VIIZR’s Contractor Software: Do You Need Contractor Management Software? How Contractors Are Optimizing their Operations with Construction Software

VIIZR is the software solution you need to optimize and streamline your construction business. Built specifically for small-scale businesses in the trades, this mobile-friendly software lets you bring your home office to the work site. Carefully track progress on the fly, including financial data, active jobs, customer preferences and much more. Take back control of your business with greater organization, stellar communication and improved productivity powered by Ford Pro™ and global CRM leader Salesforce. The end result? More satisfied customers and higher profit margins.

Save countless hours each week on tedious back-office tasks. Focus less on paperwork and more on getting real work done each month. Organize your teams and provide incredible results while letting VIIZR’s proven software handle the back-office tasks. There’s no need to spend a fortune on hiring office staff when VIIZR’s software solution can handle your admin tasks at a fraction of the cost.

With reliable web-based software, you’ll never have to worry about lost documents again. Handle a range of back-office tasks with a few swipes or clicks and access important data in seconds. Spend less time in front of a computer and clock out early each day. Higher profits, boosted morale and more free time are at your fingertips with VIIZR’s software upgrade.

VIIZR provides a number of measurable results for small construction businesses:
• Improved productivity by almost 50%
• Up to 10 extra hours per week of saved time
• Over a dozen new jobs scheduled each week

In other words, VIIZR’s software solution helps you serve more customers in a shorter amount of time while maintaining high levels of quality and productivity. Whether you want to expand your business or simply spend less time on work, VIIZR has you covered with proven statistics.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is contractor management software?

Contractor management software helps you cut down on time-consuming back-office tasks like labor management, accounting, invoicing, estimates, scheduling, tracking and much more. It also serves as a reliable storage solution for important data – including customer preferences, accounting documents or task-specific instructions.

Contractor management software like VIIZR helps you schedule more jobs in a shorter amount of time, boosting your profit margins and helping you take home more each month. It also helps you schedule more efficient jobs with better routing, fewer payroll costs and lower gas bills. Not only does VIIZR’s software solution boost your income, but it also reduces your expenses for a truly cost-effective software solution.

Although VIIZR gives the average contractor the organizational tools to optimize their business, it also helps virtually everyone involved in the operation – including your customers. With better scheduling and clear instructions, you can improve talent retention. Customer satisfaction also increases thanks to organized PDF invoices, better communication and a range of other CRM features.

How VIIZR’s software solution optimizes your construction operation

Professional estimates

Create clean, clear PDF estimates with just a few clicks. Upsell and cross-sell with our Pricebooks feature to send your profit margins even higher. Give customers the option to spend big on upgrades and access the information you need to upsell at your fingertips. Pricebooks integrates seamlessly into your estimates.

Save more time on estimating, and you can shift your focus to more important tasks with improved customer satisfaction. Instead of writing out your estimates by hand, become more organized with a reliable software solution for more greenlit jobs. Small construction businesses don’t need to be disorganized – rely on VIIZR and compete with other contractors on a level playing field.

You can save estimates in draft form until you’re ready to send them out. Get it right the first time and avoid miscommunications. You can even customize your estimates with your construction company’s unique branding and contact information.

Easy invoicing

Did you know that a quarter of all business bankruptcies are caused by unpaid invoices? Getting paid should be the easiest part of your construction business, and VIIZR makes it effortless with automatic reminders. Include important information in each invoice with a few clicks and avoid confusion about payment terms, due dates and price breakdowns.

Clear communication leads to fewer time-consuming payment disputes. Instead of trying to explain yourself on the phone, keep invoicing organized and reduce miscommunication. “Set-it-and-forget-it” payment reminders reduce the time-consuming payment collection process. Automate this process and move on to your next management project with confidence.

Save every invoice on our web-based platform and make tax season much easier. Instead of relying on physical storage systems, use VIIZR’s software solution to find important tax documents in just a few swipes. From there, you can download them in PDF form, forward them to your accountant and continue with your day.

VIIZR even lets you add photos to your invoices to show off your beautiful finished construction projects. Remind your customers of excellent results to improve the chances of follow-up work – whether it’s a bathroom renovation or a new patio.

Convenient Job Dashboards

With VIIZR’s mobile-friendly features, keeping track of your business is easier than ever – even when you’re out in the field. Our Job Dashboards page is a “home screen” that gives you a wealth of important information at a glance. With a few swipes, you’ll see:

• Total jobs
• Jobs completed
• Jobs requested
• Jobs active
• Invoices sent
• Amounts owing
• Amounts paid
• Estimates
• Work Orders
• Job status
• Job locations

When you only have a few seconds to check on progress, quick access to information at your fingertips is a lifesaver. Why waste time calling workers when you can simply check VIIZR’s reliable tracking software instead? Our Job Dashboards let you focus on the job at hand while giving you the organization to run your business with confidence. If something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to know thanks to our Job Dashboards. From there, you can take action before the issue spirals out of control. Keeping a close eye on your construction business has never been easier with VIIZR’s software solution.

Send work orders effortlessly

With VIIZR’s work orders and change orders, you can do more than just track progress. React quickly to changes and keep your teams busy. Create, send and track new tasks with clear instructions – ensuring high levels of productivity at all times. Did a team finish a job early? Create a new work order and keep the ball rolling to get more done each day.

Writing out clear instructions for each task has never been easier with VIIZR. Phone calls are time-consuming, and there’s always the chance of miscommunication. Create work orders with VIIZR, and your team can view instructions with just a few swipes. Once they finish, they can update the status to “complete” without confusing text messages or phone calls.

Your workers can even add notes to your work orders, providing you with even more information. For example, they might request a more specialized power tool – allowing you to make the necessary adjustments for a more productive work day. With VIIZR’s seamless communication software and clear instructions, you’ll raise morale and experience effective management with less back-office work.

Keep detailed customer history data

Cater to your clients’ unique preferences with VIIZR’s customer history feature. Use this web-based software to carefully jot down every little detail and make each customer feel like they’re getting special treatment.

Does your customer want you to park in a specific location when you arrive at the site? Does one of your best clients have sensitive lungs, requiring extra ventilation during sanding and grinding? Does a client want your workers to take off their shoes upon entering the home? Even the most minor details can be saved for later reference with VIIZR.

The best part is that this crucial data is readily available for all of your workers – even your newest hires. Give your rookies the confidence they need to nail their first day – even if they’ve never interacted with that customer before. Uphold high standards across your entire operation and watch your customer satisfaction levels skyrocket with reliable construction software.

Organized tech scheduling

Use your workers wisely with VIIZR’s tech scheduling feature. With handy drag-and-drop functionality, this software makes assigning the right workers a total breeze. A few swipes is all it takes to send out experienced workers to specific locations. All of your workers have access to their schedules, allowing them to get more done each day.

Do you have a worker who has decades of experience with bathroom renovations? Send them to the right location at the start of the day and avoid needlessly shuffling team members back and forth. Do you have a worker with excellent customer service skills? Send them out to provide an estimate and let them be the face of your company during that crucial first interaction. Did you just hire someone fresh out of trade school? Pair them up with an experienced mentor and get them up to speed quickly without throwing them into the deep end.

Organize schedules by day, week or month to keep everyone on the same page. Your employees will appreciate the sense of structure, and VIIZR lets you make your workplace truly enjoyable. Better yet, our scheduling system improves productivity so that everyone – including you – can clock out earlier each day.

Keep track of everything with our Maps & Routing feature

You’ll be amazed at the results when you use our Maps & Routing feature. VIIZR’s software solution lets you plan out the most efficient routes ahead of time, ensuring less wasted time and money at the gas pump. Why waste crucial hours driving back and forth down the highway? Map out efficient routes and serve more customers each day before taking the shortcut home.

Our Maps & Routing feature also lets you keep track of your teams. If a technician gets stuck in traffic, you’ll be the first to know. You can even determine the location of specific team members for targeted truck rolls. Did your rookie make a mistake with a kitchen counter install? Locate an experienced worker nearby and send them over to fix the issue before the customer has to contact you.

With VIIZR’s software solution, you can organize everything ahead of time with our quick and easy scheduling software. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch your carefully-orchestrated plans play out.

Store data securely with user permissions

VIIZR’s cloud storage system ensures excellent security. Whether you’re storing sensitive customer data or your own tax documents, you’ll enjoy unparalleled protection. Remember, about 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and hackers can bankrupt your construction business if you’re not careful. Why store sensitive data on a vulnerable hard drive when you can rely on VIIZR’s secure web security instead? Even if you lose your device, VIIZR keeps your files safe.

Set user permissions to control your employees’ access to certain features and data. Give your most trusted employees greater access, cutting down on your own back-office work in the process. Allow your veterans to enjoy greater independence with less micromanagement and keep sensitive data hidden from newer hires.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your business with construction software?

If you’re experiencing certain issues, it’s probably time to upgrade with VIIZR’s software for construction management:

You’re getting frustrated with complicated, outdated software

Spreadsheets are outdated and frustrating. There’s an easier way to handle your invoicing, estimates and customer data. Reduce confusion and upgrade to a more streamlined, user-friendly software tool like VIIZR. The average contractor can expect to save dozens of hours each month with VIIZR. Why waste time with spreadsheets when you can handle even the most complex management tasks in minutes?

You’re having communication issues

Even if you have just a handful of employees, solid communication is key in the construction world. VIIZR’s messaging features make delivering instructions a total breeze. Even a single miscommunication can lead to costly mistakes. VIIZR’s Work Orders make delivering clear instructions far easier than confusing phone calls.

Keeping your customers in the loop also becomes simple with VIIZR. The best part is that you can send messages within the app itself. No more digging around for that lost phone number. Send Work Orders, track progress and send your customers updates without ever leaving the VIIZR platform. Your customers will appreciate better communication, raising the possibility of follow-up work, additional services and higher profit margins.

Customers are walking away

Instead of losing leads to your competitors, boost your reputation and popularity with VIIZR. Improve customer satisfaction and watch the job requests flood in. VIIZR lets you experience the organization and computing power normally reserved for the biggest corporations. Level the playing field and compete with even the biggest construction companies in your area.

You’re struggling with talent retention

The labor market has evolved in recent years, and the Great Resignation continues to cause issues for employers across the nation. If your workers are walking away after complaining about organizational issues, it’s definitely time to upgrade with VIIZR’s labor management software. According to recent statistics, about 40% of employees who quit their jobs did so because of poor management skills. Maintain high levels of morale and keep your workers happy with clear instructions, organized schedules and excellent communication. Retain talent and reduce the time-consuming, costly process of re-hiring.

You’re switching between tons of different apps

VIIZR’s wealth of features means that you won’t need to switch between several apps throughout the day. We designed this software to handle a wide range of construction management tasks, including scheduling, accounting, routing, CRM and much more. Why waste time scrolling through an endless list of apps, trying to remember which one handles scheduling? Just click on VIIZR and handle a variety of management tasks with a few swipes.

Automate and streamline with VIIZR’s general contracting tool

Automation isn’t just reserved for big construction companies. VIIZR puts powerful automated features at your fingertips, making complicated tasks a breeze. Automatic invoice reminders ensure prompt payment without time-consuming calls to customers. Plan out your days ahead of time with pre-set schedules and routes and avoid frantic micromanagement during your busiest days.

How much time can contractors save with VIIZR?

While boosting productivity and product margins is important, VIIZR provides you with an even more valuable resource: Time. Waste needless hours on tedious time-consuming back-office tasks, and you’ll never get that time back. With VIIZR’s software solution, you’re left with dozens of hours at the end of month to spend as you please. Experience priceless family moments, re-engage with old hobbies or devote more time to expanding your business. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

The average contractor now relies on effective management tools like VIIZR

The average contractor now uses software to optimize their construction business. The statistics don’t lie: 

• About 50% of construction-related businesses upgraded their operations with software during 2021 alone. This represents a major shift in the trade industry, and it means that most of your competitors are probably already using a software solution of some kind. To compete on a level playing field, a contractor without software tools may need to act quickly.

CNBC reports that software saves small business employees 725 million work hours each year – cutting down payroll expenses for the average contractor in the process.

• According to Microsoft, cloud computing has the potential to reduce the workload of small businesses by 42%.

• According to recent studies, two-thirds of all small businesses rely on mobile apps to run their business. This means that the average contractor needs mobile-friendly apps like VIIZR to run their construction business properly.

Upgrading with VIIZR’s software solution is one of the best ways to remain competitive.


Upgrade with VIIZR today

How does VIIZR’s contractor tool work?

VIIZR is a mobile-friendly, web-based software solution. With everything running on the web, you don’t need to worry about storing data on your hard drive. Instead, all of the information you need to run your business is stored online. Even if you lose your device or your hard drive becomes corrupted, you can still access this data. Simply log in using a different device, and you’ll find the same information waiting for you. This makes switching between laptops, mobile phones and home computers easy.

VIIZR has basic system requirements and runs on most devices, including computers and phones. In fact, the most important requirement is simply a reliable internet connection. You can run your business from a nearby cafe, your construction site or your parked work van. Your entire team can also use VIIZR to check their schedules, receive messages and receive updates about new jobs.

Who is VIIZR designed for?

One of the best things about VIIZR is that it was specifically designed for the average contractor. We worked with everyday tradespeople when designing this software solution. The end result is a tool built for the small-scale contractor and a range of issues they might encounter during a typical day out in the field.

Too often, a contractor is forced to use software solutions designed for big tech companies – not small construction businesses. In fact, only 10% of small businesses today believe they have access to software that caters to their specific needs.

Does VIIZR help with contractor accounting?

Yes, VIIZR can help with accounting in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows you to store invoice data securely. The IRS may also require you to share your invoice data during tax season, and VIIZR’s organized cloud storage solution lets you access, save and forward this information with just a few clicks.

Upgrade with VIIZR today

Upgrading with VIIZR has never been easier. Take our software for a test drive without paying a dime and experience the benefits for yourself. No need to hand over your credit card info to unlock this no-obligation demo. Save time, boost your profit margins and improve productivity with this software solution built specifically for small construction businesses. VIIZR gives you the freedom to cut down on time-consuming paperwork and improve your work/life balance. These benefits are right at your fingertips – so take the plunge today with a 14-day free trial.