowing you to use the same tools that are helping HVAC companies around the nation reach for the top spot.

How do I use HVAC business software to better serve my customers and expand my HVAC operations?

But what if you don’t want to compete with the biggest HVAC companies in your area? What if your company’s down-to-earth, straightforward and grassroots appeal is its strength? You might worry that by adopting software solutions, you’ll rob your HVAC company of its soul. The truth is that many small business owners are perfectly all right with serving just a few customers, and these hard-working entrepreneurs may have no real goals to expand.

But VIIZR does more than just help you expand – it also gives you more time. You could use those new hours to expand your business, or you could keep your operation exactly the same and spend that time with your family or on your hobbies. The choice is yours. And with VIIZR’s customization options, you can maintain your company’s charm with consistent and professional branding – even when you’re sending PDF invoices digitally instead of handing them over in person.

How can HVAC service software options improve my invoicing system?

VIIZR does much more than simply help you send professional-looking invoices. It also minimizes confusion, giving you and your customers an easy way to check how much they owe and what services they asked for in the first place. This level of organization is even more important if you have a lot of customers. You can even schedule your invoices ahead of time to avoid falling behind.

How can software dispatch features help me keep track of my HVAC jobs?

When you’re rushing back and forth between jobs, you need dispatch software that keeps up with you. VIIZR’s Maps & Routing features help you orchestrate your teams’ movements across town. Even if you’re an hour’s drive away, you can keep a close eye on tricky jobs. The best news? VIIZR runs seamlessly on your phone, allowing you to turn your work van into a mobile command center.

With VIIZR’s HVAC service software, you’ll know where your teams are throughout any given day. You’ll also know exactly where they need to be at any given time, allowing you to take swift action if schedules are not being met. But because VIIZR lets you plan out your work days in detail ahead of time, you’ll find that it’s much easier to stick to schedules – and get more done.

Can service software providers help me schedule HVAC jobs more effectively?

Our Maps & Routing functionality works seamlessly with our job dashboards and tech scheduling, giving you important information about your work day at a glance. As soon as a customer requests HVAC services, you’ll get a notification that spurs you into action. Send a team out to the location and check in on their progress using VIIZR.

Let’s say you received a notification about a condo that needs an air conditioning system installed. With VIIZR, you can see which employees are assigned to various projects – allowing you to swap an experienced technician off another job site to tackle the new project and make a great first impression. You’ll always be sending someone who really understands the job at hand. This helps you get the most out of your employees and your gas bill.


VIIZR’s free demo

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VIIZR’s free demo

lets you take this software out for a test drive without any commitment. There are no hidden fees, no obligations and you don’t even need to provide your credit card information. Take VIIZR for a spin today and experience its efficiency, power and convenience firsthand.