Chimney Sweep Software for Running a Better Business

VIIZR makes your next chimney sweep job easier with a mobile-friendly, trade-focused software tool that handles customer history, scheduling, invoicing and much more. With a few swipes, you can make time-consuming admin tasks a thing of the past – saving yourself dozens of hours each month. Use those free hours to schedule more chimney sweep jobs and watch your profits soar. VIIZR improves your work/life balance by streamlining laborious jobs like estimating and routing.

Thanks to the technology provided by Ford Pro™ and CRM legend Salesforce, VIIZR provides you with enough processing power and functionality to compete with even the biggest corporations. This software was specifically built for independent tradespeople with small operations and few employees. You get the tools you need to optimize your chimney sweep business with none of the useless features designed for tech workers who spend all day in the office. Pull up VIIZR on your phone and turn your work van into a mobile command center.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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How chimney sweep software transforms your business

Curious about the numbers? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how VIIZR transforms your chimney sweep operation:

• Small businesses can expect almost 50% more productivity after choosing VIIZR
• The same businesses can save up to ten hours each week by optimizing admin tasks
• The end result is higher profits, with the potential to book dozens of additional chimney jobs per month

A quick rundown of VIIZR’s management software features

Job Dashboards: Our Job Dashboards ensure you always know what’s going on with your chimney sweep business – even if you’re on the other side of town. Get notifications for new chimney job requests, work orders, invoicing and much more. 

Invoices: Invoicing is easy with VIIZR. The convenience of professional PDFs combines with automatic payment reminders to ensure you receive prompt payment and leave customers with a positive impression. 

Tech scheduling: Set up your teams for success and hand-pick the right chimney sweeper for each chimney job with our drag-and-drop sweep scheduling tool. We make it easy to keep everyone on the same page. 

Work orders: Improve productivity and minimize downtime with clear, concise work orders that can easily be sent to your sweeps. Get notified when tasks are complete and immediately assign new ones.

Customer history: Keep track of your customers’ preferences and never miss another detail with our customer history feature. Save important customer information and ensure high-quality results across your workforce.

Estimates: Send professional PDFs quickly and capture more leads before they walk away. Add upsells with just a few swipes to boost profit margins.

Maps & Routing: Plan out the most efficient routes with our easy-to-use software. Save gas, lower operating costs and serve more customers per day.

User permissions: Ensure cybersecurity with VIIZR’s professional-grade, web-based solution. Easily set user permissions to keep sensitive business data private.

How VIIZR’s features work

VIIZR’s chimney sweep software saves you time in a number of ways. Creating invoices and estimates is both faster and more professional when you upgrade your handwritten notes to digital PDFs. You can even convert estimates directly into finished invoices with just a few swipes – allowing you to put the finishing touch on a perfect chimney job in seconds. Once you send your invoice, VIIZR automatically tracks payments and sends reminders to customers who have outstanding balances. Say goodbye to those awkward, time-consuming phone calls to customers who haven’t paid their bills.

VIIZR’s software allows you to handle many other admin jobs with just a few swipes, including scheduling and routing. Plan out your days ahead of time, and you’ll spend less time coordinating on the day. Check your Job Dashboards for status updates instead of calling your employees. Let VIIZR’s service software handle these organizational tasks while you focus on serving your customers. Use your free hours to improve your chimney sweep business – or simply head home earlier each day. 

What your chimney sweep business gets with VIIZR

Here’s a closer look at each of VIIZR’s features:

Quick notifications with Job Dashboards

Check our Job Dashboards feature on your phone to receive important updates about your chimney sweep business. Get notified as soon as you receive a request for a new chimney sweep job and capture leads before they walk away. Review your invoices and find out how much money you’ve received. Check draft invoices and estimates before you send them out. Find out whether your teams have completed individual tasks and assign new ones. You can find all of this information waiting for you in a user-friendly layout on our Job Dashboards page.

Reliable invoicing

Why waste time writing out an invoice when you could just convert line items from a work order or an estimate? Finish each chimney job quickly and efficiently with VIIZR’s professional invoicing software. Set automatic reminders and ensure you get paid on time. With VIIZR’s service software, you can complete each chimney sweep job on a high note and stop worrying about something as simple as getting paid. Overdue payments are becoming more common these days, and small businesses experienced a 60% increase in unpaid bills in 2020 alone.

Clear work orders

Coordinating your workers and assigning tasks has never been easier with VIIZR’s streamlined work orders. Chimney workers receive new work orders in moments. Add important details and instructions with a few taps and avoid those time-consuming phone calls with workers.

Let your workers add their own notes to their work orders to inform you about safety issues, difficult-to-reach chimneys, or any other problems they encountered. Once they’re done, they can change the status of their work order to “complete” – instantly notifying you that they’re ready for a new task. VIIZR’s work orders minimize downtime and keep your chimney sweep workers busy.

Organize your sweeps with easy scheduling

Staying organized is easy with VIIZR’s tech scheduling feature. Choose specific chimney sweep workers for different chimney sweep jobs with our handy drag-and-drop tool. Your employees will appreciate the clarity of a work schedule that’s easy to read and access, as they can view their schedule for upcoming weeks from their own devices.

Show off your attention to detail with customer history

Ace customer service with our customer history feature. Does one customer prefer that you not park in their driveway? Save that information for future reference and never make the same mistake twice. Did one customer appreciate the fact that you reminded them of their chimney sweep service day-of? Make a note in your customer history database and give them the same excellent experience next time. You can give your chimney sweep workers access to this info so they can provide consistent outstanding sweep service results.

Professional PDF estimates

Estimating is a total breeze with VIIZR’s service software. Write out each estimate in a few taps and send them off as professional PDFs with clear price breakdowns. Enjoy more greenlit chimney jobs by giving customers all the information they need to make their decisions. Integrate upsells easily with our Pricebooks feature and show off your range of additional chimney sweeping services. VIIZR’s estimating software ensures more captured leads and higher profits per chimney sweep job.

Increase efficiency with Maps & Routing

Save gas with better routes and plan out your trips ahead of time with VIIZR’s management software. Spend less time filling up your gas tank and more time earning money. Track your teams and enjoy a birds-eye view of your local area with VIIZR’s map software.

Better cybersecurity with user permissions

VIIZR’s web-based storage platform protects your data with professional-grade cybersecurity. You can also control your workers’ access to certain features and information within the platform with our easy user permissions.


Upgrade with VIIZR today

Does the average chimney sweep business use software these days?

There’s a high chance that other chimney sweep businesses in your area are already benefiting from software solutions. According to one study, 98% of all engineering and construction companies believe that digital solutions are critical to their companies’ futures. A further 85% of trade companies use or plan to use some kind of cloud-based solution like VIIZR. Our web-based app is ideal for highly mobile businesses that conduct their work out in the field.

What device do I need to run VIIZR’s mobile app?

You don’t need anything special to run VIIZR’s mobile app. A solid internet connection is the most important factor, as this web-based mobile app operates almost entirely online. You can download VIIZR on mobile phones, laptops and home computers.

Is VIIZR affordable enough for my chimney sweep business?

The subscription cost for VIIZR’s management software is minimal. We know that the average small business needs to keep operating costs at a minimum, and VIIZR won’t make much of an impact on your bottom line. Remember, the highest operating cost for small businesses is labor – and you’ll spend fewer hours on admin if you upgrade with VIIZR.

How do I know if my chimney operation needs VIIZR?

VIIZR is an excellent choice for chimney sweep businesses that are struggling with customer loyalty, talent retention, or work/life balance. VIIZR’s mobile app helps you keep both customers and workers happy with better organization and clear communication. It also streamlines time-consuming tasks so you can clock out earlier.

How do my sweep service workers use VIIZR?

Your workers can download VIIZR on their own devices, check their schedules, update work orders and communicate with built-in messaging software.

Upgrade with VIIZR today

Take advantage of VIIZR’s 100% free, no obligation trial period today. Try it out for yourself for 14 days and experience the affordable, mobile-friendly and time-saving benefits for yourself.