Garage Door Software Optimizes Your Small Business

Push your garage door business to the next level with VIIZR. This garage door software organizes and streamlines your operation – whether your goal is to improve results, attract more customers, boost profit margins or all of the above. VIIZR handles a variety of back-office tasks, including scheduling, routing, invoicing, CRM and much more. Make the most tedious admin jobs less time-consuming and finish paperwork with a few swipes. Keep your garage door workers motivated with clear, structured schedules. Take customer satisfaction levels to new heights with a digital, professional platform that makes life more convenient for everyone.

Fueled by big tech names like Ford Pro™ and Salesforce, VIIZR gives you the processing power of an international corporate business – but in a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use package. Download VIIZR on your phone and take your home office with you to your next garage door job. This mobile app was built for tradespeople just like you – not big office companies.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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VIIZR’s garage door software provides real results

But what does VIIZR’s software actually do? Here’s what you can expect after upgrading:

• Almost 50% more productivity across the board
• Nearly 10 free hours each week with VIIZR’s time-saving features
• Dozens of extra bookings each month

What are VIIZR’s service software features?

VIIZR offers a wide range of business management features that streamline many aspects of your garage door business:

Job Dashboards:
Take a few seconds out of your day to look at your Job Dashboards page, and you’ll find all the information you need to track your door service with ease. Check invoices, estimates, work orders, job requests and much more. 

Work orders: Keep your teams productive without time-consuming phone calls. Use VIIZR’s streamlined work order system to jot down clear instructions for new tasks. Get notified of finished tasks to immediately provide workers with new jobs. 

Customer history: Let your best clients know you care with our customer history software. Make note of customer preferences and refer back to this database for personalized results. Ace CRM with VIIZR’s proven software. 

Estimates: Provide clear, professional PDF estimates in a few moments. Include built-in upsells with our Pricebooks feature to improve profit margins on each job. Capture leads before they walk away and ditch the handwritten estimates. 

Tech scheduling: With our handy drag-and-drop feature, scheduling doesn’t have to be stressful. You can build organized timetables by month, week, or day. Keep everyone on the same page and boost morale across your workforce. 

Make invoicing a total breeze with VIIZR. Convert estimates into bills and cut down on time-consuming paperwork. VIIZR sends out automatic overdue bill reminders to your customers, improving cash flow and ensuring prompt payment.

Maps & Routing: Trying to save money on gas? Use our quick, easy Maps & Routing feature to plot out the most fuel-efficient ways to reach your job sites. Track team locations, reduce truck rolls and avoid needless trips across town. 

User Permissions:
With VIIZR’s user permissions, you get to control who sees what. Let trusted access sensitive information while limiting permissions for others. Keep everything secure with VIIZR’s web-based platform and avoid data breaches.

How does VIIZR’s door software save me time?

VIIZR helps you save plenty of time each day, allowing you to improve your work/life balance, clock out earlier and achieve more. Many of our features – such as our invoice reminder system – are completely automated. This allows you to focus your attention on more important matters while VIIZR handles tedious back-office tasks with no oversight. Set your schedules and routes ahead of time to avoid time-consuming phone calls on the day. Create estimates and invoices with just a few swipes. With so much saved time, you can shift your attention towards marketing, customer service, or simply scheduling more garage door repair jobs. Why not spend more time with the family? VIIZR provides more free time – what you choose to do with it is completely up to you.

VIIZR’s management software features explained

Still curious about VIIZR’s door software? Here’s a more detailed look into each feature:

Check on your garage door business with Job Dashboards

Our Job Dashboards feature provides door service techs with a wealth of information right at their fingertips. Whether you’re in your parked work van, your home office, or somewhere in between, the data you need to track and run your business is always just a few swipes away. Unlock your phone, and you’ll see job requests, work orders and payment info – all displayed in a user-friendly platform. Check this information to quickly respond to new job requests to capture leads before they walk away. Track your workers and assign new tasks if they’ve finished early. Receive messages from job sites and fix mistakes before they spiral out of control. With our Job Dashboards feature, you’ll never miss a beat while you’re working out in the field.

Keep your garage door workers productive with clear work orders

Still providing your workers with instructions the old-fashioned way? Ditch the time-consuming phone calls and upgrade with VIIZR’s work orders. These handy dispatch tools let you plan out individual tasks in great detail with just a few taps. Assign specific workers and let them know what you need. Track their progress and receive notifications as soon as jobs are done. Immediately create new work orders to keep the ball rolling with minimal downtime. Your workers can update work orders on their own – letting you know they’re ready for a new job without calling you. They can also add notes to their work orders to provide you with important information – such as safety concerns or the need for different tools.

Provide better results and keep clients happy with our CRM feature

Making clients happy has never been easier with our straightforward customer relationship management system. Jot down important notes about your customers’ preferences in this digital database for later reference. Does one customer leave you a key to the garage underneath a rock or a plant pot? Where does your best client want you to park? Save this vital information and ensure streamlined, personalized results across the board. Even your newest hires can access your customer history, allowing them to interact with customers like seasoned pros. Optimize CRM and push customer satisfaction to all-time highs with VIIZR’s software.

Streamline the estimating process with VIIZR’s garage door solution

VIIZR makes your estimating process quicker, more efficient and more professional. Create PDF estimates with clear price breakdowns and send them out directly to new customers. Make a positive first impression and give each client the information they need to greenlight your next job. Take your estimates to the next level with Pricebooks, an innovative feature from VIIZR that integrates upsells directly into your quotes. Your customers will see options for upgrades displayed in a user-friendly manner, giving them the chance to spend more on their door services. Boost your profit margins and capture more leads with VIIZR’s time-efficient estimating software.

Keep your workers in the loop with VIIZR’s tech scheduling feature

Give your workers more structure with clear, organized schedules. With VIIZR, you can drag and drop your workers to build timetables in seconds. Choose veteran door techs for those challenging jobs while keeping new hires alongside mentors. All of your workers can check VIIZR’s schedules on their own devices in seconds, letting them plan their next few days, weeks and months with confidence. Make sure everyone’s on the same page, improve morale and make scheduling a total breeze.

Make your invoicing process more professional and reliable with VIIZR

Nail that last customer interaction and put the finishing touch on your garage jobs with VIIZR’s streamlined invoices. Deliver clean, professional PDF invoices to your customers. Make life more convenient for you and your clients with a quick, easy billing process. Add your contact information, branding and other custom information. VIIZR’s automatic invoice tracking takes the stress out of billing, and you can move onto your next job feeling confident about cash flow. No more awkward phone calls – let VIIZR collect your payments and focus on more important matters. 60% of invoices are paid late, and a sudden surge of unpaid bills can cause serious liquidity problems. Rely on VIIZR to avoid these issues.

Cut down on operating costs and boost profit margins with Maps & Routing

Our Maps & Routing software makes it easy to save gas, improve productivity and clock out earlier each day. Why zig-zag across town when you could use VIIZR’s software to map out the quickest, most fuel-efficient routes ahead of time? Spend less time at the gas pump, and you won’t just save money – you’ll also have the ability to serve more door repair customers each day. Our mapping software also helps you keep track of team locations – letting you coordinate with the precision of a four-star general.

Keep your data secure with VIIZR’s user permissions

VIIZR offers professional-grade cybersecurity with customized user permissions and web-based storage. You control who has access to sensitive information and certain features. Give trusted workers more access or keep everything private – it’s up to you. Store important business data on our web-based platform instead of vulnerable hard drives or physical filing systems. Avoid costly data breaches and maintain your reputation. Even if you’re running a small business, you could still be a target. The latest statistics show that about half of all cyberattacks affect mid-to-small businesses, and VIIZR helps you avoid these issues.


Upgrade with VIIZR’s door software today

Who can use VIIZR’s garage door software?

VIIZR helps both small business owners and their workers. Owners can coordinate teams, schedule work, map out routes and much more. On the other hand, workers can check their schedules for the coming days, weeks and months. They can also update the status of their work orders to let you know when they’re ready for new tasks. Informing you about safety issues is as easy as writing a note in their work order. VIIZR’s built-in messaging app lets workers communicate with you and each other without leaving the platform. You can even give trusted workers the ability to write their own invoices and estimates without oversight.

Are other door service businesses using software?

The statistics are clear: Many trade businesses are now using some form of software. This means that other garage door businesses in your area are probably already benefiting from software like VIIZR. 92% of all small businesses are using at least one cloud-based platform like VIIZR. The US Chamber of Commons has stated that small businesses using software are “outperforming their peers” while remaining more optimistic about the future.

Do I need a special device to run VIIZR’s garage door digital tool?

You can run VIIZR with the technology you already own. This includes smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and so on. VIIZR stores all your business data online “in the cloud,” which means as long as you have a solid internet connection, you’re good to go.

How do I know whether I need VIIZR’s garage door business solution?

VIIZR can help you achieve a wide range of goals. If you’re happy with your current level of customers and you simply want to improve your work/life balance, VIIZR’s software gives you more free time. If you want to expand, VIIZR helps you capture more leads with quick, professional estimating. If you want better talent retention, VIIZR gives employees the structure and organization they need to remain satisfied. Whatever your business goals might be, VIIZR helps you reach them.

Can my business afford VIIZR’s garage door digital tool?

VIIZR was designed to be as affordable as possible for small businesses on tight budgets. Remember, the biggest operating cost for most businesses tends to be payroll. In fact, labor adds up to 70% of all expenses for some companies. VIIZR saves you from having to hire admin assistants to handle back-office tasks. Why hire new workers when you can pay a fraction of the cost to cover all your bases with VIIZR?

Upgrade with VIIZR’s door software today

If you’re ready to take your garage service to new heights, an upgrade with VIIZR is just a few clicks away. The best news? You don’t even need to hand over your credit card info for this no-obligation, totally free 14-day trial. Take VIIZR for a spin today and discover the benefits with your own eyes.