Scheduling Your Jobs with HVAC Dispatch Software: Why Dispatching is Easier than Ever with HVAC Scheduling Software

When you’re running a small HVAC business, you’re always on the move. Back-office work becomes impossible when you’re spending most of the day in your work truck or at job sites. And when you’re constantly on the move, organizing your movements becomes a major part of your business. With VIIZR, you can mobilize your workforce with unparalleled efficiency using preset schedules, optimized routes, clear communication and much more. Suddenly, you can control every aspect of your company’s movements by simply running VIIZR on your mobile phone – turning your work van into a mobile command center. 

VIIZR lets you see how your workforce is distributed across your various job sites. This lets you handpick certain technicians with the right qualifications before sending them to jobs where their skills are needed. On the other hand, you can keep your rookies on less demanding projects to build up their confidence.

Combined with effective communication tools, VIIZR builds morale and eliminates confusion in your workforce. This keeps your best employees happy in an era when talent retention is critical. Plan out your days ahead of time with clear schedules and predetermined routes so everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. 

Powered by Ford Pro™ and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR brings you HVAC dispatch software with two of the most trusted names in the tech industry. The best part is that VIIZR is specifically designed for the trades. Instead of trying to jerry-rig a tech tool built for corporations, you get a piece of software that’s ready to provide results right out of the box.

  • Increase your productivity by nearly 50%
  • Save up to 10 hours each week
  • Schedule up to 14 more jobs each week

With the trusted technology of Ford Pro and the global CRM leader Salesforce, VIIZR serves as a secure source for everything you need to operate a successful flooring service.

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VIIZR’s HVAC software makes dispatching a breeze

Small business owners like you are quickly realizing the benefits of VIIZR’s dispatching software for HVAC. With a wide range of back-office tasks covered, your productivity soars. Our research confirms that when VIIZR is right at your fingertips, small business owners experience the following benefits:

  • A near 50% increase in overall productivity
  • Eliminate up to 10 hours of needless work each week
  • Schedule more than a dozen new jobs each week

All of these benefits suggest the same thing: VIIZR’s software has a measurable, positive effect on your profit margins. What happens when you become more productive, save time, and squeeze in more jobs? Simple: You make more money.

What you get with VIIZR’s HVAC scheduling software

But what does it actually feel like to use VIIZR’s HVAC business software? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Keep a close eye on the status of your jobs
  • Keep all workers in the loop
  • Get the most out of your employees
  • Plan the most efficient routes
  • Keep customers updated
  • Project professionalism
  • Mobile functionality

Your HVAC business saves time and money with VIIZR’s field service software

Just think of what you could achieve by gaining ten hours each week. Use that time to create new marketing strategies to grow your business and serve more customers. With needless back-office work eliminated, you can reduce paperwork hassles and payroll expenses. Saving time also helps you improve your work-life balance, allowing you to focus on your family, your friendships, and your hobbies. Remember, time is the most valuable resource in this world – there’s always a finite supply.

Why you need an HVAC software upgrade

Without VIIZR’s field service software, you’re stuck using outdated and time-consuming methods to organize your team. Trying to send an experienced technician to a new location? Sure, you could try their mobile phone – but maybe they can’t answer because they’re driving or working on an air duct. Now you’ve spent minutes listening to their ringtone – and you’re still at square one. 

With VIIZR, you can assign technicians to new jobs with a few clicks. From there, you can immediately move to the next task – whether that’s writing up a new estimate or work order. The best part is that you can do all of these tasks on VIIZR without switching between apps. 

VIIZR’s software also lets you plan out schedules and routes ahead of time. Once you put your plan in place, you can sit back and watch your carefully-orchestrated project play out. No frantic phone calls, no confused employees and no unsatisfied customers. With VIIZR, everyone on your team is on the same page with minimal oversight. 

The best part? You can do this all from your mobile phone. This means that you can get out there and lead your HVAC teams by example instead of sitting in an office shuffling through paperwork. VIIZR boosts the professional reputation of your HVAC business while cutting costs and confusion.

How your HVAC business benefits from dispatch software

Want more information about the specific benefits of VIIZR’s service software? We’ve got you covered:

Keep a close eye on the status of your jobs

Keeping a close eye on your HVAC projects is easy with VIIZR’s Job Dashboard. From this central command hub, you can see all of the most important information about your jobs at a glance. Check on the status of each job without wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes. The best part is that you can do this in seconds from your mobile phone without calling or texting your workers for regular updates.

Keep all workers in the loop

VIIZR lets you create new HVAC work orders and change orders with a few clicks. Name each new task and include descriptions so that your employees know exactly what needs to be done. Your workers can then update the status of your work orders, letting you know when specific tasks have been completed. No one needs to waste time with confusing back and forth, boosting productivity and clarity for the entire team.

Get the most out of your employees

VIIZR also lets you know which HVAC employees are assigned to various job sites. This lets you move team members around based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. Our drag-and-drop schedule tool lets you redistribute technicians in seconds. Your employees can also use VIIZR to see where they’re needed each day, week or month. When you send the right workers for the task at hand, you improve efficiency and cut down on your gas bill.

Plan the most efficient routes

Speaking of gas bills, VIIZR’s Maps & Routing feature allows you to plan out the most efficient routes ahead of time. Your HVAC employees will know exactly where they’re needed at the start of each day – and they’ll know how to get there in the fastest way possible. Need to swing by three different condos across town? VIIZR lets you visually plot out the most efficient course, allowing you to squeeze in more jobs per day and reduce travel time.

Exude professionalism

Switch to VIIZR and exude professionalism on all fronts. This impresses customers, sets excellent first impressions and maintains team morale. Satisfy customers with clear communication and timely results while making life easier for your employees. When everyone is on the same page, working for your HVAC company becomes a breeze.

Mobile functionality 

There’s no time to head back to the office computer when you’re needed at the job site. VIIZR gives you all the tools you need with the freedom to go anywhere. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can plan out scheduling and dispatch with laser-focused efficiency.

The statistics from real research: HVAC service software by the numbers

Still on the fence about HVAC software? The numbers don’t lie – consider these statistics on how VIIZR’s dispatch functionality can transform your HVAC business:

  • Tradespeople such as HVAC business owners struggle to find viable software solutions. In fact, a recent study found that only 10% of business owners feel that their business productivity software is geared toward their specific needs. The other 90% believe that these software tools are primarily designed for much larger companies. Fortunately, you can be part of that 10% when you use VIIZR’s trade-focused software solution. 
  • Most construction companies already use software for scheduling, finances, labor management, and much more. According to recent statistics, 58% of these businesses use software for general project management, while a further 47% use software for labor management. In other words, there’s a strong chance your competition is already ahead of the curve when it comes to software solutions. VIIZR gives you a chance to catch up and compete on a level playing field – even if you’re up against much bigger companies. 

Trades companies around the nation are searching for industry-specific software solutions. According to a 2021 report, 53% of businesses in the trades successfully implemented a new trade-specific project management tool during the previous year. In other words, business owners like you are discovering the benefits of software solutions like VIIZR. If you don’t follow suit, you could be left behind.

What does a typical day look like with VIIZR’s HVAC business software?

Let’s go through a typical day using VIIZR’s HVAC scheduling and dispatch feature:

1. Plan out your day beforehand

You can start by planning out the next workday ahead of time. Before morning arrives, you can plan out the best routes and figure out the most efficient way of hopping between jobs. Save fuel, avoid confusion and cut down on needless back-and-forth trips down the highway.

2. Create your teams

Select the best team for each HVAC job. Let’s say you need to replace a cooling unit in a condo. Send a team member who has experience with that specific location and air conditioner product brand. Make sure your rookies aren’t showing up for jobs they can’t handle. Avoid shuffling team members back and forth between jobs during the workday. 

3. Track progress

Once the workday arrives, keep tabs on progress at a glance using VIIZR’s job dashboard. Don’t wait to find out about dispatch or scheduling delays hours later. Get informed about any hiccups right away. Move teams to the next job as soon as they finish without making them wait around for further instructions.

4. React to unexpected changes

As soon as something unexpected happens, VIIZR’s HVAC business software lets you know. This lets you react quickly by heading to the job site yourself or sending an experienced technician to address the issue. Don’t wait hours before finding out that a rookie has fallen through a ceiling or misplaced a crucial component.

5. Stay mobile

When you’re running a small HVAC business, you can’t afford to sit around in an office when your team needs help at the job site. You’re running an HVAC business because of your industry knowledge – not because of your affinity for paperwork. VIIZR’s mobile scheduling functionality lets you take your office with you. 

6. Finish on a positive note

At the end of the workday, finish on a positive note by sending over a clean, professional PDF invoice. Create, customize and send your invoices with VIIZR’s commercial HVAC software. 


Switching to a new software solution can be daunting – and we know you have questions. Here are some of the most common queries we get about our service management software:

What do I need to use VIIZR on my mobile device?

VIIZR is a web-based platform, which means that the only real “system requirement” is a solid internet connection. You can use VIIZR’s scheduling features on various computers, tablets or mobile phones – whether you’re in the office or in your work van. VIIZR is cloud-based, which means you don’t have to store your data on a local storage device. Everything is stored in the cloud.

Who can see dispatch and scheduling information?

Data stored on VIIZR is as secure as you want it to be. Easily control who sees certain data and share information with select individuals. Protect sensitive information and ensure the privacy of employees and customers while experiencing the full benefits of a digital platform.

Who is VIIZR designed for?

VIIZR is designed specifically for tradespeople and small business owners with reliable HVAC software. Plumbing, construction, electricians… you name it. We worked hand in hand with real small business owners to build a specialized software solution from the ground up and studied the benefits of VIIZR on businesses with less than 20 employees.

If you’re ready to experience VIIZR’s HVAC tech solution for yourself, you won’t even need to hand over your credit card info. Our free trial lets you take this software for a no-obligation test drive. During your trial, you’ll discover the unique benefits of VIIZR’s tracking, mapping, routing, scheduling, invoicing, CRM, and dispatching features. Discover the possibilities offered by dozens of new hours each month. Spend more time with the family, expand your team, explore new business opportunities, set up a new operation in the next town over… What you choose to do with your free time is completely up to you. 

Whether you’re happy to stay small or you dream of growing your empire, VIIZR gives you the tools to achieve your long-term and short-term goals. At the end of the day, the purpose of every business is to make money. With VIIZR, you can spend less time and money on needless tasks, cutting down costs and maximizing profit potential. Try VIIZR today and give your HVAC business the upgrade it needs.