Carpenter Software for Managing Your Business: Woodworking Software Features Explained

VIIZR’s carpenter software makes even the most tedious back-office tasks effortless with an easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile app designed for tradespeople like you. Improve CRM and take customer experience levels to new heights. Streamline your payment system and say goodbye to unpaid invoices. Organize your team and plan out your days ahead of time with just a few taps. Optimize communication and coordinate your woodworking operation from the back of your parked work truck. Keep a close eye on progress with a range of business data laid out in a user-friendly manner. Do it all in seconds, save countless hours each month and run VIIZR on the fly with our mobile-friendly features. 

We built this software with guidance from small business owners, ensuring that each of our features solves real problems you face every day out in the field. We also designed VIIZR in concert with Ford Pro™ and Salesforce – two titans of the tech world. The result? A software solution that gives you the processing power and sophistication of Silicon Valley – but with the functionality that you actually need. Read on to learn more about how VIIZR’s various features provide your woodworking business with real, tangible benefits. 

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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The noticeable benefits of VIIZR’s carpenter software

A few weeks after upgrading to VIIZR, you’ll begin to notice the following benefits:

• A rise in productivity by almost 50%
• Up to ten free hours each week
• Enough time to tackle dozens of new woodworking jobs per month

How does VIIZR help you accomplish this? By optimizing back-office tasks and reducing them to just a few swipes. With so much time saved, you get more done each day while scheduling more bookings and earning more per month.

VIIZR’s software features explained

Here’s what you get when you upgrade with VIIZR:

Job Dashboards: It’s easy to track progress when all of your business data is laid out on an easy-to-read dashboard. Take one look at our Job Dashboards software, and you’ll gain a wealth of valuable insights – from financial data and maps to work orders and messages.

User permissions: VIIZR stores your business data securely with our web-based software. Give sensitive information a layer of professional-grade security and set custom user permissions to maintain high levels of privacy at all times.

Work orders: Keeping your workers moving is easier with an app built for the average woodworking day. Send work orders and give your carpenters all the information they need to improve productivity and minimize downtime. 

Tech scheduling: VIIZR benefits the whole team with stable, easy-to-create schedules. Drag, drop and build your timetables in just a few swipes with our handy scheduling feature. Keep your workers organized and boost morale across the board. 

Customer history: VIIZR makes it easier to remember each customer’s unique preferences and needs. Save this data with our CRM software and make each client feel special the next time you meet. Make CRM a total breeze with VIIZR. 

Maps & Routing: Keep tabs on your workers and trucks with our Maps & Routing software. Create more fuel-efficient routes to save on gas and make sure you know exactly where you’re headed on the day. 

Invoices: Streamline payments with VIIZR’s invoicing software. Create bills in seconds to finish each job quickly and professionally. Automatic payment reminders ensure you never miss another invoice. Improve cash flow and finish each job on a positive note. 

Estimates: Nail those crucial first impressions with VIIZR’s estimating software. Crank out quotes in mere moments and capture leads faster than ever. Include upsells in each estimate and increase your earnings per job.

How does easy woodworking software help me save more time?

VIIZR makes life easier by saving you tons of time each month. But how exactly do we accomplish this? Most back-office tasks are far more time-consuming than many tradespeople realize. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal to write out your estimates by hand or use spreadsheets to build schedules. But when you do the math, these tedious admin jobs are costing you big time – both in terms of your earnings and your free time. 

VIIZR lets you handle most paperwork with just a few swipes, giving you dozens of hours to spend any way you like. Some features, like our invoice reminder system, are completely automated – meaning you won’t need to lift a finger to keep tabs on unpaid bills. The end result? More time at the end of each day to improve your business, schedule more woodworking jobs, or improve work/life balance. 

A rundown of VIIZR’s woodworking software

Take a deeper dive into VIIZR’s woodworking optimization features and discover how this software makes running your business easier:

Keep tabs on your operation with Job Dashboards

A quick glance at our Job Dashboards is all it takes to check progress and react to unexpected changes. Unlock your phone, and you’ll find a range of relevant business data waiting for you on this user-friendly “home screen.” This information includes:

Estimates: Review your sent estimates and check draft estimates from your Job Dashboards page. Make sure you remember to send that quote and capture more leads. 

Invoices: Check both sent and draft carpentry invoices. Find out whether your invoices have been paid, and determine how much you’re still owed. Track financial performance and never miss another payment. 

Work orders: Check on your work orders to find out whether your workers are finished with a particular task. Find out when they’re finished and react quickly with new jobs. 

Mapping data: Keep tabs on both teams and job site locations with an easy-to-read map feature. 

Completed jobs: Review how many jobs you’ve completed within the past few days. 

New job requests: Receive instant notification when you get a request for a new job. React quickly and greet new leads with positive first impressions.

Secure data with customized user permissions

VIIZR gives you access to professional-grade cybersecurity features. Data breaches are more common than ever before, with 15 million breaches recorded in 2022 alone. Don’t let your woodworking company go under because of cyber threats – use VIIZR to store your data securely on our reliable web-based platform. The general consensus in the tech world is that cloud computing (the same system used by VIIZR to protect data) is more secure than on-premise computing. 

In addition, VIIZR puts you in control of user permissions. This software feature lets you give trusted workers access to sensitive features – perhaps allowing them to take customer credit card numbers or access tax documents. On the other hand, you can dial back permissions for newer hires, giving them access to only what they need to do their jobs.

Keep your teams rolling with work orders

VIIZR’s work order software is a user-friendly option for delivering instruction, keeping tabs on progress and adjusting your woodworking service to provide stellar results. With a few clicks, you can jot down instructions and set your workers up with a new task. From there, you can track the work order and find out as soon as it’s done. Check the work order for notes left behind by your workers. They may let you know that they were missing the necessary tools to complete the job. From there, you can give them a new work order or make the necessary changes to finish up. Either way, our work order system streamlines your operation while bringing downtime to an absolute minimum.

Organize your teams with VIIZR’s easy scheduling

About 40% of workers know their schedules less than one month in advance. Without software, it’s difficult to provide schedule instability – and this shortcoming can lead to higher employee turnover rates. The good news is that VIIZR’s simple drag-and-drop scheduling tool helps you build timetables days, weeks and months in advance. Your workers can check their schedules with just a few swipes by downloading VIIZR on their own devices. Handpick your best workers for demanding tasks and ensure solid results. With optimized schedules, you can reduce truck rolls and send the right people to each woodworking job.

Give consistently great customer service with outstanding CRM features

Customer service doesn’t have to be complicated. VIIZR helps you nail this process with our CRM software. Record and save customer preferences with this straightforward database. The next time you visit the same customer, simply refer back to your customer history to refresh your memory about their specific needs. Never make the same mistake twice and give each customer special treatment. 

Did they complain about sawdust last time? Make sure you leave nothing behind on your next service. Do they want you to park around the back instead of in their driveway? Take that extra step and show them you care. The best part? Your entire team can access customer history details, ensuring consistent results across your workforce – whether you’re sending a rookie or an experienced pro.

Lower costs with Maps & Routing

Our Maps & Routing software makes lowering your gas bill easy. In 2022, NPR noted that higher gas prices are hurting small businesses – especially trade companies. This is something that you’re probably already aware of. The good news is that you can offset these higher prices with optimized mapping software. VIIZR lets you plan out the most fuel-efficient routes, paying for itself many times over with this single feature alone. Spend less time at the gas pump, complete more jobs per day and increase your profit margins.

Revolutionize your payments with our invoicing system

Getting paid is important. Make sure you nail the all-important invoicing process with VIIZR’s reliable payment software. Invoice reminders are delivered to your customers automatically, saving you the trouble of calling them repeatedly. Keeping tabs on unpaid bills improves your cash flow and can even save you from bankruptcy. 

Our invoices are clean and professional. Deliver them in PDF form, make life more convenient and make a lasting impression on new clients. Customize invoices with your branding and contact information for that personalized touch. The best part? You can finish the invoicing process in just a few swipes by instantly converting your estimates into invoices.

Capture more leads faster with our estimating feature

Our estimating software lets you react quickly to new opportunities with PDF quotes. Begin each woodworking job with your best foot forward and greet new clients with clear price breakdowns and professional estimates. Better yet, VIIZR lets you upgrade your estimates with built-in upsells – allowing you to show off your range of woodworking services without the pushy sales language. Encourage your customers to spend more on each job and watch your profit margins soar.


Check out VIIZR today and streamline your business in seconds

Do I really need a business management tool in addition to design and CAD software?

Management software is just as important as design software or CAD software. While furniture design software might make creating your woodworking products easier, VIIZR helps you manage the business side. A combination of creativity and organization is crucial in this business.

Can my employees use VIIZR?

Yes, your employees can use VIIZR for a range of tasks. They can check their schedules, update work orders, communicate with each other using VIIZR’s built-in messaging tool and much more.

Is VIIZR easy to operate?

VIIZR is extremely easy to use, and all you really need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Of course, you can also use VIIZR on your home computer or laptop.

Check out VIIZR today and streamline your business in seconds

If you’re ready to upgrade your woodworking operation with software geared towards the trades, it’s never been a better time. VIIZR is offering a 14-day free trial for anyone who wants to take this software for a test drive. Try it with absolutely no obligation – without even handing over your credit card info.