Enhance Your Scheduling Process with Dispatch Software for Plumbing

Your reputation as a plumbing service can impact your ability to maintain your current customer base and secure new clients. Even if your company is known for its stellar work, if your techs fail to arrive at jobs on time due to a scheduling mishap, you could notice that reviews for your plumbing business begin to suffer.

At VIIZR, we're proud to offer plumbing dispatch software that can help you improve the way you schedule. Our plumbing software offers features to help you assign your crew to plumbing jobs in minutes. Your plumbers can access their schedules from anywhere via their smartphones and feel confident in their ability to arrive at job sites on time whether to repair a home garbage disposal or install plumbing vents in a commercial kitchen.

In addition to simplifying the process of dispatching plumbers, our software lets you and your team manage your business from a single web-based location. You can send your customers fast, professional-looking PDF estimates, keep track of work orders and change orders, maintain your customers’ job histories and convert estimates and work orders into invoices for timely payments. Our software also makes it easier for your back office and field crew to communicate effectively. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to streamline your business operations, our software can start you on the right track. With the trusted technology of Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR proudly brings you a platform that can enhance your plumbing operations and grow your business.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Improve plumbing business productivity and growth with VIIZR

VIIZR software for plumbers helps you maintain productivity and efficiency by ensuring your team is always on the same page regarding work orders, dispatching, customer preferences, invoicing and more. Running your plumbing business effectively can help you grow exponentially. According to our research, VIIZR can help you:

  • Improve productivity by nearly 50%
  • Complete 14 new jobs each week
  • Save up to an average of 10 hours each week

Top features of dispatch plumbing software

  • Drag-and-drop tool for easy scheduling
    Quickly determine which techs to send to what locations
  • Mobile features enhance schedule accessibility
    Your techs can see their schedules anytime via their smartphone
  • Schedule organizing feature simplifies the viewing experience
    Techs can view their schedules by day, week or month

Maps & Routing functionality saves time and money

A major component of running a successful business is saving time whenever possible. When your techs take the fastest route to a work site, they can reduce their downtime and get jobs finished earlier. VIIZR’s plumbing software features Maps & Routing functionality that makes it easy for you and your team to always stay on schedule. You can view your tech’s routes to make sure they can get to their job site as quickly as possible. Using this plumbing software feature can help you reduce truck rolls and gas costs. Helping your techs get to client locations on time can set the tone for great customer experiences.

Schedule based on experience with dispatch software

Successful plumbing businesses make sure the right techs are always scheduled for the right jobs. Whether you have plumbers who specialize in drain cleaning and sewer lines or some who have more experience with mold remediation, you want to make sure they’re assigned appropriately. Our drag-and-drop scheduling tool lets you choose the best plumber for each job in a matter of seconds. No more second-guessing or calling around to check availability. Schedule the best workers for the job every time. 

The more efficiently and effectively your techs complete a project, the easier it will be for your plumbing company to secure return customers. Happy customers can spread the word about your high-quality and timely work, helping you acquire new plumbing jobs.

Top features of plumbing software for dispatching

1. Appointment statuses improve schedule organization

Small plumbing services often manage jobs via spreadsheets, but as your business grows, it’s good to evolve your scheduling process. Instead of looking at separate sheets to match job appointment times with your tech’s schedules, our software lets you see appointment statuses and plumber availability in one location. VIIZR software makes it easy for you to:

  • See the appointment status of jobs
  • Identify available techs
  • Schedule workers for jobs in specific time slots

2. Drag-and-drop scheduling saves time

Manually entering name, time, date, location and job details for your workers can be time-consuming. Our web-based platform enables you to save valuable time by storing tech and job details. This way, you can quickly match jobs and techs using our handy drag-and-drop scheduling tool. With VIIZR, you can:

  • Link workers with appropriate jobs in seconds
  • Keep your back office and field techs continuously updated
  • Spend less time scheduling and more time growing your business

Grow your business with dispatch software for plumbing

VIIZR plumbing service software aims to help your plumbing operations function effortlessly by centralizing many aspects of your business. Your team can easily access customer information, job details and schedules. You can also create estimates and invoices with just a few clicks. Features of our plumbing software include:

1. Job Dashboards

Whether you want to create an estimate in response to a customer inquiry or dispatch one of your techs to a water heater repair job, our mobile-friendly Job Dashboards allow you to see many aspects of your plumbing business in one location. You don’t have to worry about wires getting crossed between your back office and field crew. Our software enables your whole plumbing team to see important information like customer history, job locations and schedules.

2. Work orders and change orders

The plumbing trade can be unpredictable. Your customer might schedule a dishwasher repair job then realize they’d like your plumbers to also look at their shower. Our software makes it easy for your team to see initial work orders as well as change orders and make quick scheduling adjustments if plumbers need to be added to a job.

3.  Estimates

If an existing or prospective client reaches out to you for a quote, you might be tempted to shoot them a quick email or share pricing details over the phone. But you can make a greater impression by providing them with a polished PDF quote that you can draft and email in minutes. Our software lets you add and edit line items from anywhere and even include relevant photos. If your plumbing estimate is approved, you can easily convert it into an invoice.

4. Invoices

Just as important as ensuring that your field team does great plumbing work is making sure that you and your team are paid. VIIZR dispatch software makes it easy for you to create accurate, professional-looking PDF invoices with a few clicks. You can keep track of invoices you create and send automated follow-ups to customers. Being able to take these steps can help your invoices avoid joining the nearly half of invoices created by U.S. businesses that become overdue. 

5.  Customer history

Gone are the days of keeping your customers’ work order histories in a file cabinet. VIIZR’s web-based plumbing platform lets you and your team store and access customer details so you can confirm their preferences, honor special requests and go over previous job histories. If you want to know which member of your field crew has already fixed a customer’s leaking pipe or one of your new plumbers needs details about a garbage disposal that keeps giving a customer trouble, our software enables you to gather these details in minutes.

Why do I need plumbing dispatch software?

In the plumbing trade, a happy customer might become a returning customer, which is why it’s important to ensure that your business always runs smoothly and efficiently. An action like a field crew member showing up late for a job could hurt your service’s reputation.

Our software makes all job details, customer information and history, schedules and other pertinent information accessible to your team. If a change is made to a work order, your techs can access it to know what to expect when they arrive at a job. Our Maps & Routing functionality lets your plumbers see job site locations and routes so they can always arrive on time. This functionality also helps you save money by avoiding travel to appointments that are canceled last minute.

The ease of scheduling your techs can save valuable time that you can spend securing more clients and growing your business. If you’re not convinced that plumbing software is right for you, here is a look at some common questions regarding plumbing scheduling software:

When is the best time to switch to plumbing dispatch software?

If your plumbing operations are not flowing as effortlessly as you’d like, but you’re still unsure that switching to a web-based plumbing software solution is right for your business, how can you know when the time is right? Here are a few questions you can ask before making your final decision:

Is your scheduling process seamless?

The goal of scheduling jobs is to make sure that the right tech is always chosen for the right job. You also want to make sure that the chosen tech is aware that they’ve been selected for the job. If you have trouble confirming the availability of your techs or you notice that your field crew doesn’t always receive job details after they’ve been scheduled, it might be time to consider a software solution that makes scheduling for your team a seamless process.

Do your techs reach job sites on time?

If confusing back-and-forth between your back office and field team makes it tough for your techs to know when and where to travel for jobs – or worse, your techs frequently arrive late to job sites due to communication issues – it might be time to consider upgrading your current scheduling and dispatching process. Our software ensures your techs are able to see their schedules from their smartphones or any device with an internet connection. There’s no need for them to track down a point person on the team. They can simply log in and access their schedule and job details from any location.

Are work orders and change orders communicated effectively?

It’s necessary as a small business to expect the unexpected. Your client could have an emergency that forces them to cancel a shower installation job the morning of the appointment, or one of your techs might experience an accident on the way to a site, leaving you to assign another field crew member to fix a leaky faucet. If you currently have trouble ensuring members of your team are always updated when jobs are created or changed, it might be time to consider plumbing software. 

Our platform makes it easy for your team to receive the latest updates. Whether you just scheduled an emergency water damage cleanup job or changed an order for sump pump work, you can feel confident that your back office and field team will always be in the know.


Switching to a new software solution can be daunting – and we know you have questions. Here are some of the most common queries we get about our service management software:

1. What is dispatch software for plumbers?

VIIZR’s dispatch software for plumbers helps businesses get their teams on the same page when it comes to securing and completing jobs. From the moment an estimate is approved, you can create a work order and schedule the right field crew members for the job. No more confusion about which tech should visit what locations. You can dispatch your workers in minutes, and they can see their schedules from anywhere with an Internet connection.

2. How does scheduling software for plumbing save time?

You no longer have to spend time making calls or sending emails to your techs to let them know their schedules. You can also make sure your techs don’t waste truck rolls by showing up to jobs that have been canceled. Your field crew and management team can see all jobs and schedules in one central location, enabling them to stay on the same page at all times and avoid miscommunication issues that can result in more time lost.

3. How can I schedule my techs for jobs?

VIIZR makes it easy to schedule your best techs using our drag-and-drop tool. You can see all of your workers in one space and quickly identify ones who are available on specific dates and times. When you locate an available worker, simply drag the unassigned job to the open date and time next to the tech.

4. How can dispatch software help organize my plumbing service?

VIIZR’s dispatch software makes it easy for your field crew to know where they need to be and when to get there. This ensures your techs and back office are always organized and on the same page. Our software also lets you set your schedule days in advance. This can ensure your field crew is prepared for jobs while giving you more time to expand your business and make room for more customers.

5. How does Maps & Routing functionality work?

Writing on a sheet of paper the location of a customer who has lost their car keys can quickly get your locksmith out the door and on the road to help. But if your worker loses the paper and has to pull over to call you for the location, your client will be left stranded even longer. 

Our Maps & Routing functionality helps your company avoid this problem by allowing your techs to see the location of your customers on a map via their smartphones. They can also check for the fastest route, helping to minimize your customer’s wait time.

Strengthen and expand your business with plumbing dispatch software

Operating a successful plumbing service means ensuring that your business always runs effectively and efficiently. With VIIZR, your workers can feel happy to be an informed part of your team. Your back office crew can manage schedules and interact with your techs effortlessly, and your field crew can feel confident that they will always reach your customers on time and be equipped with job details that will help them do their best work. In addition to enhancing your dispatch process, our software can help you provide professional-looking PDF estimates to make a great first impression, stay on top of invoices to ensure you and your crew are always paid and maintain constant communication with one another to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Streamlining your operations can foster a thriving work environment that creates contented workers and satisfied customers. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get started with a free demo today.