Do You Need HVAC Service Software? Why HVAC Software Makes Scheduling, Dispatching, and Everything Else Much Easier

When you’re running an HVAC business, most of your work happens out in the real world – not behind a desk. The problem is that most business management software is designed specifically for large businesses that operate almost entirely in office buildings. 

Enter VIIZR: An all-new piece of software geared specifically towards small trade businesses. For the first time, HVAC business owners have access to service software tailored to their unique needs – and early adopters are already experiencing the benefits.

Save money, boost productivity, and simplify the most demanding back-office tasks. Get work done while you’re heading to your next job thanks to VIIZR’s mobile functionality. 

Although VIIZR is one of the first new tech solutions specifically for small trade businesses, it runs on familiar, reliable, and tested technology provided by Salesforce and Ford Pro™. With a software engine powered by two of the most trusted names in the tech world, you get a feature-rich, all-in-one system with the power to make everything work in unison.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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Taking your HVAC business to new heights with VIIZR’s HVAC service software

That all sounds great – but what does VIIZR actually do for your business? Here’s what you can expect from this powerful new HVAC business software:

  • Increase your overall productivity by close to 50%
  • Create dozens of free hours each week by cutting down on unnecessary tasks
  • Schedule more jobs each week and boost your profit margins

Top features of VIIZR’s HVAC dispatch software

If you’re looking for HVAC dispatch software, you can expect a number of specific benefits when you switch to VIIZR:

  • Plan work days ahead of time with field service scheduling
  • Get the most out of your team with dispatch management
  • Create work orders and change orders in just a few clicks 
  • Check out important information at a glance with job dashboards
  • Personalize customer service with extensive customer history data
  • Keep sensitive data secure with user permissions

How VIIZR’s HVAC software takes the guesswork out of your daily operations

Managing even a small handful of HVAC employees can be tricky. You might find yourself spending most of your day on the phone as you try to organize your workers, communicate with customers and check on the status of various jobs. This leads to a ton of wasted time – especially when your HVAC skills and leadership are desperately needed on the frontlines. 

Fortunately, VIIZR takes the guesswork out of your operations with reliable, highly-functional HVAC software. You can carry out most dispatch tasks with just a few clicks – whether it’s checking on the status of projects, reassigning technicians to new job sites or creating schedules for the following day. The best part is that you can run VIIZR on your phone to get everything organized in mere minutes while you’re heading to the next job. The end result? Satisfied customers, more productivity, less back-office work and employees who actually know what’s going on.

Just what exactly is field service software, anyway?

Field service software helps you organize everything that happens in the real world – everything that doesn’t happen in your office behind a computer screen. And when you’re running an HVAC company – or any trade company for that matter – pretty much everything happens out in the field. Most field service software includes the following features:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch management
  • Work order management

The benefits of field service management software are immense. With VIIZR, you can increase uptime, complete jobs faster, reduce service costs (including gas expenses) and boost customer satisfaction.

Perhaps most importantly, field service management software gives your workers the ability to be proactive and carry out tasks without guidance or oversight. With VIIZR, you can trust your team leaders to provide you with updates, communicate with customers on their own and play a role in the scheduling process. Your entire team can use VIIZR, and they won’t have to wait for instructions or documents from the office.

What it’s like to use VIIZR’s HVAC scheduling software

What does it actually feel like to upgrade your business with VIIZR’s HVAC scheduling service software? Here’s what your next work day might look like with the added power of VIIZR:

Plan work days ahead of time with field service scheduling

The benefits of VIIZR begin before your next work day even starts. Using our HVAC scheduling software, you can put detailed plans in place ahead of time. This includes assigning specific workers to sites where they’re most needed and ensuring that important jobs receive the attention they need from qualified, experienced technicians. 

You can also use our Maps & Routing feature to plan out how you’re going to reach your job sites throughout the entire day. Cut down on the needless back and forth and create the quickest, most fuel-efficient routes. 

When you plan out your days ahead of time, everyone knows exactly what they’re doing from the word go. No more phone calls from confused workers, and no more teams waiting around for the next set of instructions.

Get the most out of your team with dispatch management

Even if you create detailed plans ahead of time, flexibility is still important. Unexpected events require you to shuffle your team around, and VIIZR’s HVAC business software gives you the dispatch management tools you need to get the most out of your best workers. 

Let’s say one of your top clients needs help with a malfunctioning air conditioner. With VIIZR’s field service management software, you can assign an experienced technician to a new job site with just a few clicks. This gives you the ability to satisfy customers the moment they have issues. Better yet, VIIZR’s HVAC dispatching software lets you see exactly which employees are assigned to each work site. Not only can you select qualified workers for the job at hand, but you can also select workers who are close by for quick reaction times.

Create work orders and change orders in just a few clicks 

VIIZR’s HVAC software makes creating work orders and change orders simple. Cut down on miscommunication and give your employees clear, concise instructions. Instead of trying to explain the job on the phone while you’re driving your work van, use VIIZR to create work orders in just a few clicks. 

The best part? Your workers can refer back to these work orders at any time if they forget about your instructions or need to double-check an important detail. You can change the status of each work order, whether you’re still working on a draft or it’s ready to be assigned. From there, your workers can change the status to “complete” when they’re finished so you know exactly what’s going on at the job site.

Check out important information at a glance with job dashboards

Taking even a few minutes to check on your teams is tricky when you’re running an HVAC company. VIIZR’s software solution gives you a wealth of information at a glance with its Job Dashboards. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or walking out to your van after finishing a job, checking on the status of your daily operations is as easy as unlocking your phone. 

When you access the Job Dashboard screen, you’ll see how many jobs are complete, how many jobs are active and how many jobs have been requested. You can also take a closer look at each job to find new updates, messages, history and much more. With a few more clicks, you can find each job’s invoices, estimates and work orders. You’ll also see how much each customer owes, how much you’ve collected so far and how much each job is worth.

Personalize customer service with extensive customer history data

VIIZR’s HVAC software solution gives you access to a wealth of customer history data, allowing you to personalize each interaction based on the job at hand. The best part is that everyone on your team can be given access to this data – from your new hires to your seasoned veterans. Whether you send a rookie or an experienced pro to a new job site using this HVAC dispatching tool, they’ll arrive with all the information they need to provide quality results.

Keep sensitive data secure with user permissions

Concerned about your employees (and anyone else) having access to customer data? VIIZR’s user permissions let you control who sees what. Alleviate privacy concerns and give your workers relevant information while securing sensitive data.

Keep your payroll expenses low

Take advantage of VIIZR’s affordable software solutions, and you can reduce your payroll expenses. Grow your company without hiring new office staff. Use that extra money to hire the best HVAC technicians in town or reinvest it in marketing campaigns to expand even further. 

What sets VIIZR apart from other service software providers?

VIIZR was designed from the ground up specifically for small businesses in the trades. This sets it apart from most business management software that is designed for larger, technology-based businesses. A recent study shows that only 10% of small businesses believe that business productivity software is designed specifically for their needs, while the remainder thinks that these software solutions mostly benefit larger companies. There is a real need for software designed specifically for smaller businesses, and VIIZR is one of the few options to fit the bill. 

VIIZR was designed in concert with small business owners like you. We consulted with grassroots tradespeople as we built this software, receiving important advice and guidance along the way. 

With VIIZR, you don’t have to juggle dozens of apps that all perform different roles. Instead of flicking back and forth between a hodgepodge of business software, use VIIZR for increased productivity and convenience. VIIZR’s wide-ranging functionality is another distinguishing feature that sets this tool apart from the crowd.

Why your HVAC business needs actual HVAC software

Your business needs HVAC-specific software because it boosts productivity and eliminates confusion. The result? More time at the end of the day to spend with your family, explore new marketing methods or strengthen existing customer relationships. Without an HVAC-specific tool, you’ll waste time trying to adjust software that was never built for your unique needs. Instead of using technology designed for people who sit behind computers in Silicon Valley, choose VIIZR for software built for hands-on HVAC work out in the field.


Switching to a new software solution can be daunting – and we know you have questions. Here are some of the most common queries we get about our service management software:

How many construction companies already use business software?

According to the most recent statistics, almost 60% of all construction businesses use some form of business management software. Almost 50% of construction businesses use software specifically for dispatch and labor management. HVAC can be a competitive field, and your rivals may already be overtaking you by using software to accelerate their operations. With VIIZR, you can surpass your competition – even if you’re up against major corporations. 

Are other trade companies experiencing success with business software?

Statistics also indicate that the trade companies that implement software solutions typically experience higher levels of success. According to a report from 2021, over half of all trades businesses improved their operations with project management software within the previous year. VIIZR gives you a chance to experience the same level of success. 

What are VIIZR’s system requirements?

VIIZR is a web-based tool, and the only real system requirement is a stable internet connection. You can use VIIZR on most smartphones and a wide range of computers. This lets you perform many important dispatch tasks when you’re out in the field. Data can be stored in the cloud, so you don’t need a ton of storage space on your device to run this software. 

How much time can I save with VIIZR?

Based on our studies, we’ve determined that businesses with less than 20 employees can save about 25 hours per week with VIIZR. This equates to an almost 50% reduction in back-office work. Use this extra time to run your business more efficiently or improve your work/life balance by focusing on your family. It’s up to you how you spend these dozens of new hours. 

What makes a good piece of dispatch software?

The best dispatch software provides several key features. VIIZR ticks all these boxes:

  • Mobile-friendly: The best HVAC dispatch software is mobile-friendly. When you spend most of the workday out in the field leading your team, you need a software solution you can access on the go. VIIZR lets you take the tech tools you need anywhere with mobile functionality. 
  • Communication: Effective communication is critical when you’re managing numerous employees out in the field. VIIZR gives you the ability to message your team, keep customers updated, and create work orders for clear, concise instructions. 
  • Routing and scheduling: The best HVAC dispatch software allows you to plan out routes and schedule jobs ahead of time. With VIIZR, you can save time and gas while cutting down on confusion and maximizing productivity. 
  • Informative dashboards: When you’re out in the field, you don’t have time to navigate complicated software to find what you’re looking for. VIIZR displays crucial information at a glance so you can get back to the job at hand as quickly as possible.

Ready to start working smarter? Why not try out VIIZR’s free demo? There’s absolutely no obligation, and you can experience the benefits for yourself before making your final decision. Upgrade your business today with VIIZR.