Give Your Handyman Business a Major Boost with Handyman Software

The key to running a successful handyman business is ensuring your operations flow smoothly every day. Communication, project management and customer interactions should all be effortless. But let’s be honest. When your business is small, staying on top of everything can be hard. Between traveling to work sites, messages from your field team and a huge stack of paperwork, you might forget to return a customer’s call about a ceiling fan installation. 

Unfortunately, every action has a consequence. The last thing you want is to lose a loyal customer because you failed to provide a timely response. But if your company is disorganized, you stand to lose more than one client – your entire business could suffer. You need a solution that keeps your handyman service in order around the clock.

That solution is VIIZR.

Our comprehensive software is the total package for handyman services that need small tweaks – or a major overhaul. If you want to streamline your billing process, improve scheduling and dispatching, strengthen work order management or get customer quotes out faster, we have you covered. 

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR software offer tools that help businesses:

• Complete more than a dozen extra jobs every week

• Enjoy a productivity increase of almost 50%

• Save about 10 hours each week

But that’s not all. Incorporated in our handyman software is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps you keep up with your clients’ preferences and speed up customer response times. Look forward to improved internal and external communication, more time for bigger projects, a growing client base and larger profits with VIIZR.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is handyman business software?

VIIZR’s software for handyman services takes a huge load off your business. Our platform helps you do away with long-term practices that no longer serve your bottom line. Whether you want to improve your multitasking capabilities or strengthen customer interactions, handyman software is the right solution. Here are some amazing features of our platform:

Job Dashboards

Our Job Dashboards provide a fantastic overview of all of your handyman jobs. Check the status of a crown molding invoice and find out if your service team has finished a deck staining job from your computer or mobile device. If you’re having trouble multitasking office duties, let VIIZR help. Our software makes it easy to start a closet remodel work order, schedule techs for a bathroom faucet repair and check for new quote requests in one space.


If you take longer than you’d like to respond to quote requests, use VIIZR’s software to speed up the process. Let’s say you’ve been approached about a commercial plumbing job. With our software, it’s easy to create an estimate with detailed service and pricing information in minutes. Customize your estimate with company brandings and add relevant photos. When ready to send, convert your estimate into an attractive PDF and email it in seconds.

Work orders and change orders

VIIZR simplifies the process of drafting work orders by letting you add clear service instructions for your handyman team with a few keystrokes. Give them the details they need to do their best work every time. Even better, if your field service team successfully recommends a new showerhead installation to your customer while in the midst of a bathroom remodel, our software enables them to make adjustments right from their mobile devices.

Scheduling and routing

VIIZR’s drag-and-drop tool makes scheduling simple. You’ll see your entire field team’s availability, making it easy to choose the right techs for each service call. When finished scheduling, let your service techs see their schedules from anywhere with an internet connection. To ensure your field team reaches customers on time, take advantage of our Maps & Routing feature, which gives you the fastest routes to job sites every time.


If you are like some U.S. businesses that spend more than 25 hours a week chasing down unpaid invoices, let VIIZR upgrade your billing process. Instead of handwriting your invoices or using time-consuming document editors, our software’s conversion feature automatically turns your estimates and work orders into detailed bills. 

Customization features take your invoices to the next level. Add your logo, header and company branding for a personal touch. When ready, convert your invoices into professional-looking PDFs and then email them with a few clicks. And once delivered, track the status of your invoices and automate follow-ups when payment reminders are needed.

Customer history

Keeping your customers satisfied is a crucial component of maintaining and growing your client base. Whether you’re working with commercial clients, residential clients, or a mix of the two, it’s always important to accommodate their needs. This might mean building and installing a custom cabinet set for your customer’s kitchen or finding a unique paint color for your commercial client. 

If you’re not sure how to track your customers’ special requests and preferences, let VIIZR help. Our CRM software for handyman businesses lets you record your clients’ wants and needs and also keep up with their service histories and messages. No more searching your emails, texts and file folders for customer information. It’s all stored and easy to access on our platform.

A software solution that keeps your handyman business in order

Using our software offers a fantastic opportunity to make desired improvements to your handyman service. If you aim for greater productivity or a larger client base, our handyman business platform starts you on the right foot.

Streamline office operations and improve job management

Getting work done faster is a dream of many businesses, but not if speed sacrifices quality. With VIIZR, you’ll enjoy both efficiency and accuracy. Our software streamlines a variety of office tasks so you’ll get them done faster and manage all of your handyman jobs more effectively. If you want to shave time off your estimate response times and schedule your field team faster, we have you covered.

Reduce workloads and increase productivity

Cutting back the steps required to complete office tasks works wonders in improving productivity for your business. Why require numerous processes to create an invoice or estimate when the job could be completed with a few clicks? It might not seem very important, but excessive workloads can leave your team feeling undervalued and unappreciated. Let VIIZR software for handymen give your office environment a reboot. It could help tremendously to improve worker morale and lower turnover rates.

Centralize files and messages to improve customer service

As your business draws in more handyman jobs, it’s important that your service records are organized and centrally located. The same goes for customer messages. VIIZR handyman business software keeps your records and messages in one convenient place, making it easy to answer a client’s question about a recent sump pump replacement without even setting down your cup of coffee.

Improve your team’s communication and collaborative efforts 

Storing your jobs on our handyman platform helps your team communicate and collaborate with greater ease. Access to service records, schedule details, work orders and other important job information keeps everyone in the loop and on the same page. This makes a huge difference when you’re working with a customer who has a question about a previous bedroom wall repair. Instead of trying to track down the techs from that service visit, see what notes they left on the platform and give your client quick and accurate answers.

Why does my business need handyman software?

Whether you’re operating a new handyman business or have been running yours for years, there are always improvements to make. You might want to organize your office or reply to your customers faster, for example. No matter your goals, VIIZR offers the software handyman services need. Learn more about our platform with the following questions:


Take your handyman business to new heights with handyman software

How does VIIZR software help handyman businesses?

VIIZR’s software for handyman businesses is designed to take services like yours to new heights. Our web-based platform organizes your business records, streamlines your operations and helps you more easily interact with your team and client base. Mobile features and our Job Dashboards let you access your jobs from anywhere. Get better at invoicing, scheduling, work order management and much more with our dynamic software solution for handyman services.

How can software for handyman services enhance my billing process?

Creating and tracking your invoices doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with VIIZR’s software for handyman services, the billing process is simple. Convert your service documents into invoice drafts, make them look great with our customization features, turn them into attractive PDFs and email them in seconds from our platform. You no longer need to keep a pile of outstanding handyman invoices on your desk. Digitally store them on our software and stay updated on every stage of the billing process from delivery to payment.

Can software for handymen simplify scheduling?

While your entire handyman team is extremely skilled and experienced, some might be better at electrical repairs and plumbing while others might do their best work for customers in need of carpentry services. It’s important to choose the right team for each handyman job. Using our drag-and-drop tool helps you assign the most experienced workers every time. Our software also improves organization to reduce scheduling mishaps that occur all too often like assigning techs to jobs when they’re already scheduled for handyman projects on the same day.

How can I stay on top of leads with software for handyman services?

Responding quickly to quote requests reduces the likelihood of your clients moving on to your competition. With centralized customer messages, it’s easy to see each time your customers reach out for service and pricing information. Our software’s quick estimate creation feature lets you draft information-rich documents that outline job details and costs with a few clicks. Produce professional-looking estimates and get them out quickly to stay ahead of your competition and secure more handyman jobs.

Can handyman software help reduce excessive truck rolls?

Absolutely! Each time your handyman team heads out to a job site, it’s considered a truck roll. Of course, the nature of your business calls for in-person service visits. But if your field team gets lost on the way due to routing issues, they unintentionally lose your business time and money. Let our software’s Maps and Routing feature guide your techs to the right address and reduce the risk of excessive truck rolls. Keeping our software at the center of your routing process helps improve uptime, productivity and customer satisfaction.

How can I keep track of upsells and cross-sells in the field?

When in the midst of providing a handyman service, it’s common for techs to recommend products or services that result in cross-sells or upsells. This is great for your business – but only if you’re paid for the sales or extra work. VIIZR software makes it easy to keep up with adjustments made in the field. Simply pull out your smartphone and account for order changes. Doing so helps you know how to update your invoices for accurate payments.

Take your handyman business to new heights with handyman software

Whether you’re providing a home service like a basement remodel or doing commercial plumbing work, you want to make sure that your handyman business is set to do top-notch handyman work from start to finish. With VIIZR software in your corner, you never have to worry. We make it easy to get customer estimates out to clients, schedule field techs quickly, draft quality work orders and route your team to the right addresses.

Our handyman service software also keeps you and your team on the same page at all times. Mobile features help you stay on top of business updates without missing a beat. Keep up with job statuses, new customer messages and invoice payments with ease. Greater efficiency enables you and your team to get work done faster and more effectively while giving your clients the quality customer service they deserve.

If you’re ready to improve your handyman service, now’s the time to switch to VIIZR software. Enhancing your business operations just might result in a wave of handyman jobs and a significant jump in profits. Don’t wait any longer to get started. Watch your business boom like never before by securing your free VIIZR demo today.