Increase Efficiency with Smart Dispatching Software

Unleash your operation’s true potential with VIIZR’s dispatch software. Track progress on all fronts with our streamlined, mobile-friendly software. Not a tech wizard? No problem. VIIZR is built for tradespeople just like you. Pretty much anyone can use this dispatch software to optimize their operation within minutes – whether a dispatcher needs to improve tracking, team management, work orders, CRM, invoicing, or all of the above. This feature-rich solution cuts tiresome paperwork down to the bare minimum – saving you dozens of hours per month. Shift your attention to more important matters and toss the admin work to VIIZR’s dispatch software. 

With built-in mapping and routing software, VIIZR puts you in the driver’s seat. Keep a close eye on progress and give yourself a birds-eye view of your optimized trucking routes. Keep your fleet moving with quick work orders and minimize downtime. Send out invoices in seconds and effortlessly ensure prompt payment. Set yourself up with a user-friendly estimating system that provides your clients with all the information they need to give you the green light. Boost customer satisfaction levels with VIIZR’s built-in CRM tools. Keep your workers happy with clear, transparent and easily-accessible schedules. Protect private data with VIIZR’s built-in cybersecurity features. 

VIIZR’s mobile-friendly features are tailor-made for the trucking industry. Access the tools you need to run your dispatch business while you’re on the move. Switch seamlessly between your home office and work out in the field. With a wealth of features at your fingertips, VIIZR’s dispatch software supercharges your trucking business and ensures you never miss a beat.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What can dispatching software do for you?

Why upgrade to VIIZR’s dispatch software? We can think of three very important reasons:

• A near 50% boost in overall productivity levels
• Experience dozens of saved hours every month 
• More completed hauls and higher profit margins

The many features of VIIZR’s dispatch software

But how exactly does VIIZR’s dispatch software accomplish this? Take a closer look at each of our dispatching features to learn more:

  • Estimating: VIIZR’s dispatch software starts optimizing your dispatching business right from the get-go. Ensure positive first impressions with fast, clear and professional estimates. Boost your income by seamlessly adding upsells to your quotes. 
  • Maps & Routing: Keep track of your trucks with unparalleled precision. Optimize your routes to save money on gas and complete more hauls per week. 
  • Tech scheduling: Schedule your truckers with a quick and easy drag-and-drop tool. Your workers will appreciate having access to their timetables right from their devices. 
  • Work orders: Keep your fleet moving by creating a steady supply of new work orders. Include details, instructions and notes with a few taps. Track your work orders and react swiftly to unexpected changes. 
  • Job Dashboards: Unlock your phone and find a wealth of critical business data waiting for you. Our Job Dashboards page gives the average dispatcher a rundown of their active, requested and completed jobs. You’ll also find invoice data, draft estimates and much more. 
  • Customer history: Ace customer service with our CRM feature. Remind yourself of client preferences with a quick glance at this database. Truckers can access this information on their own devices to ensure accurate, top-quality results.
  • Invoicing: Finish each haul on a high note with streamlined, easy and reliable invoices. Generate bills within seconds and track unpaid invoices with our fully-automated reminder system. Never miss another payment. 
  • User permissions: Protect critical data, control access to sensitive features and experience VIIZR’s professional-grade security.

How much time can you really save with dispatch software?

Saving time is always a priority, whether you want to build your business or simply improve work/life balance. The average dispatcher might not even realize how long it’s taking to complete paperwork – especially since a simple contracting estimate can take many hours to finish. But once you upgrade to VIIZR, you’ll notice how much free time you suddenly have. With dozens of saved hours per month, VIIZR gives you back your life and provides you with all kinds of new opportunities. Spend those saved hours taking your business to the next level – whether that means improving customer support, creating new marketing campaigns, or another strategy altogether. 

How does VIIZR’s dispatch software save you so much time? Just consider how cumbersome and time-consuming the alternatives are: Spreadsheets are outdated and overly complex. Writing out invoices and estimates by hand is a waste of time. VIIZR streamlines these tasks with a fully digital, mobile-friendly software solution that keeps up with the fast-paced dispatching world. Complete most admin work with just a few taps. Schedule your truckers and plan your routes in seconds before your work days even begin. Make sure everyone is on the same page and coordinate your team without endless phone calls. 

Some of VIIZR’s features are completely automated – saving you even more time. For example, VIIZR’s service management tool automatically delivers invoice reminders for customers who forget to pay. This feature improves cash flow in a truly effortless manner while ensuring effective, professional communication with your best clients. It’s no wonder VIIZR saves your dispatch business so much time.

A close look at VIIZR’s dispatch software features

But how exactly do VIIZR’s dispatch software features work? Let’s take a closer look at exactly what you can expect when you upgrade with this software:

Ensure positive first impressions with VIIZR’s estimating system

VIIZR’s benefits kick in before you even schedule your next trucking haul. Take advantage of our user-friendly estimating software to interact effectively with new customers and provide them with accurate quotes. Receive instant notifications of job requests and show new customers you care with quick responses. Include plenty of data in each estimate, including price breakdowns, contact information, fuel surcharges and much more. Increase the chances of greenlit hauls with transparent, detailed information. 

VIIZR’s dispatch software also starts boosting your profit margins right away with integrated upsells. As your customers review VIIZR’s digital estimates, they’ll see easy-to-read upgrade options. Get the most out of your business and let your best clients splurge on your services.

Master fleet management with Maps & Routing

VIIZR’s fleet management tool lets you complete shorter, more fuel-efficient hauls – ensuring lower operating costs and higher profit margins. Our Maps & Routing software gives you a birds-eye view of your routes, allowing you to track progress with just a few clicks. Shave off even a few miles or hours from each haul, and the savings soon add up. This feature alone ensures that VIIZR’s fleet management tool pays for itself – especially in a fast-paced industry like truck dispatching.

Rising fuel prices heavily impact the trucking industry, and many truckers pay hundreds of dollars per week to keep their vehicles moving. These rising costs also lead to higher fuel surcharges for your customers and reduced capacity. VIIZR’s Maps & Routing software addresses these issues, helping you keep your prices competitive with continuous, reliable services. 

The best part? You can plan out your routes in great detail before your trucks even hit the road. With VIIZR’s pre-planned hauls, there’s less confusion on the day. Everyone knows exactly where they’re headed next – and that means less time-consuming phone calls for dispatchers.

Organize service management with simple scheduling

Schedule stability is important in the trucking industry for many reasons. We live in an era with constant supply chain interruptions – making it difficult for dispatchers, truckers and companies to accurately plan out hauls. Many industries associated with trucking – such as agriculture – are inherently unpredictable, further contributing to this lack of stability. Finally, a shortage of qualified truckers had made it difficult for trucking companies to hold onto their best talent. If truckers face unstable schedules, they may switch to different companies and leave their employers hanging. 

The good news is that VIIZR’s dispatch software makes scheduling your hauls a total breeze. Dispatchers can handpick truckers for certain hauls with a handy drag-and-drop feature. Better yet, truckers can access their schedules at any time with a few swipes. Once they’ve finished their hauls, all they need to do is check VIIZR’s mobile app to figure out what’s next. With VIIZR at their fingertips, they can check the next few days, weeks and months to plan their lives around their work. Provide your truckers with a sense of stability and reduce turnover. Keep hold of your best talent and avoid constantly searching for new truckers.

Create work orders in seconds with VIIZR’s management software

Cut down on needless phone calls and deliver instructions through VIIZR’s work orders instead. Include all the details your truckers need to get the job done in minutes with our trucking dispatch software. Once you have assigned work orders to specific truckers, you’ll receive a notification as soon as the haul is complete. 

Your truckers can change the status of their work orders to “complete” without contacting you directly, allowing for a quick and seamless communication process. If they need to inform you of important details, they can leave notes directly in their work orders. For example, the haul might have taken longer than expected due to mechanical issues. Review your work orders and make the necessary adjustments for better results next time – whether that means scheduling fleet maintenance or better training for your truckers. 

Our work order system keeps your fleet moving by minimizing downtime. Truckers can move directly onto new assignments when they finish a previous work order without waiting around for instructions. Complete more hauls per day and rake in more profits per month.

Track progress with Job Dashboards

Whether you’re managing an entire fleet or a single truck, tracking progress is easy with VIIZR’s Job Dashboards software. This user-friendly tool puts you in the driver’s seat, displaying completed jobs, requested jobs and active jobs on a straightforward platform. Take a closer look at each work order to learn more about each job. Find out whether your invoices have been paid, review draft estimates and much more. 

Our Job Dashboards feature is mobile-friendly, allowing you to keep an eye on your dispatch operation from virtually anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can manage your business from a truck, a cafe, your home office, or any other location with a signal. One of our Job Dashboards’ best features is the ability to respond quickly to new job requests. Capture those leads before they have a chance to walk away.

Keep clients happy with VIIZR’s customer history feature

Our customer history software improves CRM, making it easy to provide your best clients with top-quality, personalized results. Each customer is different, so give each of them the special treatment with our CRM software. Once you become aware of a customer’s unique preferences, you can jot these notes down in your database. Your entire team now has access to this information, and even your newest truckers can provide your best clients with personalized results. 

Each team member can access the customer history database from their mobile devices – allowing them to review this unique data from their parked trucks before completing their loads. For example, your clients may want truckers to pull up to a very specific location for unloading. With a quick glance at our CRM software, truckers can arrive at the final destination with minimal confusion. Not only does this provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, but it also saves your dispatch business plenty of time. You can even cut down on training requirements with VIIZR’s customer history software, as there’s no need to verbally explain each customer’s preferences.

Wrap up each job in style with VIIZR’s invoicing features

VIIZR continues to optimize your dispatch business even after the job is complete. Wrap up each haul efficiently with VIIZR’s invoicing software. Convert your estimates into invoices in seconds and save yourself the trouble of writing out the same price breakdowns twice. You can also convert work orders into invoices for equally fast bills. Review your invoices and add custom info such as distances, fuel surcharges, labor hours, contact information, invoice numbers, branding and much more. Ensure customers feel confident about clicking that “pay now” button with plenty of details and reduce billing disputes. 

With VIIZR’s management software, you can maintain your cash flow and handle missed payments like a pro. Our automatic payment reminders hold your clients accountable without the awkward phone calls. Customers continue to receive these reminders until they pay – allowing you to shift your focus to the next trucking haul without missing a beat. No more waiting around for payments – let VIIZR’s dispatch software handle collections instead.

Protect your dispatching data with user permissions

Once you’ve handled your payments, VIIZR’s management software continues to optimize and protect your business with professional-grade cybersecurity features. Avoid data breaches and keep private info concealed on VIIZR’s reliable web-based platform. Store customer credit card numbers, employee Social Security numbers and tax documents with confidence. Access these documents quickly and easily with a few swipes. With a few swipes, access and download invoices from years back and handle tax season with ease. Remember, the IRS requires you to keep invoice data on hand for years – so why risk storing these documents on a hard drive or in a filing cabinet? Choose VIIZR’s web-based storage system instead and achieve peace of mind. 

Quick, easy access to past financial documents also lets you review your dispatch operation and identify profitable niches. Which hauls are most profitable? Who are your most productive truckers? VIIZR puts all of these valuable financial insights right at your fingertips, allowing you to make important adjustments to your business. 

Our software lets you control your trucker’s access to certain features and documents on the VIIZR platform. You get to decide whether a trucker has the freedom to view customer credit card info or other sensitive data. Give trusted workers more permissions while keeping private information secure.


Upgrade with VIIZR and run your business with ease

My operation is small – can I afford VIIZR’s dispatch software?

VIIZR’s trucking software is designed specifically for small-to-medium trade businesses – including truck dispatch services. We know that budgets are often tight for solopreneurs. VIIZR’s trucking software lets you benefit from advances in technology without the exorbitant price tag. VIIZR saves you plenty of time per month and lets you earn more with less work. The best part? You won’t have to hire additional office workers, so your small dispatch service can stay lean and efficient without needless payroll costs. VIIZR handles the workload of several personal assistants.

Can my entire team use VIIZR’s software solutions?

VIIZR’s trucking software makes life easier for entire fleets – not just their dispatchers. Truckers can download VIIZR on their own devices to check their schedules, review work orders, read customer history data and much more. There’s even a built-in messaging app for streamlined communication. Our user-friendly software is a breeze for people of all ages and technical abilities.

How do I set up VIIZR?

VIIZR’s transportation dispatch tool is very easy to use. First of all, our software is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops and home computers. Your truckers can access a range of features from their phones while parked at a rest stop. This allows them to plan ahead and figure out what’s next after they finish their current haul. Meanwhile, you can create new work orders from your home office – or from your laptop at your favorite cafe. All data is stored on our web-based platform, so you’ll find the same information waiting for you no matter which device you use. No technical expertise is required, and the only thing you’ll really need is an internet connection.

How do I know whether my dispatch business needs VIIZR?

Your dispatching business can benefit from VIIZR if you feel overwhelmed by your current workload. Spending all of your waking hours scheduling hauls and filling out paperwork? Do you find yourself wishing for an easier, faster way to write estimates and invoices? The solution might be closer than you think – and VIIZR gives you back the time you need to achieve true work/life balance. 

VIIZR’s dispatch management tool can also help if you’re struggling to keep hold of your best truckers. If your drivers are jumping ship, streamlining your business with organized schedules can incentivize them to stick around. Schedule instability is one of the leading causes of turnover today, especially after the Great Resignation and the pandemic. All workers tend to experience higher levels of morale and confidence when their operations function like a well-oiled machine. VIIZR’s dispatch software achieves this goal, helping you avoid constant re-hiring and retraining processes. 

In addition, VIIZR’s software provides virtually all dispatching operations with better customer loyalty and more follow-up services. Make each customer interaction worry-free from start to finish and keep them coming back for more. Whether you’re trying to expand or you’re losing customers to the competition, VIIZR helps you build lasting, reliable client relationships with excellent first (and last) impressions.

What does a typical workday look like with VIIZR?

Here’s what a typical workday might look like with VIIZR’s dispatch software:

  • You receive a notification of a new job request when you check your Job Dashboards
  • You respond quickly with a professional, detailed estimate
  • Your customer gives you the green light, and a new active job appears on your Job Dashboards
  • You update your trucker’s timetable with our scheduling feature
  • You create a detailed work order with all the information your trucker needs to get the job done
  • You sit back and wait before getting a “work order complete” notification on your phone
  • You check the work order for any notes left behind. Other than a few minor mechanical issues, everything looks great
  • The customer sends you a message asking truckers to park at the loading bay in the future 
  • You make a note of this in your customer history database for future reference
  • Now you send out your invoice. You do this in seconds by converting your initial estimate into a detailed, professional bill

Upgrade with VIIZR and run your business with ease

If you’re ready to upgrade with VIIZR, there’s never been a better time. Act now and you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. Test our dispatching features and optimize your business without spending a dime. You won’t need to hand over your credit card info, and there’s no obligation at the end of the trial period. So what are you waiting for? Take VIIZR for a test drive today.