How Much Do Electricians Make?

September 15, 2022
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How Much Do Electricians Make?

Salaries for many trade jobs can vary widely across the US. You might make two or three times as much in some locations for working the same job. This means that people working in trade jobs need to be aware of the locations where their skillset can be the most profitable.

If you are an electrician, you have likely committed many years of time and effort into your training. If you have been an apprentice in a part of the country that does not compensate electricians as well as you might like, you should be aware of your options if you should choose to move. Trade jobs can be quite lucrative, and knowing where to set up your business can make a big difference in your long-term earnings.

How Much Do Electricians Make on Average?

The median pay for electrician jobs per the Bureau of Labor is $60,040 a year. This is just the median average, and it does not take into consideration the profits that can be made when owning your own electrician business or when taking a senior role at a major company that provides these services. For those who have a degree in hand, management roles might also be an option, with accompanying increased compensation.

One of the other factors that must be considered when looking into changing locations to chase higher rates of pay is the number of job openings in the state that you are thinking of moving to. You cannot look at the rates of pay per state and decide to head to the state that pays the highest without looking at the availability of work in this area. The rate of pay might be excellent in this location, but without open jobs to take, you will not be able to access the benefit of this increased salary.

Many electrician programs will tell you that these five states pay the best if you have electrician training:

1.       Alaska -average salary of $82,000

2.       Nevada- average salary of $62,000

3.       North Dakota – average salary of $61,000

4.       Indiana- average salary of $58,000

5.       Wyoming – average salary of $59,000

These are also the states that tend to have the most opportunity within the electrician field. This does not apply to all jobs within the electrician job set, and management roles or specialty electrician jobs might have a very different outlook than basic electrician jobs. Knowing which factors to look at, however, can help to determine where these jobs can be most lucrative.

What is the Top Earning Potential of Electricians?

Electricians with lots of experience can be compensated very well for their skills in almost every state in the US. Most experienced electricians will be paid $75,000 annually or more. The states that pay the best will often offer salaries of $100,000 a year to experienced electricians.

There are various factors that can be involved in this increase in pay, from time on the job, to certifications and specialty skills, to management titles. Business owners will often make the most, but you do need to be aware that owning a business is not for everyone. There are variables and costs associated with opening and maintaining a business that not everyone is prepared to deal with.

Consider Types of Work

There are often compensation benefits that can be offered for jobs that are more dangerous than others. For some people, these higher-risk jobs are worth the added pay. These jobs are worked in locations that experience extreme weather, places that are remote with poor access to services, and many other jobs that are involved with the installation of power services in places that are hard to access.

In consideration of these dangers, many companies will increase the rate of pay that they offer to their service people and electricians that work with them. However, this increased rate of pay needs to be balanced against the risk that you might be severely injured and unable to return to work. These jobs are also often contracted jobs, which offer higher rates of pay but fewer benefits like healthcare and PTO.

Many people who chase contract jobs will tell you that the price that comes with them related to job insecurity and a lack of overall job benefits can be stressful. These jobs can certainly provide access to increased rates of pay, but there might be many cons that go with the pros of accepting this kind of electrician job.

Company Ownership Can Boost Income

In almost every industry, owning your own business is the key to making a really good income in your field. If you are a senior electrician and want to earn more money every year, your best bet will be opening your own electrician business. This can be the best way to control the kinds of jobs that you work on as well, and it can offer you the flexibility that you will never be able to expect from other electrician jobs.

Owning an electrician business can place you in the top 10% of electricians in the US, with a median income of $96,580 a year. This can be a more rewarding way to work in this industry as well since many people with lots of years on the job would love to be their own boss. Being able to hand off your skills and knowledge to new electricians can be rewarding as well.

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