Cleaning Business Software Can Level Up Your Cleaning Service

You’ve nailed the hands-on aspects of your cleaning service – now it’s time to ace the technical side with VIIZR’s software. Built specifically for small businesses, VIIZR helps you streamline and organize almost every aspect of your cleaning service. Your schedules, invoices and estimates will be just as tidy as your clients’ houses. The best part? You can handle most back-office tasks in just a few clicks or swipes. VIIZR’s software cuts down on these time-consuming tasks, letting you get more cleaning done each day. Our mobile-friendly features won’t keep you tied to a computer. Ditch the paperwork and do it all from your phone while you’re out leading your cleaning team.

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR streamlines communication with your best clients and your cleaning workers. Convert more leads, experience more greenlit cleaning jobs and prevent your best workers from walking away. More importantly, you’ll have more time at the end of each day. Spend those extra hours with the family, or focus on expanding your cleaning service. VIIZR’s software gives you the freedom that every small business owner should experience and helps you manage your business efficiently.

Curious about the specifics? VIIZR’s service software provides the following results for small cleaning businesses:

• Close to 50% more productivity
• Almost 10 hours per week in saved time each week
• More than a dozen new jobs scheduled each week

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is cleaning software?

Service software for cleaning covers all the bases; from invoicing, estimates, scheduling, data storage, routing and much more. VIIZR goes one step further, giving you software specifically designed for the average small business. While many cleaning service companies use software, most are using tools geared toward much larger companies. In fact, we’ve found that most small businesses believe that they don’t have access to software that meets their needs.

Don’t get stuck with the wrong software: Make the right choice for your service and choose something that can handle real cleaning problems you face out in the field. Upgrade your cleaning service with VIIZR to keep your cleaning workers enthusiastic and your customers satisfied.

The main features of VIIZR’s maid service software

VIIZR’s software is a feature-rich platform that does it all:

Job Dashboards

With Job Dashboards, a quick glance at your phone is all it takes to get all the information you need. Track progress on all fronts without time-consuming phone calls. No more confusing status updates from cleaning employees – rely on VIIZR to provide detailed information in seconds. With a few swipes, you’ll find a range of information waiting for you on your Job Dashboards:

Jobs: Track your active jobs to keep a close eye on your teams. View your requested jobs and quickly respond to new opportunities. Review your completed jobs and tie up loose ends. With a user-friendly layout, checking on your business’s performance has never been easier.

VIIZR’s software makes tracking payments a total breeze. How much are you owed for a job? How much has been paid? Did you remember to send that invoice? All of these questions can be answered with a quick glance at your Job Dashboards.

Your Job Dashboards page lets you review estimates and check their status. You’ll never miss out on another lead with VIIZR’s cleaning software.

Work orders: Be the first to know when a job is finished with VIIZR’s work orders. Save time by cutting down on needless phone calls. Simply check on the status of your work orders and move forward with confidence. 

Locations: Our Job Dashboards page also gives you a detailed view of your service area – complete with team assignments and job sites.


Estimates are always clean and professional with VIIZR. Conveniently send estimates in PDF form and nail that crucial first impression with new cleaning customers. Show them you mean business with clear price breakdowns and organized information. Add your cleaning service’s branding for a personalized touch. VIIZR’s software even lets you upsell and cross-sell with our Pricebooks feature. These upsells integrate seamlessly with your estimates – giving you an easy way to boost sales.


First impressions are important – but what about finishing cleaning jobs on a high note? VIIZR lets you nail both with flawless invoices that boost your reputation. Remind your customers that your great work is worth it.

Every small business deserves to be paid for its hard work. Unfortunately, many operations struggle to nail this basic process – to the point where 25% of all bankruptcies are now caused by unpaid invoices. VIIZR ensures prompt payment with invoice reminders, allowing you to move on to the next cleaning job with confidence. Calling customers about unpaid bills isn’t just frustrating – it’s also time-consuming. Let VIIZR’s software handle the invoicing process instead.

Work orders and change orders

Communication is key when running a cleaning business. VIIZR streamlines this entire process with work orders and change orders, ensuring your cleaning team never misses a beat. Include clear, concise instructions with each work order to minimize confusion. Don’t leave it up to chance – use VIIZR’s work orders to provide instructions and keep everyone on the same page.

Combined with VIIZR’s Job Dashboards, work orders let you keep the ball moving and reduce downtime. Create new work orders as soon as your team finishes a cleaning job. Without VIIZR’s software solution, your cleaning team might waste a lot of time waiting for new instructions.

Customer history

Small businesses thrive by paying close attention to small details – the same details that big corporations miss. Give each customer personalized service with VIIZR’s customer history feature. Save their unique preferences for later reference and show them how much you care.

Does one customer want you to use all-natural cleaning agents? Does your best cleaning client prefer that your cleaners wear masks? Impress them with your attention to detail and increase customer satisfaction levels. All of your workers have access to customer details, ensuring that even a new cleaner on your team has the information they need to provide consistent, personalized service.


Don’t make scheduling more complex than it needs to be. With VIIZR’s handy drag-and-drop feature, you can assign individual team members to specific job sites and create daily, weekly or monthly schedules. You can also assign more experienced cleaning workers to more demanding jobs while keeping new hires paired with mentors for training. Your workers will appreciate these clear, consistent schedules.

Maps & Routing

Every cent counts when you’re running a small cleaning service business – so why waste money on gas? Use VIIZR’s software to plan out the most efficient routes across town and reduce needless back-and-forth. Less time at the gas pump means lower operating costs, reduced downtime and higher profit margins. Better yet, optimized scheduling lets you clock out earlier each day and experience a better work/life balance.

User permissions

When a client requests a cleaning service, they often trust you with sensitive information. VIIZR’s proven cloud computing security features allow you to protect this data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. You control each cleaning worker’s user permissions, ensuring that they only get access to the information they need. Remember, data breaches aren’t just embarrassing – they also have the potential to bankrupt your service. About 45% of all cyberattacks target small businesses.

When should you upgrade your cleaning business with VIIZR?

Do you really need to upgrade your service with VIIZR’s software? If you’re wondering whether this is really necessary, ask yourself the following questions:

You’re struggling with poor communication

Are your cleaning customers getting frustrated because of poor communication? Do your workers complain about the lack of clear instructions? VIIZR helps address both of these issues. With our Maps & Routing feature, you can tell clients when your techs are scheduled to be there. Work orders also make it a snap to provide your staff with clear instructions.

Your conversion rates aren’t great

Attracting new cleaning customers is important, especially if your service is relatively new. VIIZR helps boost conversion rates by setting positive first impressions. Organize your back-office tasks and show off your sense of professionalism with streamlined estimates and clean PDF invoices. Customers know a professional operation when they see one, so ditch the handwritten invoices and upgrade to VIIZR’s software instead.

Employees are walking away

Employee retention is important when you’re running a cleaning service. Your operation won’t get far without committed cleaning employees, and VIIZR helps you keep everyone content with clear schedules, better communication and instant access to the information they need to know. Remember, the Great Resignation is still ongoing, and 40% of employees who quit walk away because of poor management skills. Don’t waste time and money on rehiring – hold onto your best cleaners with VIIZR’s software instead.

You’re trying to keep track of too many apps

Trying to juggle dozens of business management apps on your phone? There’s an easier way. VIIZR’s feature-rich platform means you’ll have access to more information in one place. Optimize your business and free up hard drive space by switching to VIIZR’s web-based software solution.

How VIIZR helps automate your cleaning business

Operations of all types are quickly discovering the importance of automation. Don’t get left in the Stone Age – automate the most time-consuming aspects of your business with VIIZR. Create automatic, “set-it-and-forget-it” invoice reminders to ensure prompt payment. Transfer line items from work orders, estimates and change orders with ease. And create pre-set cleaning schedules and routes ahead of time with VIIZR’s software.

Time is money: VIIZR helps your cleaning business save both

Time is money when you’re running a cleaning service, and VIIZR’s software cuts down on time-consuming tasks. By saving time each day, you can schedule more jobs and boost your profits. Better yet, you’ll have more time for what matters most to you – whether that’s spending time with the family, expanding your business or clocking out early before a long weekend.

Software use among small businesses: What do the statistics say?

50% of all small businesses adopted a software solution in 2021
• Software saves small businesses a total of 725 million work hours each year
• Cloud computing can reduce a small business’ workload by almost 45%
Two-thirds of all small businesses now rely on mobile apps


Take your cleaning business to the next level with VIIZR

How do I use VIIZR?

VIIZR is a web-based app with minimal system requirements. It works on most devices. All you need is a reliable internet connection. We keep your data secure at all times while providing easy access on multiple devices. Stop worrying about getting back to the office to record info. Did you lose your device? Is your hard drive corrupted?

Did you accidentally drop your phone into a bucket of cleaning solution? No problem. Log into VIIZR on a different device, and you’ll find all of your saved data waiting for you – including your customer history information, past invoices and schedules.

VIIZR’s cloud computing software makes it easy to access important documents. Don’t waste time rummaging through your filing cabinets for that lost invoice. Save documents in PDF form and use VIIZR to find what you need. Play it safe and keep data in the cloud (and accessible anywhere) with VIIZR.

What does a typical day of cleaning look like with VIIZR?

You might start by creating an efficient route for tomorrow. During the work day, use our Job Dashboards to check progress and assign new cleaning tasks as needed. Dispatch a cleaner with excellent customer service skills to meet with a new lead and provide an estimate. At the end of the day, convert existing estimates to invoices in just a few clicks – finishing each project on a high note.

Can my entire cleaning team access VIIZR?

Yes, your entire team can use VIIZR’s software on their devices to check schedules, update work orders and much more. Give more experienced team leaders the freedom and independence to manage aspects of your business without micromanagement. For example, team members can create estimates and save them in draft form for your approval.

Take your cleaning business to the next level with VIIZR

Ready to experience VIIZR’s benefits? It’s never been easier thanks to our free, no-obligation demo. Try it today!