Concrete Software Streamlines Your Concrete Business

Run your concrete business with organization, confidence and efficiency after upgrading with VIIZR. Deal with time-consuming back-office tasks in a quick, stress-free manner. Send invoices, create estimates and build schedules with a few swipes. Track your progress in seconds with a quick glance at your phone. Keep your workers productive and coordinated with a digital tool built specifically for the trades. Save time on paperwork, get more work done each day and earn more income for your concrete jobs.

Fueled by reputable tech companies like Ford Pro™ and Salesforce, VIIZR gives you the processing power to compete, capture leads and provide excellent results. We help you achieve improvements in both quality and quantity with more bookings and more satisfied customers. For years, tradespeople have been asking for a software solution built specifically for their needs. After working hand in hand with real construction pros, VIIZR answers your calls and puts the digital tools you need right at your fingertips.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Your concrete business benefits when you upgrade to VIIZR’s construction software

Curious about the benefits you’ll experience when your concrete business upgrades with VIIZR? Here’s a brief summary of what to expect:

• Almost 50% more productivity across the board
• Up to 10 hours freed up each month thanks to time-saving features
• Higher efficiency opens up time to schedule dozens of new concrete jobs each month

VIIZR offers a wide range of features for your business

VIIZR helps your concrete business tackle a wide range of concrete tasks with a number of features:

Streamlined estimating: Send out professional PDF estimates quickly and easily. VIIZR makes upselling a breeze with our integrated Pricebooks feature. 

Professional invoicing: Generate clean, clear invoices in a few swipes with VIIZR. This management software sends out billing reminders to ensure prompt payment. 

Efficient work orders: Coordinate your concrete workers with our streamlined work orders. Add instructions, assign team members and boost productivity. 

Detailed customer history: Wow your best clients and save their preferences for later reference. Close attention to detail is easier than ever with VIIZR. 

Organized tech scheduling:
Create structured schedules for your workers in a few moments. Let your workers check their schedules with a few swipes and improve morale. 

Secure user permissions: VIIZR even helps with cybersecurity with professional-grade data storage and easy-to-customize user permissions to protect sensitive information. 

Effective Maps & Routing: Reducing your gas bill has never been easier. Map out the most effective routes ahead of time, spend less time on the road and complete more concrete jobs each day. 

Informative Job Dashboards:
Check out our Job Dashboards page to find a range of easy-to-read data waiting for you. Track your active jobs, requested jobs, team locations, amounts owed and much more.

The advantages of saving time with VIIZR’s construction management tool

You’d be amazed at how much time you can save by optimizing simple back-office tasks like estimating, invoicing and scheduling. Although these jobs might be straightforward, they’re also tedious and time-consuming. With VIIZR, you can complete most of these admin tasks in a few swipes – and we’ve completely automated the invoice reminder process. When you spend less time coordinating your team and checking on customers, you can spend more time earning money. Or why not use your dozens of saved hours per month for better marketing, research, or customer service? If you’re happy with your concrete operation’s current performance, VIIZR lets you finish each day earlier and improve that all-important work/life balance.

How do VIIZR’s features help my business?

Streamlined concrete estimating with VIIZR

VIIZR’s benefits start when you first interact with a new customer. Deliver clear, clean and professional PDF estimates to make a positive first impression. Improve the chances of greenlit concrete projects by providing new clients with all the information they need to make a decision. Integrate upsells with VIIZR’s Pricebooks and show off your range of optional concrete services. VIIZR helps you earn more on each concrete job. The best part? You can do all of this with a few taps, helping you capture new leads before they walk away.

Improve results with VIIZR’s customer history feature

Every customer is slightly different, and it doesn’t make sense to treat them all the same if you’re serious about pushing satisfaction levels to new heights. Fortunately, VIIZR’s customer history function lets you save preferences quickly and easily. Access this feature with a few swipes and review a customer’s unique needs before you arrive at the job site. Let your workers access this data to ensure consistent, top-quality results – even if they were hired recently.

Create efficient work orders with VIIZR

Our work order system makes coordinating your next concrete job easier than ever. Create a new work order with a few taps, jot down your instructions and let your workers handle it without trying to explain everything over the phone. Sit back and wait for a notification telling you that your work order is complete. Check it over for any notes your workers might have left – such as the need for additional tools or safety concerns. If everything is good to go, you can give your workers a new work order and keep the ball rolling. Achieving high levels of productivity and minimizing downtime is a total breeze with crystal-clear work orders.

Make invoicing a breeze with VIIZR

When you’re ready to finish up a concrete job, VIIZR makes it easy to wrap it up on a high note with our easy invoicing system. Convert your estimates and work orders to invoices in seconds. Ditch the handwritten invoices and opt instead for efficient, convenient PDFs. Add in your custom branding and contact information for a personalized touch. Make sure you get paid for your hard work and rely on VIIZR to send automated invoice reminders. Move on to your next concrete job without stressing about getting paid and avoid those awkward late payment phone calls.

Remember, a string of unpaid invoices can create a “domino effect” that makes it impossible to pay your workers and invest capital back into your business. Every hour you waste chasing payments is time you could be spending on concrete projects. In some cases, unpaid invoices even cause businesses to go bankrupt.

Keep everything organized with VIIZR’s tech scheduling feature

A recent Harvard study shows that schedule instability can cause serious issues for your workers – and by extension, your concrete operation. Streamline the scheduling process and provide your workers with a sense of stability by relying on VIIZR’s tech scheduling function. Drag and drop to organize schedules by day, week or month. Your workers can access and view their schedules at any time from their own devices, giving them the confidence and freedom to plan for the future. Choose veteran concrete pros for trickier jobs while keeping your rookies in reserve. Do it all in seconds while on the move with our mobile-friendly, optimized app.

Reduce operating costs with our Maps & Routing feature

Saving gas and time is easier than ever with VIIZR’s cost-reducing Maps & Routing feature. Plan your routes before the work day even begins and start lowering your operating costs from the get-go. Spending less money on gas means less time at the pump – and more time serving concrete customers. Track the locations of your concrete teams and give yourself a birds-eye view of your local area. VIIZR helps you save money while pushing your profit margins higher.

Secure your operation with customized user permissions

Upgrade with VIIZR, and you’ll give your concrete operation professional-grade cybersecurity features. User permissions let you control who sees what. Give your trusted concrete pros the ability to access sensitive information and features. Keep private data hidden from everyone else. Store everything on VIIZR’s secure, web-based platform and avoid data breaches. A recent SBA survey shows that almost 90% of small business owners are concerned about the prospect of cyber attacks. VIIZR helps address these concerns.

Manage your concrete business on the go

Why waste hours each day trying to get status updates from your workers by phone? Instead, you can rely on our Job Dashboards page to track every important detail of your concrete operation throughout the entire day. A quick glance is all it takes – whether you’re at your home office, at the job site, or somewhere in between. Our Job Dashboards page displays a range of business data in an easy-to-read manner, including:

• Active jobs
• Completed jobs
• Requested jobs
• Invoices sent
• Amounts owed
• Amounts paid
• Estimates
• Work orders
• Team locations


Try VIIZR’s today

How do I use VIIZR?

VIIZR is a web-based app with minimal system requirements. It works on most devices. All you need is a reliable internet connection. We keep your data secure at all times while providing easy access on multiple devices. Stop worrying about getting back to the office to record info. Did you lose your device? Is your hard drive corrupted?

Did you accidentally drop your phone into a bucket of cleaning solution? No problem. Log into VIIZR on a different device, and you’ll find all of your saved data waiting for you – including your customer history information, past invoices and schedules.

VIIZR’s cloud computing software makes it easy to access important documents. Don’t waste time rummaging through your filing cabinets for that lost invoice. Save documents in PDF form and use VIIZR to find what you need. Play it safe and keep data in the cloud (and accessible anywhere) with VIIZR.

How many concrete businesses use software on a daily basis?

Many small concrete businesses use software, and the number is continuously rising. In 2020, more than half of all small businesses reported spending more on software than they did during the previous year. There’s a good chance competing concrete businesses in your area are already using some form of software, and VIIZR helps you level the playing field with an app built specifically for the trades.

My concrete operation is small-scale. Can I still afford software?

VIIZR’s starting price is more than affordable for small concrete businesses, and it won’t increase your payroll expenses. Instead of hiring office staff to handle paperwork, rely instead on our easy-to-use app.

Try VIIZR’s today

Try VIIZR’s free trial today to see the benefits for yourself. This free version requires no credit card information, and there’s absolutely no obligation. Take it for a test drive today.