Check Out VIIZR’s Appliance Repair Software and Learn How it Can Help your Appliance Repair Service

Whether you’re trying to get paid, schedule your next appliance repair job or improve customer service, VIIZR has you covered. Use this appliance repair software to streamline your entire operation and complete most back-office tasks with just a few swipes. Save time on paperwork and shift your attention to more important matters – like completing more appliance repair jobs and earning more income. VIIZR’s repair software optimizes CRM, routing, estimating and many other time-consuming tasks. Try it out for yourself and make life easier for you, your customers and your workers.

Engineered with tech from Ford Pro™ and global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR gives you the reliability and processing power you need to compete. Level the playing field and capture more leads in your local area. Geared towards smaller trades companies with fewer employees, VIIZR’s software gives you the features you actually need with none of the useless add-ons. Better yet, you can take VIIZR’s mobile–friendly appliance repair software anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can coordinate your entire operation from your parked work van. Redefine the way you do business and experience real results on the fly.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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How can VIIZR’s appliance repair software help my business?

If you’re wondering what to expect from VIIZR’s appliance repair software, consider the following results for the average small business:

• Almost 50% more productivity
• As many as 10 saved hours per week
• Dozens of new appliance repair bookings

VIIZR’s main repair software features

Job Dashboards: It’s easy to check on your progress with VIIZR’s Job Dashboard feature. This easy-to-read page displays your current and requested jobs, amounts owing, work orders, team locations and much more.

Work orders:
Keep the ball rolling, maximize productivity and minimize downtime with VIIZR’s streamlined work orders. Give your appliance repair workers clear directions and receive notifications when each job is finished. 

Customer History: Save your customers’ needs and preferences with our Customer History database. Refer back to these preferences to deliver personalized, top-quality results every time. 

Estimates: Capture more leads and make excellent first impressions with our professional estimating system. Deliver convenient PDF estimates with built-in upsells for more bookings and more profit. 

Tech Scheduling: Keep your entire workforce as organized as possible with our optimized Tech Scheduling system. Your employees can check their schedules in seconds using VIIZR’s app. 

Invoicing: Don’t let unpaid bills drag your business down. Improve cash flow with VIIZR’s automatic payment reminder system. Deliver clean, clear invoices and finish each appliance repair job on a positive note. 

Maps & Routing:
There’s no need to overspend on gas with VIIZR. Plan out the quickest, most fuel-efficient routes ahead of time. Worry less about coordinating your teams, spend less time on the road and reduce your operating costs. 

User Permissions:
VIIZR offers professional-grade cybersecurity with User Permissions. Control access to sensitive data and store private business information on our web-based platform for unparalleled dependability.

VIIZR’s appliance repair software saves you time and money

Do the math, and you’ll quickly find that VIIZR can save you countless hours each year. Many of VIIZR’s features are completely automated, which means you won’t even have to lift a finger to complete important back-office tasks. For example, our invoice reminder system is automatic, and you can say goodbye to those awkward, time-consuming payment collection calls. Setting up your schedules and routes ahead of time also streamlines your work days, and VIIZR’s “set-it-and-forget-it” approach lets you quarterback your team with minimal stress and complexity.

What you choose to do with all your saved time is up to you. Book more appliance repair jobs and earn more each year. Use those free hours to improve marketing or customer service. Research new appliance repair opportunities and services to make your business more lucrative. Happy with the way things are? Optimize your operation with VIIZR, save time, and finish work earlier each day. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or improve your work/life balance, VIIZR has your back.

VIIZR’s repair software in greater depth

Curious about how each of VIIZR’s software features work? Here’s a more in-depth explanation:

Check on your appliance repair business with Job Dashboards

When you’re running a busy appliance repair business, you don’t always have time to call your workers and customers for status updates. With VIIZR, you can check on progress in a matter of seconds with our Job Dashboards software. Open up this dashboard on your phone, and you’ll see a range of business-related data displayed in an easy-to-read format. Check on your unpaid invoices and figure out how much you’re owed. View new job requests and review draft estimates. See whether your appliance repair workers have finished with their work orders. With Job Dashboards, you can receive notifications and find out whether something needs your attention. React quickly to unplanned changes and maintain consistent, high-quality results at all times.

Organize appliance repair jobs with work orders

With a few taps, you can jot down instructions and send out work orders without time-consuming phone calls. VIIZR makes coordinating your teams a total breeze, and your workers can provide you with updates without calling you. Once your appliance repair workers are done fixing a washing machine or a dishwasher, all they need to do is update the work order status to “complete.” This instantly lets you know that they’re ready for another job, and you can keep the ball rolling with another work order in seconds. Better yet, your workers can add notes to finished work orders to inform you of safety concerns or customer requests. Upgrade with VIIZR’s work order software, and you can make your teams exponentially more productive.

Improve customer experience with our Customer History feature

With VIIZR’s Customer History software, it’s easy to keep track of every little detail. Does one customer want you to remove your shoes before entering the home? Make a note of it with our Customer History feature and never make the same mistake twice. Does one customer have an old appliance with all kinds of unique characteristics? Add this information to VIIZR’s customer database and make it easier for your workers to conduct repairs. The best part is that all of your workers can access this information with a few swipes, and even your newest hires can approach jobs as if they have decades of experience under their belts.

Ace your appliance repair estimates with VIIZR

Estimating is a total breeze with VIIZR. Not only does this process become quicker after upgrading, but it also becomes more professional. Impress new clients with clean, professional PDF estimates. Give them all the information they need to approve their next service. Add your contact information in case they have any additional questions. Customize your estimates with your unique branding, photos of your previous jobs and much more. You can even add upsells or cross-sells to your estimates with a few clicks thanks to our Pricebooks feature. This system integrates upsells directly into your estimates, allowing you to show off your range of upgraded maintenance options without time-consuming phone calls.

With fast VIIZR estimates, you can capture leads before they consider working with your competitors. Make a positive first impression and nail those upsells to experience more bookings and higher earnings per service.

Make life convenient for your appliance repair workers with easy Tech Scheduling

Organizing your workers takes seconds with our Tech Scheduling software. A user-friendly drag-and-drop tool makes building schedules effortless, and you can select individual workers for specific tasks. For example, you could select a more experienced worker for a tricky repair service. According to a recent survey, workers are more likely to keep their jobs for longer if they have organized schedules. Over two-thirds of employees who have consistent, structured schedules have been at their current jobs for over three years. Boost morale and improve talent retention with VIIZR’s organized scheduling software.

Make sure you get paid for your appliance repair jobs with reliable invoicing

VIIZR simplifies the payment process with reliable, streamlined invoicing software. Convert a pre-existing estimate into an invoice to nail payments in seconds. Say goodbye to tedious, handwritten invoices and upgrade with professional PDFs. Impress your customers and finish each service on a high note. Tackle your next job confidently without waiting around for payment and rely on VIIZR’s automatic invoice reminders to maintain that all-important cash flow. 82% of failing businesses admitted that cash flow was the main cause of their bankruptcies. VIIZR helps ensure you get paid for each service.

Use VIIZR’s Maps & Routing software for streamlined efficiency

Almost 70% of small business owners cite rising gas costs as a significant barrier to their growth and recovery in a post-pandemic economy. Fortunately, you can reduce your gas bill with VIIZR’s Maps & Routing software. This user-friendly tool lets you map out the quickest routes ahead of time. Instead of zig-zagging across town, you can hit each customer in quick succession, spend less time at the gas pump, and clock out earlier each day. The end result? More customers served per month, higher income and less money spent on gas. Our maps software also lets you track your teams’ locations and react quickly to new customers.

Use VIIZR’s User Permissions software for reliable cybersecurity

Over 40% of small businesses that suffered a cyberattack admit that it cost them at least $100,000. VIIZR’s management software comes equipped with a range of cybersecurity benefits, including a secure, web-based data storage system. Store sensitive information like credit card numbers and tax documents confidently with VIIZR. Set User Permissions and control who sees what. Avoid costly data breaches and keep your business secure in an era of rampant cyberattacks.


Upgrade with VIIZR today

Can I run VIIZR as a mobile app on my phone?

Yes, you can download VIIZR’s mobile app on your smartphone. This management software also runs on a range of other devices, such as laptops and desktop computers. Because this software is web-based, the most important requirement is simply a solid internet connection. Control, track and manage your business from virtually any location with a mobile app built for work out in the field.

Can my appliance workers download VIIZR’s appliance repair app?

Yes, your workers can download VIIZR’s software on their own devices. After your team upgrades, they can use this software to communicate with each other, check their schedules, view work orders and much more.

What are some signs that I might need management software?

Here are some signs you might need VIIZR’s software:

• Leads are walking away because you’re not responding fast enough to job requests
• Your best workers are quitting and joining your competitors
• You’re struggling to achieve a positive work/life balance

Are other trades companies using field service digital tools?

Yes, trades companies today are adopting software solutions at a rapid pace and the global market for construction software is set to increase by $1 billion as we approach 2027.

Can I afford VIIZR’s appliance service software?

Even if you have just a handful of employees, VIIZR’s software is affordable and effective. One thing’s for sure: Upgrading with software is much cheaper than hiring additional office staff to handle admin work.

Upgrade with VIIZR today

If you’re ready to upgrade with VIIZR, you can take advantage of our free trial without spending a dime. Check it out today and see the benefits for yourself.