How Your Business Can Benefit from Carpet Cleaning Software

When running a carpet cleaning service, it’s necessary to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensuring all aspects of the business flow smoothly. If you have a small crew managing your daily tasks and overall operations, duties like handling paperwork, managing schedules, traveling to job sites and seeking payment from customers can become overwhelming.

VIIZR understands the challenges businesses like yours face every day, which is why we offer top-notch carpet cleaning business software that can streamline many aspects of your business. Our mobile-friendly platform features a variety of digital tools your carpet cleaning service needs to excel, including estimate and invoice generators, a drag-and-drop scheduling tool and Maps & Routing functionality. Whether you need to create quotes, produce work orders, dispatch techs, craft invoices or maintain customer and job records, our software makes it easy to get it done in one convenient location.

When you open VIIZR, you’ll find Job Dashboards that offer all details regarding your carpet cleaning jobs at a glance. You can see the dryer vent cleaning job that your customer has just approved, which tech is scheduled for a stain removal job and the invoice for a fabric protection job all in one place. Your team can see important details as well, which can reduce miscommunication and ensure your business runs more efficiently.

This is just the beginning of the perks you can enjoy with VIIZR software for carpet cleaning businesses. According to our research, our software can:

- Improve productivity by nearly 50%
- Save an average of 10 hours a week
- Help your business complete more than a dozen new jobs each week.

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR provides software that can take your carpet cleaning service to new heights. Utilizing our platform can help create happier workers, secure more customers, increase profits and grow your business.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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What is carpet cleaning business software?

Our carpet cleaning software includes a variety of tools you can use to streamline your operations. Here are some features you can use to enhance your business operations:

Job Dashboards

The Job Dashboards serve as a “control center” that lets you and your team see everything about your carpet cleaning jobs at a glance. You can receive an instant notification the moment a customer inquires about cleaning carpets in their home and also see whether a fabric protection job has been completed by your service techs. You can make sure workers have been scheduled for a tile and grout cleaning job and check the status of a rug cleaning invoice.

The Job Dashboards can improve communication and reduce confusion both in the office and in the field. Your entire crew can see the dashboards from their mobile devices and anywhere with an Internet connection, ensuring no part of your business falls through the cracks.


Providing a quote is often the first time you’re able to make an impression on your client. This is why it’s best to avoid sending your carpet cleaning service and pricing details in an informal email or via a phone conversation. Instead, you want to give an impression of professionalism by sending a polished estimate that thoroughly details your offerings.

VIIZR software enables you to give your customers attractive, comprehensive quotes. You can price-check your services, add line items, include your logo and header and even add relevant photos with just a few clicks. When you’re ready to send your customer the estimate, you can convert it into a professional-looking PDF and email it in seconds. Creating and sending polished estimates can build trust with your customers and secure fast approvals.

Work orders and change orders

The VIIZR web-based platform lets you create your work orders and change orders in minutes. Your techs are able to add status updates and notes to the orders, even while out in the field via their smartphones. If your team wants to upsell or cross-sell, this is easily accomplished using our Pricebooks feature. If you want a polished version of your work and change orders, you can save and deliver PDF versions with ease.

Scheduling and routing

When it comes to scheduling and dispatching your field service crew, you always want to make sure that the most skilled techs are sent to the right jobs. Whether you’re scheduling for a residential or commercial carpet cleaning job, it’s important to assign team members with the most experience.

Our software features a handy drag-and-drop tool that lets you assign techs to specific jobs with just a few clicks. Your techs can sign in from any location via their smartphones to see their schedules. Our Maps & Routing functionality is also a fantastic feature. It lets your carpet cleaners see the fastest routes to get to job sites, which can reduce truck rolls and improve punctuality.


One of the toughest challenges small businesses can endure is not having their invoices paid on time – or at all. Unfortunately, U.S. small businesses have accumulated a total of approximately $825 billion in unpaid invoices. VIIZR software aims to help you avoid this challenge by making it easy for you to create accurate invoices from estimates and work orders.

Whether you’re seeking payment for an odor control or damage restoration job, our built-in invoice generator can help you produce detailed invoices that are easily converted into attractive PDFs. Using our software also allows you to keep track of outstanding invoices and send out follow-ups when necessary.

What is CRM software for carpet cleaning businesses?

VIIZR Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you keep track of information about your carpet cleaning customers in one convenient location. Our customer-centric features enable you to:

• Track client interactions and record a history of all of your jobs
• Keep notes regarding customer preferencesRecord special client requests
• Add notes in the office or in the field via your smartphone
• The ability to track customer information can benefit your entire team, but it especially benefits your techs who work with returning customers.

You might have a client who regularly gets their air ducts cleaned. A new hire can access their job history, preferences and special requests, making it easier for them to showcase familiarity and put your client at ease.

Why does my business need carpet cleaning service software?

VIIZR software reduces the amount of time you spend on your daily tasks. Suppose it normally takes you hours to draft multiple invoices because you’re collecting information from several spreadsheets and handwritten notes, then using a document editor to make them attractive before emailing them to your customers. Our software lets you complete all of these steps in minutes.

Or, let’s say your practice is to handwrite or email job and schedule information to your field crew members. If one of your techs accidentally loses the sheet of paper with the job details or unintentionally deletes an email, they could risk arriving late to a job site because you have to spend extra time redistributing this information. With VIIZR, all of these details are conveniently stored and easy to access via our web-based platform.

Something as simple as failing to notify your team that your customer requires a specific cleaning product could affect your company’s reputation. Our software centralizes this and other information and instantly updates changes to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Keep a satisfied team

You can use our platform to track employee performance and pinpoint which workers are ready to move up the ranks. Of course, our software also helps make the jobs of all of your workers easier so that they have more time to make a difference in ways that matter. Reducing stress and improving communication can create a team environment that helps your business thrive.

Keep satisfied customers

From the moment your clients approve their estimates, our software makes it easy for you to take care of their needs. Store their history, preferences and special requests in one location that is easily accessible to your team. Schedule techs quickly and route them effectively to ensure they reach jobs on time, every time. This level of professionalism can encourage customers to return for more business and even spread the word about your great service.

When should I switch to cleaning software?

It’s not always easy to know when to adjust aspects of your business, which is why it’s good to ask yourself questions that can help you make the most informed decision possible. Here are some questions to consider:

Do you want to move on from spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets can be amazing organizational tools for businesses, but they can also be cumbersome and time-consuming to use. VIIZR software helps you save valuable time when completing many of your daily tasks.

You can quickly generate estimates, create fast work orders, check the status of various assignments and use our drag-and-drop tool to schedule techs with just a few clicks. If you want to add upgrades, cross-sells, customer preferences or other information to work orders or invoices, you can do so in minutes.

Everyone on your team can see important job information from any location with an Internet connection. Our software helps you communicate more efficiently and avoid the confusion of a disorganized work environment.

Are leads slipping away?

Your ability to respond promptly and thoroughly to estimate requests can make or break your ability to maintain and expand your customer base. You might have had an existing client who was interested in having carpets cleaned on multiple floors of their office building, but you failed to check your voicemail and missed the opportunity. Unfortunately, this type of mishap could result in you losing your client to another carpet cleaning business for good.

Our web-based platform makes communicating with your clients simple. As soon as they reach out for a quote, you can create a thorough, attractive PDF estimate that fully addresses their request and outlines costs so they are left with few, if any, questions.

When your goal is to gain clients, the last thing you want to do is lose the ones you have. Whether you’re approached to complete an emergency assessment and inspection of water damage or your customer needs a water extraction, you don’t want to miss those leads. VIIZR makes sure you’re on top of every customer request you receive.

Do you have scheduling challenges?

It’s common for small businesses to schedule their field service crew members informally with the goal of delivering the information faster. But using centralized software that everyone can access from any location is better. This can help you make sure that you, your management team and your field service crew are always on the same page.

You don’t want your team to show up to clean a client’s vents and air ducts 30 minutes late because they were unsure of the time they should arrive. VIIZR makes it easy to avoid miscommunication challenges. Our platform can help you offer a sense of professionalism, strengthen your reputation and make the right impression on your customers.


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