Asphalt Estimating Software: Make Your next Pavement Job Perfect with Reliable Asphalt Paving Quotes

Optimize your estimating process with VIIZR and enjoy more free time at the end of each day. Use that time to improve your business, get new customers, or simply clock out earlier. Back-office tasks may be more time-consuming than you realize, and VIIZR lets you handle admin with a few swipes. With a range of concrete paving business management features at your fingertips, you can download VIIZR on your phone and take the power of a home office to your next asphalt job site. Fueled by Ford Pro™ and CRM titan Salesforce, this app provides a wealth of additional features for routing, scheduling, invoicing and much more.

Trade businesses are adopting software like never before – but VIIZR provides something new: Software specifically designed for the needs of small businesses with relatively few employees. With VIIZR, you get user-friendly tools that handle real problems you face in the field – not features designed only for big corporations.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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How VIIZR takes your paving operation to the next level

• Almost 50% more productivity
• Approximately 10 saved hours each week
• Dozens of new pavement jobs per month

VIIZR’s estimating software features

• Create professional quotes
• Conveniently add upsells
• Make each estimate your own
• Save quotes easily with VIIZR
• Send quotes quickly to capture leads

How much time can construction software save my pavement business?

How exactly does VIIZR save your paving business time and money? When you cut down on back-office tasks like estimating, you’re left with more free hours to complete real work – the kind that gets you paid. This lets you serve more customers and earn more money each month. Many of VIIZR’s features are completely automated – requiring little or no oversight. For example, VIIZR lets you send automatic invoice reminders – ensuring that you get compensated for your hard work and tackle new jobs without worrying about unpaid bills.

A closer look at optimized estimating with VIIZR

How VIIZR helps you create professional quotes

Upgrade your estimates by shifting from handwritten notes to clean, professional PDFs. Make a solid first impression with a new customer and make your estimating process more streamlined. With information clearly laid out, your customers have everything they need to compare price options and give you the green light for new projects.

How VIIZR makes upsells convenient

Struggling with upsells? VIIZR’s estimating solution makes this process convenient with our Pricebooks feature. Say goodbye to those awkward sales pitches and integrate your upsells directly into each quote. At a glance, your customers will see additional options for new services – allowing them to upgrade and spend more on each project. VIIZR lets you boost your profit margins with a few swipes.

How VIIZR helps you customize each estimate

Your quotes may be quick and easy with VIIZR, but they can still be personalized. Add your company’s unique branding info to stand out from the crowd. Add your contact information to facilitate easy communication. You can even add photos of your past paving services, helping your customers visualize the finished result.

How VIIZR reliably saves quotes

VIIZR saves all of your quotes reliably on our web-based platform. This means you’ll never have to rummage through your filing cabinet to locate another missing estimate. With a few swipes, you can refer back to your quotes – resolving pricing disputes or reviewing proposals with ease.

How VIIZR helps you capture more leads

Capturing leads is easier when you can react quickly and send out digital quotes. Get notified of a new job request instantly and create a quote with a few swipes. Deliver it to a new customer’s inbox before they walk away. Experience higher conversions compared to hand-delivering physical quotes.

VIIZR provides a range of project management features

VIIZR isn’t just an estimating tool – it’s a feature-rich project management tool that handles a wide range of tasks in the field:

Job Dashboards: If you need to check on progress, our Job Dashboards feature is your first stop. Unlock your phone, and you’ll see a wealth of information waiting for you – including your active and requested jobs, payments, Work Orders and much more.
Work orders: Work orders allow you to communicate effectively with your workers and maintain high levels of productivity. Provide clear instructions and a constant supply of new tasks to minimize downtime. Get notified as soon as your workers complete each task.

Customer history: Save each customer’s preferences and use this information to deliver high-quality results every time. Let your newest hires refer to this database and minimize the need for training. Boost customer satisfaction levels to all-time highs with VIIZR’s customer history feature.
Tech Scheduling:
Schedule your teams effectively by week, day, or month. Use VIIZR’s easy drag-and-drop tool to assign individual workers to specific tasks – whether you need an expert for a tricky job or you’re trying to train a new hire.

Invoicing: Invoicing is a total breeze with VIIZR, and you can create invoices in seconds. Convert existing quotes and work orders to new invoices almost instantly to save yourself needless work. Send automatic invoice reminders to ensure you get paid for your asphalt jobs.
Maps & Routing: Keep track of your teams and create fuel-efficient routes with VIIZR. Save operating costs before your work day even begins with better routes. Spend less time on the road and serve more customers each day.
User Permissions:
With VIIZR’s asphalt paving software, you control what your workers can see when they run VIIZR on their devices. Keep sensitive information private and avoid data breaches.


Try VIIZR for free today with absolutely no obligation

How many asphalt businesses use software like VIIZR?

The latest statistics suggest that many trade businesses are adopting digital solutions at a fast pace. The pandemic accelerated software use in the trades, and the trend is continuing even after this period. The vast majority of small businesses report improvements after upgrading their operations with digital solutions for estimating, invoicing, CRM and much more.

Do I need anything special to run VIIZR?

There are very few requirements when you upgrade to VIIZR’s estimating solution. Because this tool operates almost entirely online, a solid internet connection is important. Otherwise, you can use this tool on a wide range of mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. You don’t even need to worry about freeing up your hard drive before downloading VIIZR’s management software, since almost all data is stored on the web.

How do I know whether I actually need VIIZR?

You might need VIIZR’s project management tool if your operation is struggling to provide solid customer service. If customers are walking away, you can improve their experiences with features like Customer History, better communication, quick quotes and professional invoices. You might also need VIIZR’s construction software if your workers are quitting. With better team management and organized schedules, you can raise morale and keep everyone on the same page. Finally, VIIZR is an excellent choice if you want to prioritize work/life balance, saving you more time at the end of each day to spend with family. 

Try VIIZR for free today with absolutely no obligation

The good news is that you can take VIIZR’s free version for a test drive for 14 days without spending a dime. There’s no obligation, and you don’t even need to enter your credit card number. Take advantage of this free trial and decide for yourself whether VIIZR is worth it!