Help Your Electrical Business Excel with Electrical Contractor Software

If you have a new electrician service or have been running your electrical business for years and want to make adjustments to your operations, look no further than VIIZR. Our software for electrical contractors is designed to help businesses like yours run more efficiently. You might want to centralize your electrical jobs to make them accessible to your entire team or streamline processes like creating and delivering estimates and invoices. Using our electrical contractor software helps you make significant improvements to these and other areas of your business.

Suppose that your customer asks for a solar-powered security light installation quote. With our software for electrical contractors, you’ll draft and deliver a polished estimate in minutes. If the estimate is approved, you can produce and manage work orders via our platform. Schedule techs for the job and accurately route them to the site location with a few clicks. To ensure you receive payment for your team’s hard work, our software lets you draft and email an accurate and attractive PDF invoice to your client.

Our mobile-friendly digital platform lets you and your team see all of your electrical jobs in one location. You can find out if a pool lighting invoice has been paid and also check to see if your field service team has finished a thermal imaging troubleshooting job. The ability to create and manage estimates, invoices, work orders, schedules and more in one place helps your business become more organized and productive. According to our research, VIIZR software can help your business:

• Save approximately 10 hours every week
• Experience a productivity boost of nearly 50%
• Secure more than a dozen new jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR contractor software for electricians offers tools that help your management and field teams improve their task and project management skills. Our software also helps improve your business operations and strengthen your ability to provide quality customer service.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Top features of electrical contractor software

Centralized electrical job records improve organization

If you’re juggling several electrical service projects in one day, staying organized is important. Your team has to manage a variety of tasks to keep your business operating efficiently every day. With VIIZR software for electrical contractors, see all of your jobs in one place. Keeping them in a central location ensures your team understands details for the tasks that require attention. Whether your team needs to edit a work order or route a tech to a job site, VIIZR software helps get it done.

Greater accessibility enhances communication and task management

Suppose that your customer has approved an electrical outlet estimate and your team now needs to create a work order and schedule your field service crew. If several management team members manage these admin tasks, they might have to send these files back and forth to maintain consistency. Since VIIZR contractor software keeps all of your files in one place, your team can effortlessly communicate and collaborate to ensure all tasks are completed. This can ensure your field team is prepared to manage any project effectively.

Streamlined operations strengthen worker and customer experiences

With VIIZR, you can reduce the steps your team needs to manage tasks related to your electrical jobs. They can complete more work at a faster rate without reducing the quality of work your business is known for. Using our software can help your management team become more productive and even give them more time to dedicate to providing quality customer service. Creating happier customers can encourage them to return for more electrical services and even get word-of-mouth referrals.

The software solution you need for your electrical business

VIIZR software makes it easy for your electrical business to accomplish important service-related tasks in a fraction of the time. Here is a closer look at software features you can use to enhance your business:

Job Dashboards

Centralizing all of your electrical services is easy with our Job Dashboards. They serve as a “control center,” allowing you to see your estimates, invoices, customer messages and much more at a glance. You can find out if you’ve received new customer quote requests, initiate a work order for home generator installation and schedule techs for a commercial electrical inspection all in one place. Starting and managing a variety of tasks from the Job Dashboards can help your management team complete more work with greater efficiency.


If your client wants to know the price you’ll charge to add surge protectors to their home, VIIZR software can help you produce a detailed estimate in minutes. You can add line items with a few clicks, include relevant photos and even incorporate your header and logo to help your estimate stand out from the competition. When you’re ready to deliver the estimate, you can convert it into an attractive PDF document and email it to your customer in seconds. Using our software helps you avoid tedious tasks like searching through spreadsheets for pricing information or finessing a document editor to make your estimates attractive.

Work orders and change orders

Work orders and change ordersWork orders are a necessary component of your business operations. You need them to ensure your techs know the specifics of their service obligations. You also want to make sure you maintain detailed records of each service your business provides. By using our software, your management team can draft work orders in minutes by adding line items via our Pricebooks feature. After completing the work order, your team can convert it into a PDF and quickly deliver it via email.

Our software makes it easy to adjust orders in the field via your mobile device. This is particularly helpful if your service team needs to make a service change onsite. Let’s say that your techs are installing porch lights and your customer asks them to troubleshoot motion light problems before leaving. Your service team can create a change order while still in the field that automatically updates on our platform. When your management team sees the change, they can adjust the customer’s invoice and make sure your business secures payment.

Scheduling and routing

When scheduling your techs for electrical services, you want to make sure you send workers who have the most experience. Some of your field team members might be best suited for energy audits while others could be a better fit for a new commercial construction electrical job.

If finding the right workers for specific jobs has been difficult in the past, let VIIZR software simplify this process. You can use our drag-and-drop tool to identify available workers and connect them with unassigned jobs with a few clicks. Once scheduled, your techs can see their service obligations on our platform from any location with an Internet connection. You can also guide them to job sites using the fastest routes available via our Maps & Routing functionality.


If you’re interested in upgrading either the look of your invoices or the manner in which you create and manage your bills, VIIZR electrician contractor software can help. Our platform simplifies the process of creating your bills by enabling you to convert existing estimates and work orders into invoices. Your service and cost details are already set, leaving you to customize the document with your logo and header. When ready to send your invoices, you can convert them into attractive PDFs and email them to your customers with just a few clicks.

VIIZR software for electricians also makes it easy for you to track the status of your invoices. If you want to send your customers quick reminders of their payments due, our software lets you deliver automated follow-ups with ease. This can help you avoid joining U.S. businesses that spend more than 25 hours each week chasing unpaid invoices.

Customer history

Keeping quality records of your customers’ service histories can help you get to know your client base. The more you know about the types of electrical services they desire, the easier it will be to provide them with the best possible service.

Our software lets you keep track of all jobs you’ve provided for your customers. You can also maintain records of their preferences and special requests. If a client has started a security lighting project that they intend to continue over time, you can track their progress as they add LED security lights, post lights and deck lighting. You can also recommend other affordable security lighting options that can help them reach their goal without breaking the bank.

Customers are always pleasantly surprised when businesses show interest in their personal preferences and goals. With help from our software for electrical contractors, you can show your clients how much you appreciate their willingness to work with your business.

When should I switch to software for electrical contractors?

Determining the best time to make a business change can be challenging. The key is deciding the urgency of your needs. If you’re ready to improve your task and project management, create a better work environment for your team and strengthen your customer service, now might be the time to upgrade to VIIZR electrical service management software. If you’re still uncertain about our software, consider asking yourself the following questions:

Are you missing out on electrical job leads?

Customer quotes are often the starting point for a new electrical service job opportunity. But unfortunately, you could miss out on new leads if you fail to check your voicemail or email messages. VIIZR software keeps your customer messages in one location so you can always see service requests from your clients. Whether you’re approached about an electrical remodeling job or panel upgrade project, you can see requests, quickly draft professional estimates and email them to your customers with a few clicks.

Are late job site arrivals hurting your business?

It’s common for managers to handwrite or text schedule details for their techs so they can head out to job sites as quickly as possible. But if there’s a typo, or a customer’s address or service time is difficult for your techs to read, they could show up to an incorrect address or arrive at the wrong time. Each time your service team shows up late to a job site, your business’s reputation is on the line. Fortunately, you can minimize late arrivals by using VIIZR’s Maps & Routing feature, which lets you accurately guide your team to work sites in the most efficient way.

Are your team members feeling overworked?

If your team members spend an excessive amount of time searching through spreadsheets for pricing and service details when drafting invoices or estimates – and also pull up a document editor to give these documents a professional look – they might grow frustrated with this time-consuming process. With VIIZR, you can reduce the steps your team members need to create documents like estimates, work orders and invoices. Simplifying these daily admin tasks can help quickly boost employee morale within your business.

Give your business operations a boost with electrical contractor software

VIIZR electrical contractor software can make a significant difference in your business operations. By using our platform, you can keep your service jobs organized while speeding up office tasks like generating invoices and delivering estimates. Centralizing your documents can help your staff members easily communicate about service projects. Their ability to access jobs from anywhere with an Internet connection can ensure they’re always on the same page.

Streamlining your operations helps your team become more productive, which can give them more time to address customer questions, concerns and requests. For instance, if a client reaches out to confirm the time and date of a knob and tube wiring job or would like to add an attic fan installation to an existing order, your team can quickly respond, updating and delivering any necessary paperwork in minutes.

Our software can also help your team more effectively schedule and route your field team to job sites. Reducing scheduling and routing mistakes can help your techs focus on doing their best work for your customers. With VIIZR, your staff can move on from outdated storage methods like spreadsheets and file cabinets, speeding up their ability to access and manage important information.


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What is electrician contractor software?

VIIZR’s contractor software for electricians is a mobile-friendly digital platform that can help services like yours strengthen your business operations. You can simplify processes like managing bills, sending customer quotes and creating schedules. Using our software can improve your team’s workflow and create a more productive and efficient work environment.

How can electrician business software improve my billing?

If you rely on outdated billing methods like generic invoice templates to create your bills or cumbersome spreadsheets for tracking, upgrading to VIIZR’s electrical software can make a huge difference. In addition to creating polished PDF invoices in minutes, our software lets you keep track of all of your electrical service bills in one place. Centralizing your invoices makes it easier to track the status of all of your bills and send automated reminders whenever necessary.

How can electrician software simplify work order management?

Our software gives you the opportunity to draft and maintain records of all of your work orders in one place. If your team adds or makes changes to the services they provide while on site, they don’t have to call the office to report those adjustments. Instead, they can create change orders via their smartphones, which are automatically updated on the platform. VIIZR makes it simple to keep track of all of the services your team provides and ensures you’re also paid for them.

How can software for electricians streamline scheduling?

Suppose that one of your team leaders assigns a tech to an EV charging station installation job and then another manager assigns the same tech to an electrical troubleshooting job for the same date and time. This type of double booking can cause a lot of confusion for your tech as well as your team.

If scheduling mistakes commonly occur within your business, VIIZR software can help you avoid them in the future. Using our platform, it’s easy to determine which workers are available at all times. Keeping your job and tech details in one location can ensure your team is always on the same page and able to avoid frustrating scheduling problems.

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Now’s the time to give your business the boost it deserves. Let VIIZR help you create a more productive work environment. Using our software can help you take on additional electrical service jobs, expand your client base and increase your profits. The perks of our electrical contractor software are endless. Enjoy fantastic benefits by starting your free VIIZR demo today.